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 Just the ticket for big inch motors with plenty of torque. Simple to install all you need is a primary gasket, quart of primary oil and about an hour of wrench time. The conversion fits easily inside the stock OEM primary chain case and replacement chains are available from Illusion.


It was the battle cry of idiots. We have had generations of Christians who have trashed their lives and hurt the lives of their children by replacing what is right and what does God want me to do with how do I feel about this or that. We as women are in need of covering. Spiritual and Physical As we see the damage done as even the children today reject covering. The whole earth is filled with His Glory. We need covering in our lives, such as those that pray for us! Those that call sin, sin. “Ms Campbell's testimony reminds us of the damage that can be done by power-hungry individuals who illegally exploit their country's natural resource wealth to wage campaigns of violence and brutality against civilians. The Taylor trial is an important moment in the history of international justice, when the survivors of his regime may finally see some reparation. ” Oliver Courtney, Global Witness spokesperson. Naomi Campbell & Charles Taylor Charles Taylor has been described by Spiegel Online as part of the "Slaughterers' Society" of African dictators.

A society in which members feed opponents to crocodiles, hack their feet off, and allow their people to starve.

" She's also hung out with Castro's disciple Hugo Chavez. describing him as a "rebel angel" that poses "no threat to democracy. by Genma Holmes, YourBlackWorld In today's world, many individuals can deliver the news. News anchors, reporters, journalists, bloggers and talent disguised as cable hosts and then there is Nancy Grace.

Nancy Grace is in a genre by herself.

She is the only person on television that covers missing kids with some facts and any rumor that can be found on the streets. I am convinced that CNN's Nancy Grace is obsessed with Caylee Anthony and needs psychiatric counseling immediately. With little objectivity and even less professionalism, Nancy conducts interviews equivalent to face offs. Nancy Grace, a former prosecutor, makes me wonder if she believes she can bypass the courts and send anyone straight to jail via her TV show. Nancy Grace has a special way of making you hate to watch her and hate to miss the next show. Do you spend your days doing exactly what makes you feel fulfilled? It's in those enlightenment books that we read, in Oprah's life classes and in many, many religions. But it’s something that is still hard for us to grasp. And even when we are in jobs that "we like" we count down the days until the weekend so that we an escape the office.

Imagine what the world might be like if money, and all of the things that money can buy, didn’t matter.

If we all had our basic necessities and there was plenty of everything for everyone. We could all do the things that we love all of the time and no one would have to be stuck in a job that they hate. But it's not only the fact that money is a necessity that makes this idea impossible. More importantly is the fact that in reality most of us don’t even know what our passion is, and way too many people go through their whole lives not realizing what it is that they love. My work is my passion – I do it because I love it and it excites me. Photos via: Lizzie-Olsen Here are some cute shots of Elizabeth Olsen channeling Marilyn Monroe at the Miu Miu Resort show. rewardstyle. Another favorite camp meal. I slice some potatoes, onions and zucchini into a cast iron skillet, add garlic, kosher salt, cracked black pepper and butter. This week, it’s all Get Rich Slowly and The Kitchn, all the time. Leigh’s Vegan Ginger Cookies made the list, so run hence!Being Frugal: A Full Cup ReviewLynnae’s found a replacement for the Grocery Game. ” Not bad. I like.

Can it possibly work?Consumerist: Mountain Dew Addiction Helps Rot Central Appalachians’ TeethDid anyone see ABC’s Diane Sawyer special on Appalachia on Friday night? It was some really powerful stuff, and portrayed a level of poverty some might not think possible in the U.

A recent project has ignited my love of Portland. I love rediscovering this beautiful city I am lucky to live in.

because, really.

drhawass. I came to this realization at a garden party held by the French Institute in Cairo last week. The former director of the IFAO in Cairo, Dr. Bernard Mathieu, was removed from his position as director by someone in France. This person, whom I will not name, is conceited and made many people, including several French archaeologists, very angry with his decision to remove Dr. Mathieu. I do not understand why this person seems to go out of their way to harm relations between France and Egypt.

Life should NOT be a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in an attractive and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, chocolate in one hand, latte in the other, body thoroughly used up, totally worn out and screaming WOO HOO what a ride!author unknown.

I'm not sure what it is going to be used for, but the Lidar data recently opened up by the Environment Agency is remarkable. There's more. a. d. Thankfully our local pub will still be above the waves. It was a cold, snowy day in the Northeast. What is a girl to do? Dishes of course! And then came my Aha! moment. I've been thinking about starting a blog for a while, but I could never find the perfect name for it. Or at least a name I would like. I learned to quilt watching Simply Quilts, haven't taken any lessons in quilt making. grafiktrafik. My allotted days are at an end. At least, on this cruise. As I was walking through the cafeteria at noon yesterday, I had an apotheosis. Not the type of “rest home” I knew in my youth where people in their seventies were shunted off to stinky rooms furnished with beds that would do a prison proud. I mean the type of “retirement centers” built by cities to prevent active seniors from roaming the streets with their idle hands. You know the type of place. One of the least expected effects of this sentence is that I won't have a pension in my dotage. As pensions rely upon National Insurance contributions, I'm stuffed. The taxman was kind enough to tell me, long ago, that I could pay voluntary contributions. As the cost of stamps is higher than the average prison wage, though, this was interesting but useless information. There are those in a worse position. These are those men who have lived a productive working life and fully paid their NI contributions - but who find themselves in prison at their retirement. The government refuses to pay them their State pension. Alison at the fabulous blog, The Polohouse is hosting her monthly "Favorites on the First" party. This month's theme is Vacation Spots. Well, since I just live for vacations, I thought I would show you a couple of my favorites. I just can't pick one! You may have guessed, my favorite vacations have taken place in the Caribbean. For family vacations, we love taking the kids to Grand Cayman. For romantic vacations, I think my favorite may have been Anguilla. Visit the PTD: Pokemon Center - a place to trade pokemon, get your Daily Code, adopt Pokemon, view your items and change your avatar! Happy Thanksgiving week everyone! Last week we successfully got some work done that had been backed up for a bit. Got the Daily Activity out, Researcher, Pokedex, Saving your storage's position. There are still some left to add but I can safely say that we can move forward with the next story level. Mystery Gift Last week we all decided we wanted Electric type as the Mystery Gift, but this week in honor of the flightless Turkey we will have a flying bird Mystery Gift. I picked some from different generations, vote on the one you want! Like Shinx, this one will be shiny and restricted to one use. This episode is about a Joey encountering Team Rocket for the first time before you meet him. I love those ship shape letters in the inspiration photo at Fusion this week! So I went with a letter theme and made a shaded panel of letters by using an alphabet diecut, some masking paper and Faded Jeans Distress Ink.

How can you not love an ink called Faded Jeans? We all have that pair that we would never part with! Be inspired by the picture.

or the sketch. Oh boy! If we have laws that decide a farmer can be fined for keeping a cow in the dark. how are the touchy-feelies going to react to this revelation?A study proving Jewish and Islamic methods of slaughtering animals are painful has led to renewed calls for a ban in BritainUK law requires that all livestock be stunned prior to slaughter – with the exception of those animals intended for consumption by members of certain religions. Islamic halal and Jewish kashrut law require that animals are slaughtered by having their throat cut – a relatively slow means of death. what: Target Borders Shower Curtainwhere: master bathroomwhy: A nice simple, no frills shower curtain at a decent price. Would look great for my master bathroom inspiration. I'm taking up a new hobby!. a whole year passes by, and our little girl is one. To my sweet, sweet Charlotte: Today, you are one.

A whole year old! And what a beautiful, surprising, happy year it has been.

Nov. foxnews. Hello all. I just wanted to post a request for all the apron swappers. We hope all of you have had a lot of fun with this swap and we want to make sure that each swapper receives her parcel. If anyone is in this position please don't feel guilty, just let us know that your parcel will be a bit late in arriving! We hope everyone enjoyed this swap and looks forward to a new swap in the New Year. Thank you for keeping in touch, Sharon and Lorraine. So as David Letterman used to say before Stupid Pet Tricks, "This is only an exhibition. Please, no wagering. Mary made this delightful quilt for her daughter and I just love the fabrics! In the shot of the whole quilt, you don't see all the piecing as some of the fabrics blend together, but there are a lot of pieces in this quilt. I chose Feather Me panto and used Lime Green So Fine thread. Here are some closeups:. Hi friends, I'm so honored to be the Flourishes Limelight Designer today! Normally, Flourishes features a single designer for the month, but this month they're featuring three of the designers from the Stamper's Dream Team. I'm kicking off the series today. Some of my bestest stamping buddies, Laurie and Tosh, will take stage the next two Sundays. Here's a teensy look at my project, which uses a brand-new, BEAUTIFUL set that will be releasing this Friday.

For the full project, head on over to the Flourishes blog.

Hope to "see" you there!. This post is about Friends and inspirations, not without food, you know it. When we bloggers met, one of the gifts from P of Evolving Tastes were these dried white peaches, used in this recipe today. I wanted to make it my recipe to share on the blog. So this new sundae is a creation from my kitchen lab. It also uses a recipe from my classmate, Smita's blog, of the Sweet n Spicy Almonds The dessert in a jar concept has been haunting me after I saw Saee's pic of Orange rasgullas buried in vanilla icecream. It was an absolutely enriching experience to be with fellow bloggers, the main topic revolved around food but we talked endlessly on photography, social connects, ingredients and shared notes on where we get the best. Photo: Squished tomato pasta sauce recipeNeed ideas for cooking with kids? The Lebanese Recipes Kitchen invites you to try Squished tomato pasta sauce Recipe. Have some fun with the kids in the kitchen and get them helping to make everything from muffins to main meals. Pull the tomatoes into pieces. Squeeze the halved tomatoes on a lemon squeezer to make as much juice as you can. Pour this into the bowl. From the top: Diego Sebastian Derik Farnsworth James Lewis Gregory Smyers.