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Yesterday we were colder.

I was still in shorts but had my body-warmer on.

Today the wind was less chill, but the clouds were out in force, and there was some drizzle in the air. The guy who did a pump-out for us at Heritage Narrowboats said he'd just packed his shorts away for the winter. As we came back down the Macclesfield we decided to call on BCF members Roy and Audrey, who live by the canal. So we made our own warming cuppa and continued. The other winner: Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. Here's one of my favorite performances from that show:. We invite you to browse through the largest collection of shampoo advertisements. This site has grown tremendously thanks to its visitors that have contributed with hundreds of scans. Good morning Augusta. This morning it is partly cloudy with a chance of snow, then clear.

Tonight it will be mostly cloudy.

Here is a card made using a a piece of notebook paper. Now we get to share the joy with you as you see this for the very first time! In today's maining operations around the world, only the largest, most productive shovels will do. that I could write as beautifully as Bryn Chernoff of paperfinger. My unopened calligraphy set has been getting dusty in the closet- I need to teach myself this summer. Phone Case You’re going to dance and jump and take pictures and oh, snap, you slipped and accidently dropped your phone. Guess what? You might want to consider these lovely iPhone cases from Steve Madden. Shawl Day or night, a good piece of shawl could be useful for blankets. Or else, with these kinds of versatile shawls, you could put a little bit of twist to your festival style.

An article at BoingBoing makes note of the vast quantities of water stored in the earth's mantle.

Deep inside the mantle, where the temperature and pressure are so high you would think it impossible, viscous crystalline rocks potentially trap the equivalent of the Pacific Ocean. One question: Did Jesus rise from the dead? That’s all the matters. If he did not – which is entirely reasonable – people do not rise from the dead, especially after such a violent death, and being sealed in a tomb … …Then this is just a pleasant spring morning, and what are we doing here? But what if Jesus really did rise from the dead? Let me be as clear as possible. I don’t mean, what if we Christians imagine he rose from the dead…Or, what if we feel he rose “in our hearts”…Or, he “rose spiritually” for believers. Reanimated. He left that tomb under his own power. What if that happened? What then? Perhaps you would like to know some details of what happened… - Jesus certainly died. He took a horrible beating, and was nailed to the cross. Many people are eagerly awaiting the holy father's apostolic exhortation, Sacramentum Caritatis, due to be released publicly, from Rome, tomorrow. The U. S. Some bloggers at another site said, oh the secular media isn't interested.

What's more, there are Catholic media that would be interested.

Thanks drgeo. We have now moved to a new site - so please now check us out at:JORDANANDJAX. Model: Philip HuangAgency: Pure Model ManagementPhotographer: UnknownSource: Models. Do you still remember the legacy of Yamato back then with breakthrough proportion, precision and perfect transformation. Mine is not exactly white but off grey with slight signs of yellow tarnishes. I probably will spray a layer of top coat to slow down the yellowing process. Anyway, I had applied he stickers and drawn the panel lines with black marker.

The Crescat posted that she had a bad Mom's day.

She writes, " 'Mother like Mary' is the popular refrain. You know what? That's all fine and dandy but who really has a child like Jesus? I'm pretty confident that Mary didn't have to raise her voice and repeat Herself when she needed Jesus to do something for Her. I'm pretty sure Jesus didn't leave his sandals flung all over the house. And I think I can safely assume He never once sassed His mother or screamed 'I hate you! This is SO unfair!'.

" Kat is right.

I am sure Jesus never told His Mom He hated her. The great thing about the saints is that they aren't just role models, they are intercessors who obtain for us the grace of God in following Jesus. There must be a term for this and I have no clue what it is.

As a designer and artist, I know that I have a recognizable style.

It is a style that I have developed over decades of making things, working with color and fibers and living my life. I have been influenced by artists, by friends, by museums, by current culture and antique culture.

It is a conglomeration or perhaps I should call it a "stew" of ideas blending around in my head and life, making my work mine.


Admission is free.

Stop by Pizza By the Sea to eat beforehand or pick up dinner on the way.

There will also be popcorn, cotton candy and glow toys for sale.

So here I am, writing on our crappy second tier laptop because Eric decided he should install the new OS Leopard on mine, a matter of a few moments, he promised me, which is instead due to take two hours, with me on scary deadline, and I'm sitting here thinking about Michael Cieply. And thinking, men are mysterious and strange. Also, often, asshats. So the New York Times wants to do an article on the next generation of "chick flicks," based, in part, on the release of the film of Julie & Julia. "I mean, Jesus, I don't know where to begin. How about with "female-oriented romantic films"? Now, to be fair, this is a minor point that just gibes with a current irritation of mine about the spate of articles about the mysterious "Woman Voter," as if we were some strange exotic bird to be watched and courted, rather than MORE THAN HALF OF THE GODDAMNED ELECTORATE. But that is not entirely observant Mr. Cieply's fault. Love when you get to ink something up for the first time. I decided to give this one some color.

I am not big on coloring but had fun doing this.

I kept the card pretty simple. papers, a bit of crochet lace, ribbons, and the image. eenews. "I think it was a rhetorical device, I think it polled well, and therefore they used it. "Ultimately many dense forests will burn," predicts Frelich. By century's end forests, like the boreal that stretches into the Arctic, will likely be savannah. Lino lakeside e filati CC Belle soie. Which's the best way to start a very spring sunday morning? That's the way. to have this nice picture from a new Blackbird desing scissor keeper. Easy and quickly to do, with lakeside linen and CC Belle soie. We’re still pleasantly full from Thanksgiving and leftovers in our house. I’m looking forward to creating with all the goodies Unity has released in November. WOW-wee what a haul of goodness. Seriously! I’m hoping you all got to do some Unity shopping from Brown Thursday through Cyber Monday. That’s the basis of my post today. USING those stamps! I put together this seasonal-inspired chipboard tag using one of the NEW sets released this past Monday. Isn’t she adorable? I LOVE her so much! I thought putting her right smack in the middle of a die cut mason jar with a snowy scene would set her off perfectly. Land Rover Finally revealed the long awaited long wheelbase new Range Rover for those who want that extra space luxury cars. For the new generation , the Range rover's tall greenhouse remains intact. New Range Rover vogue wallpapers. Latest new wallpapr of Range Rover White and black color car. Tiny Dancer wasn't only a success for Bernie Taupin & Elton John,Brandon's version turned out pretty nice too. Agriculture and Markets Law. Whoever clips or cuts off or causes or procures another to clip or cut off the whole or any part of an ear of any dog unless an anesthetic shall have been given to the dog and the operation performed by a licensed veterinarian, is guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by imprisonment for not more than one year, or a fine of not more than one thousand dollars, or by both.

Thursday, the Florida Supreme Court upheld the state’s general ban on openly carrying guns.

STATE OF FLORIDA, Respondent. It's easy to create nice quick cards with this little image since you're adding both the sentiment and the image at the same time. You can colour the lights and baubles to match the paper and embellishments you want to use on your card. Available in Store Now Vivien made these cards with lots of lovely embossing in the background. I added some border punched strips for a little bit of added interest. Have you decorated for Thanksgiving this year? I decorated right after Halloween and am taking it all down now so I can start on Christmas decorations. This time of the year just flies by so quickly and there is so much to do. Vintage lead turkeys.

I need to get the decorations finished so I can start my Christmas baking.

Since I am cooking for the shelter for Thanksgiving this year, we will be eating Asian that day. These are the only turkeys for us this year. Soon it will be time to put our Clark Griswold on!. .