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This mountainMt. Mabilog before the holy week but there's no one I can invite because everyone was busy with their work. After my holy week climb, My friend Arman messaged me that he want to climb again for him to unwind from his busy work. As always he requested to me to climb Mt. Batulao. I replied to him “saka na ayaw ko magsawa doon, sasamahan ko din kayo next time” hahahaha. If you are new to Spaghatta Nadle, go here first. That's right. See some new glyphs, sticks, broken trees and hear about a recent experience from Sam and some cool whistles, probably bird. Achterveld is a small village close to Utrecht. I think it's one of the biggest Cafe Racer Events in Europe. Hundreds of Cafe Racers and Classic Bikes and this year they have a featherbed specieal theme! Don't miss it, you'll regret it.

Simons, Associate Professor of Law and Director of O’Quinn Law Library, University of Houston Law Center.

Christopher Dykes and Emily W. Lawson, reference and research lawyer-librarians at the O’Quinn Law Library, University of Houston Law Center. Working as a team, they have trained UH law students and law librarians at local and regional professional meetings on the choice and use of mobile device applications. By: University of HoustonCredit: Three hours of CLE creditMore Information.

courtesy of mingpao.

They have a lot of information and experience that they can share with the next generation of show business workers. Hong Kong also know every minute what series it the most popular around the world. Song Hye-Kyo says that not only Huang Xiaoming is friendly, Takeshi Kanshiro is also very niceBowie Lam, Song Hye-Kyo, John Woo, Tong Dawei courtesy of mingpao. Director Ng Yu Sum appeared with lead actress Song Hye-Kyo, Tong Dawei and Bowie Lam Bo Yi. Ng Yu Sum revealed that he added his pursuit of his wife from his youth in the film, which turned into Huang Xiaoming and Song Hye-Kyo's dance scene. Song Hye-Kyo said that she benefited a lot from working with Director Woo and thanked co-star Huang Xiaoming for taking care of her. This was Director Woo's first time directing a romance. During the shoot he tripped on a cable and was hospitalized, but actually the actors had it worse than he did because in part II the sinking scene had to be shot in a big pool. Hitomi Kuroki did not take a salary at all and guest starred.


when he saw a silver Chevrolet Impala on Fourth Avenue, Stock Island. The car was driving erratically, weaving and crossing the center line of the roadway. Deputy Korzen also noticed one of the brake lights was not working, so he pulled behind the vehicle. The vehicle stopped in a nearby parking lot and the deputy pulled in behind it. As Deputy Korzen approached the vehicle he could smell an odor he recognized as marijuana. The driver had no driver’s license and said he had just purchased the car and had not yet registered it. He said he was driving erratically because the steering mechanism was in “bad shape” and needed repair. He said he’d put his girlfriend’s license plate on the car in order to drive it to the store. Get the look. via. Made the same ole New Years Day meal that I made last year. Jalapeno cornbread stuffed pork chops, Hoppin' John and greens. Track the daily count here. Those who have been following Grachev like we have all season tend to think that Grachev could have played better during these games. That is a hard thing to argue with unless this was your first experience watching Grachev play. On the surface those numbers do not look bad given that this was playing against the best of his age group peers.

And in amongst the syringes and alcohol swabs and the menopur, follistim, and ganrilex was the new sharps container to dispose of my syringes.

Now, having been through this a few times - er, cough, four times - before, I'm used to getting a sharps container that can be tucked away in the bathroom or kitchen and then easily transported to the clinic for disposal. And just how many cycles is my RE planning on me doing anyway?!Mo. I have not fallen off the face of the earth. I appreciate all the emails asking if I was ever going to blog again. My answer is YES! However, I blog what I live and I don't live to blog. I am moved! As I type this the boxes are no longer in the bedrooms, living room & kitchen. The pool has been started. I thought this is a very good article about the changes that is happening to the financial markets around the world, post sub-prime and post credit crisis. Banks also fear lending to each other, leading to the current credit crisis, where there are lots of fear lingering around. The impact of the current financial markets turmoil must not be underestimated, says Michael Gordon, London-based global head of institutional investment at Fidelity International.

He shares his views on what he believes are the seven ways by which the global financial landscape will change forever as a result of recent market events.

Well, it looks like that last one could be off up the swanee, according to the Indy. Is this the 'tobacco moment' for cannabis? For cannabis it is the "tobacco moment". The long-suspected link between consuming cannabis and developing schizophrenia has been repeatedly confirmed by recent studies. Observers say that for cannabis the present moment is similar to that half a century ago when scientific proof of a connection between smoking tobacco and cancer became so strong that no serious doctor or scientist could deny it. What a bummer, man. I have felt so frumpy lately.

Well, this isn't a new thing.

I'm the queen of frump. I've put together a new spring "collection" of items I would love to add to my wardrobe. Matt - can I get them? haha just kidding. Two days ago my brother Fred arrived in his truck. He had just delivered a tanker trailer to Portland and was here to take Dad back to Minnesota. It took a few hours for Cleo to warm up to Fred, but then she was smitten for good. They decided to leave today to pick up a load in Salt Lake City. I took Dad to the warehouse to look around one last time. He's been intrigued with the rebuilding of Steve's pellet mill that burned in May, so we nosed around there, too. Thus, another set of pictures that's a little bit like Kim Jong Un Looking At Things. The boxy building in the center is where the pelleting machine will be. And just so you know, two people are watching us from the highest window in the warehouse, way back there against the blue sky. Good morning! Heather here from Houses Built of Cards! So super duper excited and grateful to be guest designing for Unity this month! I'm still pinching myself that I am posting here! I have been playing a lot lately with layering different pattern papers with my stamped images - I just love the depth it gives, and the way it highlights my stamped images! I have also been playing with Copics a lot and learning more and more how to color.

It always looks so pretty in real life, but rarely even shows in a picture! I used machine stitching to attach my pattern paper together, and also sprinkled on a few sequins.

i had all intentions of writing yesterday but my neighbor kidnapped me and made me go to lunch with her. i know, i had the rest of the afternoon after that but one draft bluemoon made me totally unmotivated. I wanted a purple one but at the time it was out of my price range. Today I would like to introduce you to Rachel. Hello, I'm Rachel and I live in Washington State with my family. I love animals and I also love to scrapbook and sew. I also play lacrosse. A paper planner also gives me a sort of creative outlet to decorate and change the inside to fit my needs. heyitsratchel. weebly. This is just a teaser - an indiction of what you'll find in the book. In a busy week full of reading and workshops, today I am totally focused on finishing the final reading my book before it goes to the printer. So please bear with me, I'll be back here with you tomorrow. Here's the blurb:There are no heroes. Every single person who manifested powers—we call them Epics—turned out to be evil. Here, in the city once known as Chicago, an extraordinarily powerful Epic declared himself Emperor. Steelheart has the strength of ten men and can control the elements. It is said no bullet can harm him, no sword can split his skin, no explosion can burn him. He is invincible. It has been ten years. Must head out to get some outside work done.

Be back later.

Excuse please the language below, but it really made me laugh out loud. It really speaks to how I feel about so many of the huge "issues" in the news. Inspirational Quote Of The Day: "No one saves us but ourselves. No one can and no one may. We ourselves must walk the path. " - Buddha Conservative times as NW swell eases back after an evening bump and SW swell huddles in the background. Pushing tides has windows opening and closing at inopportune times with water levels rising and draining with reckless abandon. Still a formidable crew attaching themselves to neoprene, planks and leg ropes in hopes of acquiring that one magic ride. Jump on the bandwagon and celebrate the current good fortune while keeping an open eye for treasures revealed and an open mind for positive thoughts. CHANNEL: Liking the swell direction but not the aquatic heights of a tidal making. More water on the way and already on overload and swampy. What rollers hit the bar at the precise angle of capacitance yield lurching lefts that have chest high aspirations and flowing form indeed. Today I'm working out the details of one new pattern and I have one or two more in the works as well. We'll see when I'm able to post them in the shop, but hopefully soon. Hello ELLIE!. I don't feel well enough to tackle these issues on my own today, so I am deeply pleased to turn the microphone over to Chris Floyd. Bush's escalation of the flagrant war crime in Iraq has "succeeded beyond our wildest dreams.

Once it was clear that he might really make it all the way to the top of the greasy pole, he began a dogged campaign to prove to our ruling elite that he would be a "safe pair of hands" for the imperial enterprise.

This was sent to me from Vick Phipps at. Chris Weber, a Senior Fellow and Thought Leader on the topic with the International Center for Leadership in Education. Check out all the posts in the series HERE. In our experiences in schools, we can more successfully implement these critical, research-based initiatives. They represent principles and practices essential to meeting all students’ needs and to ensuring that students graduate future ready. .