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I practically know the way. it is a really good two hour nap in the car. After two hours I get anxious and start to drool. I know once we go over the railroad tracks we are almost there. The whole thing was about maximizing the superb landscape from above, so the two level house was reoriented to West, letting the sun enter the master bedroom, situated in South, with views over the backyard pool. via. this awesome apartment located in Vasastan, Stockholm, Swedenvia. Sometimes herding a pig can be as much fun as herding a cat. They definitely go where ever they want to go. .

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On Saturday, the Hubby and I dropped off Mr. I scared the Hubby as I yelled at him to stop the car, but he did, and I climbed out and ran over to the cutest petite upholstered chair. But upon close inspection. there was no smell, there was no major damage. I really love Mexican food. I figure that's a result of having grown up in California. except that I really missed Mexican food. To this day, every time I travel overseas, the first thing I want to eat upon arriving home is some good ol' Mexi chow. Just talked with the U. S.

Coast Guard about the seiner Polar Star, which went aground Tuesday west of Kodiak.

Sounds like the boat will be saved.

She was refloated, taken to a safe place called Geographic Harbor along the Alaska Peninsula, and then deliberately beached so the crew could better patch a hole in the hull. The plan, I'm told, is to tow the boat out tomorrow. A little bit of eye candy for your Thursday night: an image from each of my top ten Pinterest boards that I have pinned recently. It’s that time again! The first Sampler class for this month will be held Saturday at the Attic Window Quilt Shop. Maybe there is hope for me yet. Hope to see you there.


Twelve shops are participating.

A couple Tuesdays ago, Matt was voluntold to be the MC for his wing's annual awards banquet.

The banquet was that Friday, so with three day's advance notice, let's just say I was grateful I already had a fancy formal gown hanging in my closet! Friday came and the babysitter took over and we fancied up and headed to the banquet. I've felt a little less connected to our military lives lately since we live off base in a very "civilian" setting, so it felt so nice and at home to be back in the military culture surrounded by uniforms and traditions and the patriotism that we hold so dear. Matt did a fantastic job, the food was delicious, and the speaker was both impressive and inspiring. It was a wonderful evening. I'm normally not a big fan of rewearing formals, but I'm so in love with this dress that I love any chance to dress up and put it on. theawesomer. memewhore. Idag fikk jeg en overraskelse på posten. Et paket lå og ventet i postkassen når jeg kom hjem. Det var mine Hoya stiklinger. For en overraskelse og ekstra glede. Til min hage når frosten er over, mente avsender. Så glad jeg ble. In our Ag J Capstone course at Mizzou, we're taking a new twist on things. We are all learning about new media tools, such as Soundslides. Since it's my first one, it's a little rough around the edges. But I can't wait to experiment even more with the program and see what other fun things I can create. There is no rule that says you have to use trendy or expensive supplies when you create! In fact, I love to challenge myself to get creative with simple supplies that I have on hand. Something I have a lot of these days is kid's markers and they are one of my favorite supplies to play with! Today I've got a little peek into my art journal in a video where I share the process of using markers to create a fast colorful background. If you are looking for more videos, head on over to my YouTube channel where I upload all kinds of videos of my process. If you would like to see how I coiled and sewed the rope, you'll have to check out my post on making the rope baskets to see how I coiled and sewed the rope. Next, I sewed those pieces into simple purses and pouches. I created a cross body bag by sewing up the sides and the bottom of two rectangles and then added rope! Note- I used cut up baskets but you could also coil that rope FLAT instead of turning it into a basket and then sew with it. I even used zippers to create really simple pouches out of my little scraps. Note- the stitched rope is way too rigid to sew things on the inside and then turn them right side out so I stitched everything on the outside. Fieldwork in Solomon IslandsThere were some intriguing exceptions to this. Some civil engineers proclaim that their engineering approach and systems can easily incorporate future climate change impacts – for them, it’s really no big deal.

Yet, ‘mainstreaming’ in one instance led to some wharves being vastly over-specified, to the extent that even at high tide, they are inoperable.

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It was a very bright sky so I decided to save the my “vis migging” for the next ringing session on the moss on Saturday, with today’s sun demanding instead a bit of “no excuses” camera work.

Pied WagtailI detoured home then chucked the fish in the fridge before setting off for the Pilling tide again. I wonder if he looks around the shop for that wrench?. Inspirational crystal quote of the day: "If you can't pronounce it, don't eat it. The sleeping lady is awake and has blessed us with another beautiful day here in our little piece of heaven. Unfortunately, the surf gods have not.

The WNW swell has pushed a lot of water onto our beaches with no surf.

This would be a great day to head out on a hike or a nice long bike ride in our beautiful county. My great-grandfather Marion Rich had the most amazing house filled with beautiful things. One of his many hobbies was making cut paper silhouettes of simple animal shapes. I've always loved this craft, but artist Robert Ryan takes this practice to a whole new place. Check out his website to see cut paper pieces, screen prints and his Shop. How much more pleasant life in Imperial America would be if I did. The primary goal is, of course, the accumulation of still more wealth and power. Several of those elements reveal a culture that is fully prepared for the final slide into dictatorship, and they include an unthinkingly enthusiastic willingness to defer to that holiest of holies, the law. Lay muslin on a workbench, place yoghurt in centre, then gather up muslin sides and tie with string. Suspend the ball over a bowl - we found the best way to do this was to tie the ball to a wooden spoon, then rest the spoon on the top of a bowl, allowing the ball to hang down. Discard the whey that has drained out, remove yoghurt to a bowl and discard muslin. Place in a sterilised preserving jar with herbs and garlic, cover with oil and seal. "We're awfully close to the point that the limited gaming that we have now is close to generating a third of our purse distribution. Oaklawn is the only track I can think of that was actually really thriving before they added gaming. We saw a wide variety of wonderful projects this time around.

Many thanks to all who participated.