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This issue of "Business Blast" focuses on Certificates of Insurance. Virtually every lease, licensing agreement and business deal contains an "indemnification" section. What I see in these "indemnification sections" would shake you to the bone, and most insurance policies fall short of providing the protection that is needed. I dare you to grab just about any contract, even just the lease for the office you rent, and READ THE INDEMNITY SECTION, you will be surprised by what this "innocent" little clause actually says. If you've ever been asked to provide proof of insurance for something, the chances are that a Certificate of Insurance has been the proof method your insurance agent has used. I hope the articles and links in this month's eNewsletter will be useful resources for you and your leadership teams. Dana CoatesPresident United Agencies, Inc. stamp with a lovey dovey theme!!! Sound supah sweet! Join us this week because we'd LOVE to see your KKS designs. Think exhaustion gap. Think distribution. Think in valid wave structures. Good luck today!. Young conservatives in solidarity with the people of Turkey We are sickened by yet another attack on Turkey and the NATO alliance. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of these innocent victims. Former President of the United States Ronald Reagan stated in his first inaugural address, "As for the enemies of freedom, those who are potential adversaries, they will be reminded that peace is the highest aspiration of the American people. We stand with the people of Turkey and call for an united effort to defeat the disease of radical terrorism. These continued violent attacks cannot be tolerated.

In freedom, Jason F.

courtesy of mingpao. After two days of recordings and with the thoughtful photos of the people and fire fighting rescue footage, a video was made to salute the fire fighting heroes. It opened with black and white photos of the four fire fighters who were lost in the Ngau Tau Kok mini storage fire. Singers who participated included Jacky Cheung Hok Yau, Jackie Chan, Alan Tam Wing Lun, Eason Chan Yik Shun, Kelly Chen Wai Lam, Hacken Lee Hak Kun, Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Priscilla Chan Wai Han, Sam Hui Koon Kit, G. It's a fascinating story for modern Britons, writes historian Michael Wood. Walk out of Aldgate Tube and stroll around Whitechapel Road in east London today, and you'll experience the heady sights, smells and sounds of the temples, mosques and curry houses of Brick Lane - so typical of modern multicultural Britain. But, back in Shakespeare's day, you could have met people from west Africa and even Bengal in the same London streets. Of course, there were fewer, and they drew antipathy as well as fascination from the Tudor inhabitants, who had never seen black people before. There had been black people in Britain in Roman times, and they are found as musicians in the early Tudor period in England and Scotland. ".

While I am still having trouble admitting that summer is over, I can say that yesterday was a sublime autumn day, and I took my camera with me when I walked the dogs.

Sophie rolled in something rank, so both dogs got baths upon our return to the house! Someone explain to me why these two dogs love swimming and readily jump in any body of water, but look at me like I'm Hannibal Lecter when I put them in the bathtub and lather 'em up!Bumblebee on wild aster. A honeybee and a ladybug share space on one of my sedums. Working hard collecting nectar! The farm. The soybeans are all keeled over and drying out. I think they'll be harvested in mid-October. Milkweed. Time for a bit of fun. Thanksgiving is over. I will have a Thanksgiving report soon…maybe tomorrow. Here are the hints. The ornament has six pieces. They are carved from Yellow Popple…my new favorite carving wood and a popsicle stick. Get the look. + Buxom Amplified Smokey Eye Collection + Vince Circle Tee + Raoul Bell Mini Skirt. boston based practice william o’brien jr. the internal volumes are the result of a study of the mathematical principle of 'dissection' in which polygons of equal areas may be divided into identical shapes. via. All of the supplies you need to create the project will be included. This is a great way to build up your supplies and make a great project!. There are little clues in each day's allocation of bad news on the economy. They allow for interpretation of the date in terms of degree of badness. Is it possible that the degree of the "crisis" needs to be evaluated with a bit less hysteria? Consider the plummeting of the Dow-Jones in response to the Obama spending. The impact on retirement can't be ignored. The market is way down and setting new records for decline daily. Given a binary tree, find the maximum path sum. The path may start and end at any node in the tree. Understand the problem:As described in the problem, the problem asks for finding the maximum path sum of a binary tree. The tricky part is the path may start and end at any node in the tree. Note that the path should never contain repeated nodes, i. e, the path should not contain a node more than once. It's the end of the year, everyone! So, it means that it's time for the exciting END YEAR SALE! Head to our webstore to join the hype!. YouTube link. What follows is a Bess' transformation into a lady. " The Wikipedia entry notes that this musical has long been attended with controversy: From the outset, the opera's depiction of African Americans attracted controversy. Problems with the racial aspects of the opera continue to this day. " Duke Ellington stated "the times are here to debunk Gershwin's lampblack Negroisms. This is a repost article of what I had done when this blog just started. It was only recently before I sold it off, I felt a strong attachment to it and this strong sentiment pushes me to retake pics of the toy and all the accessories that came with it. An awesome and huge armament that exceeded the height of its MS operator. Just one shot from this Mega Bazooka Launcher could sink a space cruiser. This is what I call solid firepower! The beam rifle and Clay Bazooka can be attached to the backpack. Hyaku Shiki also has its unique coloured yellow beam saber. The articulation of this toy is top-notch, posing at different poses and even kneeing stances could be done at ease. COOKIES - For three days I have been standing in front of the stove, sink, and counter making cookies. Pepparkakor, Mexican Chocolate, Sugar, Raspberry Thumbprint, Molasses, Lemon Cheesecake Bars.

Three are roll and cut out and decorate - time consuming but oh, so worth it.

Making many, many dozens for gifts too. In between the timers going off, I am wrapping party favors, friend gifts and Santa gifts and the tissue and tape are flying!Counting down each and every day till my kids are home. Just mentioning it makes me giddy. I moved far away from my familial home when I was in my early twenties. I rarely saw my folks more than one week a year until they passed. I saw brother Scott even less. While the faux outrage about some irrelevant strategy consultant for the Tories still rumbles on, the Home Office released its report on the Alcohol Strategy consultation today, hence more reports about how minimum alcohol pricing has been scrapped. which we already knew from last week. Some of you may remember an article here going through the consultation questions at the time, and many of you took part in the exercise. It panned out quite nicely, so time for more happy graphs. This may be considered as the true palladium of liberty…The right of self defense is the first law of nature: in most government it has been the study of rules to confirm this right within the narrowest limits possible. Wherever standing armies are kept up, and the right of the people to keep and bear arms is, under any color of pretext whatsoever, prohibited, liberty, if not already annihilated, is on the brink of destruction. — St. Relearning. "Where there is learning, there is always relearning. " Erin Loechner in her book Chasing Slow writes about out this often overlooked point concerning personal growth. We naively convince ourselves that after having mastered new learning it will never have to be addressed again. I found myself in a unique situation a while back. As much as I had convinced myself that I had evolved from that uncertain teenaged girl, and had all the confidence in the world I found myself to be wrong. You Rule: The Art Of Taking Charge In their utterly unique voice that is immediately recognizable from their earlier books, Linda Woods and Karen Dinino, sisters in arms, have created the ultimate rule book: one that breaks all the rules. AND they encourage you to eat cookies too! This book is not easy to categorize and I can imagine it in many sections of a bookstore. It is ostensibly a book about journaling, as it provides prompts so that you can create your own, personal journal of life rules. But really this is a book about life itself. And about how you can help yourself to create a life that is closer to the one you really want to live. As an artist I was inspired by their original illustrations that illuminate each rule. As a psychologist I was impressed with their no-nonsense way of cutting straight to the core of taking charge of your own life. I've owned quite a lot of different binders over the years, but at any one time the most I've had in my possession has been three. I love Filofaxes, but my minimalist tendencies mean that I just don't want any more than that. And yet. For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. The UDDER Power ! Pfiou. Thank you so much Fliss !. The future? a bit bleak really, stay and die of starvation and dehydration or descend to where such basic staples might be accessed and have their head removed by followers of the Religion of Peace. The Yazidis have a culture and belief system all their own that is neither Christian or Islamic but it sure dont fit with the aims and ambitions of the marauding bunch with serious weapons and transport intent on reislamisation of their latest Caliphate, so sadly they must be slaughtered. Now they face extermination from this latest scourge, and apparently very few with the means to do anything about it give the ethnic cleansing any attention. Whereas a bunch of political pawns that think, no make that, know, Israel has no right to exist get all the sympathetic treatment from an dumbarse media. It is left to the bumbling Irish Afro American, O'Bama to make yet another catastrophic and meaningless display with his toys. Requests for information can be submitted to the e-mail address below. gov.

Make Mine Pink is throwing a fabulous Shop Hop and your all invited.

You can go to Make Mine Pink to register and be included in all the fun. Here at Faded Plains, we too are joining in the fun by having a great special that runs from Nov. You can find out all the info on our specials here. tg. tg. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. Jonathan Simkhai cropped brocade-appliqued mesh top. Aquazzura J'Adore elaphe sandals. Lele Sadoughi Gazebo gold-plated, marble and howlite chandelier earrings. Darlings, what do you think of this spectacular space and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC.

While Marvel was unleashing its better known Living Mummy upon unsuspecting readers, Warren Publishing opened the tomb on another mummy, calling their strip "The Mummy Walks".

Jerome Curry, a seemingly average man, using an ancient amulet, is able to inhabit the body of an ancient mummy to avenge himself on those whom he feels has wronged him.

Curry is no hero, but a selfish, vindictive, monster himself. In a later tale, Curry's body is murdered while he was inhabiting the mummy, trapping him in the mummy's body. There are a few attempts to make Curry more human, more relateable, but in the end, Skeates' gives his anti-hero his just desserts in a most ironic fashion. You can say no and they fire you or you can do it and you keep your job. And naturally, leveled years-after-the-fact charges ascribing motives she couldn't possibly know, while retelling the story from her delusional and self-absorbed point of view. Figures. I found pumpkins. each. I still need more. Hello everyone,Cheryl here today to share a diaper cake I made to look like Minnie Mouse's Head. Extras- Hot Glue gun, wire, little rubber bands the black ones you get in the hair care aisle. Large folder file rubber bands. So it was no surprise to her Dad & I when she wanted Minnie Mouse stuff for her little girl! We have so many wonderful things to bring to her in California - can't wait!!! Here is a photo of the gifts we are bringing with us. .