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I have been somewhat overweight for a long time.

In recent months, for the first time I can remember, I have succeeded in losing quite a lot of weight—something over twenty pounds—by dieting.

The methods that turned out to work for me may work for some other people, although surely not all, so I thought it was worth describing them. The diet started when my wife was out of town for over a month taking care of her mother, who had broken her arm and needed assistance. The reason that made it easier was not the difference between her cooking and mine—I am an adequate cook. It was the fact that eating is in part a social activity. Her absence made it much easier for me to skip meals. So one part of my diet, then and thereafter, was to limit myself to one meal a day, with only a little nibbling at other times. I came across a video on YouTube that said this one capacitor in the power supply was the problem. The new capacitor is a bit tricky to install. I decided to replace the capacitor on the top side of the circuit board. Here is a picture of the projector now that it is working. Just a little more assembly to do. I came across this quote while reading Tim Keller's King's Cross the other day, and found it profoundly helpful. It reminded me that my worry - including my worry about those dear to me - is so often rooted in a need to control: At some level, your normal assumptions, your pride and your egotistical way of thinking, are blinding you to the truth. One prime example of this is worry. Naturally, if you love people, you're going to worry about them.

Real humility means to relax.

One of the hardest things for me is trusting God about things that I have absolutely no control over. Usually, when I worry, the first thing I do is try to fix things. Quote of the week "All suffering is for the sake of others. Really. Life hurts so much sometimes that it has led this grown man to tears. It hurt before I was a Christian and it hurts now. " I'm a little late, but this was one of the best posts of last month. Nathan Bingham. On motherhood joy and the gospel - "Jesus saves sinful, opinionated moms, desperate moms sure they have ruined their kids perhaps forever. He gives. I planned my after-school schedule around this show once I discovered it. Hi folks, just a note to say if you don't receive quick replies to your mails I am not ignoring you! It is the last month of my PhD and I could not be more busy. I have stored them up and am answering as many as I can per day, so please be a little patient with me while this month passes.

The Guitar Ted Death Ride Invitational is this weekend! Here's some scoop on this gravel grinder for those who are curious.

Big Name-Not A Big Deal! This is a "no rider left behind" type ride. It is free- no entry fee. If you show up, don't plan on "racing", or dropping the group, 'cause that won't be cool. This is a fun ride for enjoyment, and challenge. Oh yeah. We are still elevated on the markets but as a country, we have not deleveraged the debt. So the market has shown cracks, but the debt has yet to be destroyed, de-levered or paid back. Now the Fed is scheming over issuing their own debt on top of this. The Hispaniolan solenodon is an endangered mammal that scientists believe lived during the times of dinosaurs. If it's true, it is amazing that this creature has survived for all these years without being wiped out. "It's just impressive it's survived this long," Adam Brandt, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Illinois, said in a press release. Mitochondrial DNA is important because it is passed down from mothers to their babies without changing. ETA: Just a correction on the translation - When Rob talks about his next movie with Cronenberg, he says it'll be David Cronenberg's first movie in the US, not France. Rob talks about 'Cosmopolis', 'Mission: Blacklist', 'The Band', working with Cronenberg again, music, going to Coachella, favorite authors and movies, the first Twilight movie. Must readRob's Interview TranslationInterview with a vampireRobert Pattinson grew fangs after the Twilight saga. He's bringing them out to portray a greedy golden boy for Cronenberg. By Jacky Goldberg. Stunning portraiture and polaroids by Copenhagen based photographer Sigurd Grünberger. Stay tuned for more information about the impending storm. My first post was boring. My second one was about slugs. Post three involved bacon. The rest is history. To celebrate this oh-so-momentous occasion, I'm throwing a moderately-exciting give-a-way. I have in my possession an unopened, brand new Blu-ray DVD of "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" and oh yes, this delight could be YOURS, all YOURS. There was an expert on television talking about people who doodle. If you doodle during a meeting you are focused. I would doodle peoples faces or cartoons if I had a lick of drawing talent in me. When I was in High School our Art Teacher was Mr. Windahl. He was a nice man, I wanted to draw and learn about pencils, watercolors, chalks and shading and form… I was like a sponge ready to soak up whatever he taught me. The relay teams of the Jaguars boys' track and field team won all four events, sweeping them for the first time ever at any meet for any B-B-E track and field team. Labels: BBE track and field, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa Jaguars track and field, belgrade-brooten-elrosa track and field.

Are the sperm poor because they talk on their cellphones too much? Do they also have Zain as their provider? I could have told them that they would be poor.

In response to this title: Don't let sperm use your mobile phone. Thanks very much to Kea Johnston for the link to Cairo resident Jean-Claude Aunos's photostream on Flickr. As Kea points out he is a professional photographer who has obviously been given permission to take some close-up photographs of subjects to which most visitors would not usually have access.

thanks also to Suuded from Germany for the link to his Picasa web pages with a huge collection of lovely photographs from Egypt's Nile valley.

I really enjoyed them. The photograph on this post, a shot of Philae, is one of Suuded's with my thanks for the permission to use it. Want to see some artifacts from ancient Egypt but not planning to head to Denver to catch the King Tut show? Then drive south to the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art and take a look at its newly refurbished Ancient Art Galleries.

Actually, there are two coffins: the outer box with a curved top and some slight breakage and the inner coffin, topped with a painted depiction of the woman, albeit an image with blue hair and a golden face.

Ancient Egyptians believed that skin was made of gold in the afterlife and that was where Meretites was headed. Not an ordinary furniture manufacturer web page. Thanks to Badem Interiors for the tip. We got in the car and started driving to daycare when you yelled 'Genevieve SICK - Go Home - Watch TV - Where Baba? NEED IT!' So I turned around, and went back home. You gave a great big sigh and said HOME. I'm glad we stayed home too. Nothing like a bunch of roller coasters to spice up the desert life! Matt had a day off a few weeks ago and we had free Six Flags tickets, so off we went to Magic Mountain. It was not a great idea. The park was miraculously not crowded that day, so we stayed till the park closed and were able to ride every. single. You Tube link. A Scotch whiskey advertisement that has received over a million YouTube views.

You'll see why.

On Wall Street, dishonesty is its own reward. In Washington, too. Place Your Bets. True. If I did not know better, I could have been convinced that I woke up in Edinburgh this morning. I was surrounded by streets of Victorian and Edwardian buildings on streets named Stuart and Moray. But I was not in Edinburgh. I was still in New Zealand. Dunedin to be exact. And, I was not that far off in my fantasy. Dunedin is Gaelic for Edinburgh. To the tune “It’s a long way to Tipperary” C - 's for the Curtis Cup where U - our fans process. R - eady to cheer and holler T - egwen's Troops' success. I - reland and Wales and England S - cotland all unite, C - heering on the team to certain vict'ry, U - ‘ll win through alright. Daniel Brands is one of the best looking guys on the tour, in my opion. That’s why I’m happy to say that I added a new pic of him in the brieflines archive. Enjoy!. Happy Monday! This is Juliana from the "A Day for Daisies" Design team with a card for you, today! The image was colored with Copic and Shinhan brand markers. Catholic Schools, like private schools, have a letter from the Senate asking for input. When looking at the Regime's proposal, there are many opportunities for non-public schools to lose eligibility for services across the board. Therefore, it is important that we speak on behalf of the Catholic school students, who have always been entitled to equitable services since ESEA first came into law under President Johnson. The Regime has gotten rid of the DC Opportunity Scholarships, what is to stop them now.

Hello, My Friends! Have you seen the Sizzix Stamper's Secret Weapon? The Stamper's Secret Weapon kit includes a double-sided Stamping/Piercing Mat and Paper Piercer.

The smooth side of the Mat is the ideal surface for cleaner stamped impressions. Inspirational Crystal Quote Of The Day:"Either move or be moved. A quiet desperation hangs over the boat ramp as eyes scan the horizon for shadows and movement. Alas, as of now, the sea reveals very little, and tells even less. There is reason for some ray of hope, as less water may benefit our shoreline, but that remains to be seen. CHANNEL: Less like an ocean, and more like a moat. I did not have milk at home so made Kora Cha/ black tea for myself with ginger. Hufff. hufff. Eight years ago the following announcement appeared on the website of the Junior Professional Wrestling Association, Inc. All prior orders for merchandise will be filled. We hit the thrift stores yesterday. I have no idea what I am going to do with it but the marble alone makes this worthwhile. I found this old lazy susan which will be transformed into something much more usable. And this plain but well built small table painted a mustard color. We would love to have you join in. Today you will see some great projects using our September Ribbon Club Assortment from our very talented design team. If you aren't already a ribbon club member, why not join us today! You will get a fun new ribbon assortment shipped automatically each month. I have the index card type of recipe box, and that is just fine for every day cooking. I did however want to record the favorites in a different way.

I want to periodically collect those recipes for my family.

And the photos that go with it.

and the stories, so that it may not just be a collection of recipes, but a book of memories.

This past Tuesday I attended our Annual Senior Academic Awards dinner. For three hours student after student came up to the podium to receive various scholarships that they had worked so hard for over the course of four years. One particular presentation provided the motivation for this post. It was at a point in the evening where the Raymond "Hap" Harrison scholarship was presented. .