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It would be both interesting and educational to be able to view my own past, to see how my life looked without the filter of memory. Imagine a future where everything that happens in public spaces, and perhaps much in private spaces as well, is routinely recorded, saved and searchable. In that future, the man of thirty gets to watch himself at fifteen on his first date, judge how reasonable or otherwise the quarrel that ended a friendship at eighteen was, see how his parents treated him and he them, with perhaps useful lessons for bringing up his own children. At fifty he gets to look back at what he was doing when he was thirty, recognizing faults or errors invisible to him at the time. It works for shorter time periods too. After the political argument or lovers quarrel in which my behavior was, as I saw it, entirely reasonable and the fault all on the other side, I get to rerun an outside view—and perhaps see how my voice tones, gestures, facial expressions conveyed a very different message than I chose to remember. One thing religious apologists will point out is that a nation’s religious history to a great extent defines and determines the modern character of that nation. They will highlight the religious involvement in the art, history, architecture and culture of a nation. While that as a fact can not be denied the implication is that this would not have happened without religion and that a secular nation would not have developed art and culture and it’s modern identity. This is plainly nonsense as we would simply have developed differently, and probably for the better. That religion is still all pervasive there is no doubt and there is no area of modern life that is free of it. The extent of this was brought fully home to me by this web site offering an unusual type of religious artefact. I have to say that the “baby jesus butt plug” brought a tear to my eye.

I was inspired by her story recently when I read Noel Piper's Faithful women and their extraordinary God.

So I was excited to read this post by Noel Piper. It seems that Lilias Trotter's artwork and reflections are now available in the book A blossom in the desert. How dearly I would love to read it, as well as her biography, A passion for the impossible! But I think I have reached my book quota for the year. Go on, read them, and tell me what you think. Count Basie has a cameo. trailer:Slant Magazine calls it "a limp, shapeless mess of a film". Its humor is the palliative that lets Brooks mock prejudices and, with gloves off, prejudiced people. I announced that I was going to Interbike. It would be my first trip to the show in ten years. The way it all went down was not revealed on the blog, so here's the deal. I had rebuffed him several times, since I was already doing reviews for "The Biking Hub" and was busy with the blog here at the home front. I didn't "need" him or "Twenty Nine Inches". Much more here. Richards has been in state custody for three years. ". Get MK's look: + Bumble and Bumble The Surf Hair Set + Feel The Piece Perry Cardigan + The Kooples Leather Detail Merino Wool Cardigan + Eberjey Delirious Triangle Bralette + Janis Savitt Twist Cobra Bracelet + Simon Sebbag Twist Edged Bangle. Tara, our aged English Setter, decided to try her luck begging from our friend Greg. Greg's response was to drape a napkin ever-so-delicately over Tara's head.

She seemed to like her new headgear.

“I feel pretty,oh so pretty!”Going incognito in the quest for table scraps. thefashionspot. Labels: bbe jaguars volleyball, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars volleyball, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa volleyball. Ah, nothing like another tale of that hard-boiled detective Charles Barkley. ‎. I was in Seattle recently as everyone knows. Last time I was there, my friend and fellow artist, Sue Rose, took me to Pottery Northwest. She has taken me there in the past. They have a fundraiser each year to raise funds to keep the place going. I get to paint a platter. Not just a regular painting but I get to paint with glazes. When I'm done the clay platter gets fired in the kiln. Interior: the home of Mark & Loella Tuckey, Sydney, Australia.

Scene from Therese & Issabelle right before Therese first tastes her lover.

"The Moment"While I am working on another short story, my posts here have been few. I found two great movies today and will share the first of those here because the scene I encountered is going to stay with me forever. It was widely exported to other friendly states, like India, Iraq, North Korea and North Vietnam. en. wikipedia. The rain is making gardening impossible - hopefully it will stay dry for a few hours today. so many things to do!. It was one of the most beautiful weekends ever here in western Massachusetts. The local economy depends greatly on a good fall season. Bus loads of tourists travel through this part of New England and this year, nature is putting on a splendid show. I've been out for a good walk with the dogs the past few days enjoying the local color knowing that November brings the somber tones of grays and browns. "In Zanzibar Britain is held up as country where things are done properly and where people are treated with respect. "Ha! "Those illusions have been shattered. pic. I feel hopeful. The last few nights have been long, but in the best way possible. So far only one sheep has lambed, that beautiful little ram lamb I showed last week. Another blackface ewe is pregnant and bursting and I am hoping she has a ewe lamb. Brigit's fire, I am praying she has twin ewe lambs!This is a mighty hope, too. Last she she gave birth to one stillborn ram lamb and I worry it'll happen again. I have mentioned before how much my kiddos l. o. v. e. to write. My students are great at using letter sound clues to figure out which words go in the spaces. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote space at the beginning of each week to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. hat marvel if, under some men's shifty talk, people grow into love of both truth and falsehood! People will say, "We like this form of doctrine, and we like the other also. " The fact is, they would like anything if only a clever deceiver would put it plausibly before them. They admire Moses and Aaron, but they would not say a word against Jannes and Jambres. The ARBAN, a Non Govt. Project Coordinator:Based in Dhaka + Monthly Salary Tk. To apply, please send your C. V. Only short listed applicants will be called for interview. Who applied before for this post, please don't apply again.

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Ten pictures from our day.

LOVING: Pumpkin Spice Coffee Mate. Amen. LOADING: My dirty as all get out mini-van for school. WASHING: And drying. And folding. And putting away.

Show dans lequel on pourra entendre ABBA et Andy Gibb.

Montage : Philippe Roumila pour newtonjohn.

blogspot. Inspirational Quote of the Day: "As in nature, all is ebb and tide, all is wave motion, so it seems that in all branches of industry, alternating currents - electric wave motion - will have the sway. " - Nikola Tesla That men do not learn very much from the lessons of history is the most important of all the lessons of history. Paddlers are the most successful although some struggle in the land of flat. It seems as though going out would be a questionable move as some move on. Tides might bring more swell although waiting can be just as plentiful. What it is, Groove-ophiles! It's been a while since we checked out the offerings of the far-out-yet-fly-by-night publisher that could have been, Atlas/Seaboard. It was a standard revenge tale of a rebel cop whose family is rubbed out by the mob. I really dug his Eisner-lite art, but sometimes it was too cartoony to suit the material. I remember not knowing whether to laugh or not when the beret-wearing thug got his head blown off. I suppose it didn't help that I was familiar with Nostrand's art only through his work on Cracked magazine. The challenge at Our Creative Corner this week is a sketch challenge. And a fun one, too! I puzzled over it for quite a while, but once I finally decided how to handle the three circles, my card came together quickly. And the colorful Urban Prairie dp can't be beat! I have to point out something very cool about this card. See those two designer paper patterns? They are from two different manufacturers! Why is this noteworthy? Because less than a year ago, I was afraid of designer papers, and on the rare occasion that I used more than one at a time, they definitely came from some coordinated line. Now, I can't make a card without dp, but I still usually stick to a single line or at least a single manufacturer, so this is a big step!Be sure to check out what the other OCC designers did with the sketch: Cindy Haffner, Dawn Easton, Jackie Pedro, Jennifer Meyer, Julee Tilman, Kim Teasdale, Laurie Schmidlin, Lori Boyd, Lynda Benden, and Silke Ledlow. When you're ready to play along, link your creation to the OCC blog and remember to use keyword OCCC if you upload to SCS. My second card is for Jen del Muro's Sketch For You To Try. While you're there, you'll see Jen's and guest designer Jody's samples. a nice picture of a dog. a nice picture of my dad. a nice picture of scary water monster. .