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Wishing friends of MCITL a most joyful and prayerful Easter Season.

Grazie - Salamat - Danke - Gracias - Merci - Kamsahamnida - - Tesekur - Dhanyavaad - Shukriyaa - Shukran - Cam on -Domo arigato - Kam sia Thank you. It went through a series of models, most of which I at some point owned and used. Like my old Psion, they are in the shape of miniature laptops. Like it, they run on the Symbion operating system. Both were triband phones in the European frequencies. Hello! I had so much fun making this background with Frosties. I clear embossed the snowflakes and then colored them in with white and silver colored pencils. So pretty!Then I put down some Washi tape and some tinsel and layered over this label punch out. I clear heat embossed the happy winter sentiment and then added tumbled glass and vintage photos inks over that. The purpose of "Tracing Missing Persons for Attorneys" is to familiarize practicing attorneys with the fundamentals of searching for missing heirs, beneficiaries, witnesses, shareholders, defendants and other absentees. The course will cover research far beyond data base searches and will address important privacy laws governing missing person and skip tracing investigations. By: National Law Institute. More Information And Registration. After playing in a school band with Michael Rother and Wolfgang Flür, later famous with Kraftwerk and Neu!, he then became member of another Düsseldorf band called "Streetmark". The result was the LP Wunderbar which was released on SKY Records. Unfortunately he did not experience the release. Riechmann Wunderbar is a wunderful album. If you like Man Machine era Kraftwerk then you'll love this. Couldn't help myself!We laughed, we cried, we voted, we cried some more, we drank, and we ate Ronna's delicious cupcakes. Judging was not an easy task, with so many excellent, quality entries, ripe with double entendre. But at last we did manage to reach consensus, with just a bit of fighting. Admittedly, Richard did flip me the bird with his latex-gloved hand. Grandpa, and Grandma H with their four sons and a won't hold still even for a photo grandson. It seems that Grandpa has his hands full! Far Guys Dad is on the far right in this photo. The littlest, squirmy not wanting to be held boy, by the name of Jack is one of my blog readers. Uncle Jimmy is in uniform in this photo, he was a member of The Army National Guard here in Minnesota. Often some of these family photographs are taken on "occasions". There is no downside to the Paulson/Bernanke plan if you are a Congress-critter. It is the whole list of goodies from Santa and you don’t have to wait until Christmas. It doesn’t matter which side of the proposal you are on. You’ve got lots to love. Consider some of these:You get a chance to pontificate at length on anything even remotely connected to the economy. You get to characterize the other party as the cause. It doesn’t matter that the problem took three decades to mature and that both parties occupied the White House and the Capital during the gestation. It was the other guy who did it. You can posture as part of the corrective action. m. Sept. State Rep. Because he had an unusually hard semester prior to leaving in May, I told him I would do some preliminary work for him to help him prepare for his trip. I had to email ISV several times with questions and it always was like pulling teeth to get answers. There typical response was that an email would be going out to participants closer to the start of their trip. However, it seemed like the start date was advancing and not a lot of information was disseminated. One such item of discussion was what kind of luggage or back pack was preferable. I researched several options, and ended up buying one on EBAY. Slapperella very kindly invited me for an early birthday present to a massage at the Elements Spa at the Royale Hyatt Hospital. I have posted before about how much I like the RH services - both as a hospital and as a Pampering Palace. The women's hospital is managed by Banyan Tree Resorts and everything is Thai-tranquil. Very relaxing. I had a hot stone massage. It wasn't the traditional hot stone that I'm used to, but I still liked it a lot. I'm not just a closet lesbian in the bible belt, as I say, but one with an extremely high libido and one who just doesn't get laid enough. in fact, I damn near don't get laid at all. In the winter, perhaps a trip to Walmart will involve me noticing a woman more usually closer to my own age or even older, but all those college girls, for one thing, are not out in force, but for another thing, aren't dressed like that!. But a few warm days, and a chance trip to town for bargains, and one after the other after the other intrigue me. I'm like, "she's hot, wow so is she.


Little Boys bring so much joy to your heart. Every time that I look into those trusting eyes I am amazed that God would allow us to privilege of taking care of such a beautiful child! To have the opportunity to train and teach him to be a man after God's own heart, to raise him up in a way that pleases our Savior, it makes us want to make the most of every day that we have Andrew in our care. I would not trade a minute of my time with Andrew for anything, he such a precious gift from God. Things may not always seem to go as we would want them to, but we would not want to be anywhere else other than in God's will, and we know that Andrew is special and it makes us love him all the more!Once again we are asking you to pray for us as we go into the city on Friday, we are going to meet with a cancer specialist, I do not know what the plan is for Andy, how many tests ect. he will have to go through, we only know that God will not lead where He will not be with us. It was a good meeting.

My DH and I decided to rent the house out for lots of reasons.

one story and an open floor plan. By this I will know that God is for me. Skills, Get'em While They're Hot: The Labor Department's latest data suggest that the skills mismatch that has been a popular explanation for US employment problems has now infiltrated the restaurant sector. Seems we don't have enough people qualified to be waitresses and busboys.

The Scalia Defense: At the Supreme Court, SC officials argued that banning same-sex marriage and discrimination against gays and lesbians wa constitutional because those who formulated the Fourteenth Amendment did not prohibit discrimination against women.

Antonin told Thomas to give them a standing ovation.

Y'know, like Iraq. Budget Savings: Wisconsin's Department of Natural Resources wants to save money by eliminating the Bureau of Science Services because nobody in Scott Walker's Wisconsin has any use for science. That's why the words “climate change” cannot be included in discussions by state employees. Think how much money we'll save when President Walker abolishes NASA, EPA, CDC and the rest of those science dominated money wasters. Asked and Answered: How many police shootings like the execution of Walter Scott go unpunished because they are not recorded by a civilian? Almost all. Our trillions of dollars in debts are a call on quantities of labor and resources that do not exist and probably never will.

The Greek government kcaved in and has announced a deal has been reached.

re their second bailout, The head of the European Central Bank is saying a deal has been done as well. The German finance minister says not so fast, the cuts proffered do not fulfill the required conditions. If Greece gets a deal, other countries will want one, so it behooves the overlords to make the conditions as nasty as possible. Photo of Hank and Mary by Sara J. Henry. fuzzy because taken with Sara's iPad, but you get the gist! Congratulations, Hank! Nominees:Dead Scared by S. J. Other stocks analysisDoing this for a friend. At the same time, practising my charting techniques too. Biosensor weekly chart shows that it is consolidating and not moving up or down. A bollinger squeeze is already in the making, so I should expect very strong movement up or down. It has been consolidating since july last year, so any movement will be a big one. The problem is deciding whether it's up or down. Looking at weekly, stochastics seems to have reached the bottom, so downside risk seems limited. I think the probabily of a strong upside is more likely than a downside. So a while back I offhandedly joked that I must be a bit ADD because I constantly fidget in church and I always have a bunch of unfinished projects around. I flipped through it and there was a test to take to see if you have ADD. I took it. Obviously that piqued my curiosity and I did some research online. Now I will grant that a lot of these ADD sites have a not-so-hidden agenda of making money, so I took them with a grain of salt. But still. by Dan PhillipsJeremy Taylor was a pastor who'd been born two years after the KJV. In our circles, he's the author of the oft-misquoted and seldom-sourced statement, God "threatens terrible things to us if we would not be happy. " Actually, it's "He threatened horrible things to us if we would not be happy," and the source is this sermon. Though that is the quotation that brought me to read the sermon, it isn't what I'm bringing to you. He's at great pains to see to it that no man take lightly the stroke that is about to fall, at any moment, on God's enemies. In imagining the miseries of Hell, he does a brilliant and fearful thing. He slows time down. Hear how Taylor does this, and what use he makes of it: We may guess at the severity of the Judge by the lesser strokes of that judgment which He is pleased to send upon sinners in this world, to make them afraid of the horrible pains of doomsday–I mean the torments of an unquiet conscience, the amazement and confusions of some sins and some persons. For I have sometimes seen persons surprised in a base action, and taken in the circumstances of crafty theft and secret injustices, before their excuse was ready. Whether it's Christmas or not. You'll find reds all over my cottage. A red chalkboard with a Christmas cookie wreath hanging above it in the kitchen and. A cowboy Santa pillow. Also happily, the artist was at the gallery and I had a chance to spend a bit of time talking to him. Although Al doesn't have a website, you can read a bit more about him here and see a short video of the exhibition here. As you can see by the number of detail shots I took, I spent a lot of time enjoying every square inch of these works. And how amazing. I've just done a bit of baking before I start my sewing. Some bread rolls for lunch and another dozen for the freezer, and a dozen granny smith apple and cinnamon sugar buttermilk muffins. I'll freeze some of these for our train trip next week. Chesterton, Cambridge - c. This was fun to make!I wheeled, then cut the baby tees. You should go check it out. It don't cost nothin'. Saliva that "kills bacteria" why your breath stinks in the morning. God bless him!. Minggu lalu saya ke salah sebuah felda di sebuah negeri untuk merawat seorang pesakit. Kesannya pesakit menjadi seperti gila. Berada dalam dunianya sendiri, sering bercakap sendirian. Selesai rawatan pesakit menangis. Semoga Allah S. W. T memberikan kesembuhan kepada nya. Minta doa dari perawat-perawat dan pengunjung blog. Di sinilah pentingnya 'Al-wiqoyatun khoiru minal ilaj'. I made these two minkee quilts for Andrew and Elizbeth and finished them just in time for Elizabeth's birthday party last Saturday. I bought the Dr Seuss minkee in Shipshewana at the Cuddle Corner in the Davis Merchantile. The black, red, blue and white are from Joann's, bought either on sale or with a coupon. I stitched the strips together with the serger, just like Julie did and like Calise's. It is so much easier to have that mess all contained when I loaded them on the longarm. Elizabeth's has red minkee backing and red thread And Andrew's has blue backing and blue thread. I LOVE this Dr Seuss fabric I got at Joann's for the binding. I just rolled them up and tied with a ribbon and Liz opened hers first. We told Andrew to open his and he said, "It's going to be just like hers!" They are very similar, I must admit. Look at the cute Nana labels I added. This is The Blog Tech's creche this year. It's a hipster creche. A Kardashian Xmas if you will. Xmas has always been associated with green, now it's just another type of green. It's a new world out there.

The wisemen no longer need camels.

The august Parisian vintage motor show had a period of shrinkage when it changed hands a few years ago, when motorcycles virtually disappeared and it dropped to a weekend event. I was pleasantly surprised at the vigor, increased length, and much increased size of the show - it's grown into two enormous halls, with a unique mix of club displays, dealer booths, parts suppliers, autojumblists, factory spreads, specialist clothing booths, and art dealers. .