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The measure requires the Department of Transportation to “adopt and amend regulations covering the types of helmets and the specifications therefore and to establish and maintain a list of approved helmets which meet the specifications as established hereunder. ” While this language is boilerplate on many helmet laws, the fact is no state to my knowledge actually maintains such a list, so it kinda moot. Hopefully, this is a non starter. Christ is risen, Alleluia!In this Easter Season our first and constant desire is to proclaim the risen life of Jesus Christ in which all of us share through the grace of our baptism. This gift is meant to grow, welling up to Eternal Life. Thus our words, actions and interior life of every day are meant to be examined for their conformity to this new and risen life of God in us. When the Church speaks out about issues that are being taken up in politics of the current day she is accused of being "political". Is it not the truth rather that those who attack the Church for speaking out when the laws of men violate the laws of God in regard to human life, marriage and the good of children are in fact in the wrong? The laws of God are the highest good and eternal truths and those who claim to follow Jesus Christ cannot at the same time support human laws which disobey and contradict God's holy will. Based on a book, which we had never heard of, the film aired on HBO. The Younger Son happened across it and was intrigued. It's fascinating, riveting even. Carlo Rustichelli wrote the score, which sounds nothing like what I would expect. This is an enjoyable movie, well worth watching.

Youtube has it online, as does AMC:SpaghettiWestern.

Some closed containers may be exploded by vapor pressure in the microwave. Plastic foams have air pockets that are not safe if used with the microwave. Do not use styrofoam in the microwave. But today there are some plastic food containers that included with certain safety information for the microwave.

Generally safe container is made ​​of glass or ceramics which can be passed through by microwave.

All metal objects such as spoons, forks, aluminum foil, will work like antenna if put in the microwave and allow the electric current flows, and any pointed metal will cause electrical sparks. Metal object will also work as a heating element. LL Bean Bluchers While at the West Marine, I grabbed a few lines of all shapes and colors. I decided to Remix my LL Bean Bluchers with the white ones. Details:LL Bean BluchersSheet Kiel James Patrick X HarvardLL Bean Oxford.

I clipped some lavender from one of our newly planted lavender plants last evening.

I couldn't resist as the lavender smelled so much like summer. I gathered it up with a ribbon and hung it from our bathtub faucet.

I also love to put lavender sachets in our pillowcases.

In aromatherapy, it's known to be a wonderful sleep aid, helping to provide a deep and restful sleep.

It's also just a nice calming fragrance to go to sleep and wake up to.

I sent this question via email to their "questions" email addresses: "Is EHR certification by an ATCB a certification of EHR safety, effectiveness, and a legal indemnification, i. e. Certification by an ATCB signifies that the product or system tested has the capabilities to meet specific criteria published by NIST and approved by the Office of the National Coordinator. In this case the criteria are designed to support providers and hospitals achieve "Meaningful Use. " A subset of the criteria deal with the security and patient privacy capabilities of the system. Critically assess how this principle affects the conduct of proceedings at inquests. You may reflect on the current Hillsborough inquest where it is appropriate to do so. Your answer should refer to relevant domestic case law, domestic legislation, relevant supra national law, and at least two academic journal articles. Your essay should make it clear that you have an articulate and correct understanding of the ways in which these sources of law relate to each other. ". Let me just give you a fair warning, you are going to be seeing lots of cards with the scooter stamp. It's a lot like the trailer stamp from the past catalog, it a new favorite!. It's nice to know that the Federal Gummint is lookin' out fer us good ol' boys in Texas. Somebody was taking care of business in the woods while hunting. That was clearly violating EPA standards, threatening the water table and creating irrevocable damage to the environment. It may possibly have been endangering some species. The judge replied:. Photographer: Melanie Rodriguez, Paris, France. In parenting, part one: The Baby and I had a conversation a while back that went like this: ME: "Can you say cow?" BABY: "Oh, shit, no. "In knitting: I just unraveled the last of the knitted edge I'd originally planned to use for the Pinwheel Jacket. At least ten hours of knitting, wasted, not due to mistakes or bad materials or something reasonable, but because I can't make up my damned mind. In housekeeping: Before the in-laws came to visit, we cleaned the house. There was a bar of soap stuck to the sink in the front bathroom that took a ten pound sledge hammer to unstick. In parenting, part two: We're pretty sure The Baby called us poo-heads last night. Maybe poo-butts. We're not quite sure, but the word 'poo' figured largely, and it was said at the top of her voice while pointing at us. Well today's sailor inspired outfit did not turn out as planned, but at least I still kept the color theme and at least it still turned out pretty cute. I was hoping to have it made into something by today, but just couldn't figure out anything, so I kept with my red, white, and blue colors, but not as much sailor theme with it. The one thing that did keep my sailor motif was my jewelery. If you notice my earrings, you will see that they are chunky vintage gold sailor anchor earrings!. So I went home and rummaged through my stash, Tonya's stash, and made a trip up the road to Mary Jo's just to make sure I could "legitimately" call it a scrap quilt. For all scrap quilters out there - relax. I have never heard that "rule" from any other quilter. shop.

This will be their first exhibition in South Korea.

Let's be real - everyone has an "off" day now and again. Today is one of those days for me. I'm feeling a mix of emotions along the lines of frustration/anxiousness/impatience. Today's space of the day is a dark bedroom that I'd love to just slip into bed, turn on the fire and mellow out in. Around here things are getting colder, but my heart is set on spring. If you have been reading this blog a while that should raised some eyebrows. April is my least favorite month of the year, a fact I am very vocal about. The whole muddy, wet, month creeps me out. It's the big fireworks and beauty before the cold, dark, winter. There is a whole harvest put aside, the larder is full, the goats and sheep are breeding, and the freezer has enough pork, chicken, rabbit, and game to feed a banquet hall. All the local farms can't give away the excess tomatoes and kale, prices are so cheap it is astounding. Fresh start again. New job, postponing college temporary, new idea for a startup business. Going to be epic. -T. Happy Tuesday! Andrea here with your weekly dose of DT inspiration and to share what inspired me! I started out with this month's Kit of the Month and this awesome saying. Hello, AI Fans!! Dana here with Christmas card featuring the cute penguin from the Warm Your Heart Set. I am definitely in the Christmas and winter card making mood!! I cut some watercolor paper with a stitched oval, then stamped the penguin image. To color the image i used Distress Markers, then added a little sparkle with a Wink of Stella pen.

With the the ovals i also cut a black layer and a red pattern layer to mat the oval with the penguin.

Form some green pattern paper i cut a stitched rectangle and added it to a white card base. Next i added the oval layers to the green pattern paper and last rounded the corners! Thanks so much for stopping, Happy Stamping!! InLinkz. Hello Ai Fans!!! Piali here. sharing a super cute Snowman card. I love this CUTE little snow fella. I've only used a part of THIS image, as I only wanted this snowman for my card. This is how we can stretch our stamps. The mask worn by Elliot Salem from EA's Army of Two third-person shooter video game. Un samedi. et la rencontre d'une douce dame. Like a blackout drunk at the ragged end of a three decade bender, ace Wall Street Journal political reporter and semi-aquatic alcohol beverage enthusiast, Peggy Noonan, has no idea how anything happened, or who did what, or why they did it, or when. All she knows for sure is that when she woke up this morning sprawled on the dewy, well-tended lawn of the St. Ronald Reagan Tomb and Gift Shoppe someone had stolen her underpants, her youth and the last of the Beefeaters. Also she vaguely remembers seeing some kind of orange-haired man-yeti drive off with her political party sometime in the night. Trump Was a Spark, Not the Fire The establishments, both media and conservative, failed to anticipate how they’d be consumed.

Yes, that other media.

And those other conservatives. The cross-promotion of more white male celebrities prove it: The entertainment industry has perfected the development of white, cis, straight, male characters. This is aggression that we do not have to accept. We will protest this until it ends. Many dismissed the protest we undertook last month with #CancelColbert, a hashtag we set up in response to a blatantly racist Tweet about Asians from the Colbert show’s account. There are those say the American manufacturing sector dead. . Season with salt and pepper. Place in a roasting pan. Drain well.

Bring to the boil.

Congratulations to Granmargaret, Vicky's Place and Donna R! You are the randomly chosen winners of the October challenge. Please visit my online store and select either a full digital stamp set or three individual images. After the evaluation of these documents, we found you qualified to work with our Team. Hence ILLUSION OIL AND GAS-ABU DHABI seeks to employ your services on this subject matter, and hereby congratulates you on your successful emergence based on detailed recruitment by our HR Director - Adil Malia. Further details are as follows: You shall be expected to meet/liaise with the entire staff of ILLUSION OIL AND GAS-ABU DHABI for overview and updates bi-monthly. DESIGNATION: SR.

Agency: Naoto Fukasawa.