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Suppose you are the first city planner in the history of the world.

Suppose you are the second city planner. Cartesian coordinates have already been done, so you can't make your reputation by doing them again. All the good ideas have been used, all the so-so ideas have been used, and you need something new to make your reputation. You design Canberra. I call it the theory of the rising marginal cost of originality—formed long ago when I spent a summer visiting at ANU. It explains why, to a first approximation, modern art isn't worth looking at, modern music isn't worth listening to, and modern literature and verse not worth reading. Writing a novel like one of Jane Austen's, or a poem like one by Donne or Kipling, only better, is hard. When I Cross the Mississippi: by Tommy Castro and the Painkillers"When I cross the Mississippi I feel like I'm goin' home. ". This week my lilacs are in full bloom. I always cut some and bring them inside to enjoy. Cut lilacs don't last very long so I cut some every other day while they are in bloom. I love the way that they look in my vintage vases. This arrangment is in my family room and is the big one! I cut just a branch for the other rooms and put them in smaller vases, so that I can smell lilacs through my home. My bedroom is above my studio so I also have a lovely view of them from there. Lightdreams & Nightmares Tour, Radio City Hall, NYC.



It is open to all attorneys interested in volunteering for NLSA's PFA program. Space is limited. Please make sure to bring photo identification with you to the CLE as this seminar is being held in a secure building and photo identification may be required for admittance into the building. More Information and Registration:. The content of this post is presented for folkloric, cultural, and political purposes. Thanks to all those who supportive of immigrants and other vulnerable people throughout the world. Thanks also to all those who are quoted in this post. Dr. Beck is not the only reporter to mistakenly reference the death of President Obama. The video is below. tv. However, sometimes a little extra creativity is needed when you wear all black outfits as much as I do. Its a subtle change but still adds more dimension than a simple black tee or dress worn alone. The title says it all really. lol. I've been sharing more of my favorite children's books lately, and these posts have been something that I've really enjoyed putting together. It has been a busy week at the museum. The Magazine Editor will show up sometime Monday. Apparently she is touring the Northwoods in a Recreational Vehicle and it must be returned on Monday. so our tour will go on sometime before that but no one knows exactly what time. so I am “on call. ” I think it is one of those hurry up and wait things…it really torks me off that I must be at the beck and call on my day off. It is a long list. I hope I have not defeated myself before I begin. Jen grabbed it over the weekend and stitched away on the bird. I reminded myself that Nancy at Wyoming Breezes makes Quilts of Valor. and I said I would try to send her a couple of quilt squares. I will get into my stash and see what kinds of red, white and blue fabrics I have to work with and then wash them up…and then figure out a simple pattern that I can do. First of all, I want to wish a Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American readers! I hope your tummies are full of turkey and that you all had a wonderful day celebrating all that we have to be thankful for. I am so grateful for my blessings, my beautiful family, a roof over our heads, food on our table. Now on to this week's Frugal Friday link party. The fan favorite from last week was Dimples & Tangles Girl's Bedroom Reveal.

A couple of Frugal Fridays ago, I shared an art project for Mr.

One's Tween room, and told you all it was being printed. Now, because it is a custom size, and my budget for the tween room is gone, I couldn't have it custom framed. So, I went and bought one of those standard sized cheapy poster frames. I was worried that it might look. well. Every Tuesday the main radio station worth actually listening to in Oregon plays a diverse selection of blues music. We bring this up because when many people hear the words "blues music" that they automatically assume it means sad music. Those who listen to blues music will tell you that the real meaning of the style is about a person's spirit and it does not always mean they are sad. The reason behind this is that just like people can get the wrong idea about music so can one look at a scoresheet of a game and think that just because a player did not score that they did not play well. This of course brings us to Greg Beller and his Vernon Vipers as they tried to get back into their BCHL Interior Conference semi-finals series. Lafleur though we believe will get the start Wednesday evening against Ryan Hillier and his Halifax Mooseheads. YouTube link. These supplemental notes from the uploader/subtitler: The reason i didn't translate "Stuper" and "grunt" is because Anders is using them in the Danish sentence, and that is why there is an "Er" in the end of "stup. " The rule really means, "don't swim if you don't know how deep the water is. But in Norway it means push. Has modesty vanished from the world? Apple Pie and. Maybe Alan Jackson could write a song for them. And you thought Wall Street had balls. Spin This: Syria is rounding up and detaining “activists” - lawyers, doctors, intellectuals and educated professionals and anyone who can read and write. Ah, our ally against the terrorists. BRITISH GIRLS’ OPEN AMATEUR CHAMPIONSHIPWest Lancashire Golf Club. The five fabulous students are winging their way back home or on further New England adventures. We are rested up and back to our normal lives already having done two Farmer's Markets selling our lamb meat. I feel like I have been on a never-ending treadmill. It's not a bad feeling because I like to be busy and making things happen. I have several times given a speech in which I rhapsodize on The Wonder of Words. For example, I can use words to say that I'm cold and you understand that and loan me a sweater. I can be worried about a family member and you understand my burden and offer to pray for me or them. I can tell a story and we laugh together. Amazing. In fact he valued words so much that Jesus was called the Living Word. Well that is all very nice. Thanks to everyone who stopped by the Shoe in the last two years and helped me ratchet up the numbers. And if you run one of those Dilbert-type or political blogs that racks up thousands of hits a day, go laugh where I can't hear you. It was a French Braid weekend in more ways than one. Our fearless leader, Ellie, has been mildly obsessed with French Braid quilts for a while, so that is the pattern she chose for the raffle quilt. The fabrics are really lovely. Then there were the hairstyle type of braids. When I got home from the raffle quilt sewing, I packed for a camping weekend with my Girl Scouts. On Saturday, they decided they all wanted to braid their hair. by Phil Johnsonook the redeye from LAX to Boston last night. I'll be the character asleep in the corner. I proposed calling it "Band of Curmudgeons" or "The Emergency Room. " Abendroth didn't go for my suggestions. " A day later, Burress' outrageous claim continues to haunt me not only for its inanity but because it brings to focus something which has been dwelling in my mind for a long time in little bits and pieces. Seriously, it's as if they don't care that eventually, someone will demonstrate just how incoherent their claims are. So with that in mind, bear with me here. I mean, good gracious, the average homosexual makes four times more than I do. I don't do the latter. This is definitely in the running for either the most magnificently clueless or most nakedly trollish thing Mr. Greenwald has ever said. Either way, damn funny stuff. And either way, since none of Mr. Greenwald's previous exercises in baldfaced public fabulism have shaken the faith of the Purity Caucus one iota, I can't imagine this one will bother them in the slightest. Parking is a plenty because the surf is not. SUPers are the only ones left standing. Your biggest log may not even be enough. CHANNEL: The early morning crew looking board as they sit and watch. Imagine you threw a rock in the water and tried to ride its ripples, that is what the channel looks like. Mushy and slow white water follows desperate wakes. PATCH: Nada, mang. PACK IT IN. Inspirational crystal quote of the day: “Open your eyes,look within. Are you satisfied with the life you are living?. " - Bob Marley Well folks, looks like our luck has changed. Gray overcast skies and a slight on shore wind greet us on this Tuesday morning here in BoBo. The swell that has blessed us with favorable surf the last few days has moved on to other locations. High tide is creeping up the boat ramp to see whats going on in town today. If there is anything you need to get caught up on, today would be the day to do it. I decided it wasn't worth writing about. Now I don't need to. One thousand dollars! Okay?" Oprah asked, rhetorically. These are truisms. But he's turning indicatives into imperatives. Moreover, the application is off the mark. And that has consequences–unfortunately. If Hillary is nominated, you can say the voters have spoken. Police say Sgt.

Michael Booker accidentally fired his gun and struck a man who was driving in his car while the SWAT team was responding to a barricade nearby.

Additionally there is much more interest in unrestored bikes and charm seems to score over concours shine, may be wishful thinking on my part but I had an interesting conversation with a friend my age at Stafford. A very established collector friend scoffed at the price but Rob had the money and liked the bike. This is a hologram that we appear to live in. This is not a dream. This is hell.

And there's no waking up from it.

The only way out is to destroy the inter-dimensional parasites who control us. The first step is to acknowledge they exist. Humanity is behind on this, but we can easily change that by spreading the word. Much progress has already been made. .