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Numerous testimonies of the gestures of solidarity to the Pontiff by the Savonesi, at times even at personal risk, are preserved. They are episodes which the Savonesi of today may remember with pride. "As your Bishop has fairly observed, that dark page of the history of Europe became, by the power of the Holy Spirit, rich of graces and of teachings, even for our days. The example of serene firmness given by Pope Pius VII invites us to keep the faith in God unchanged in the trials, in the knowledge that He, if also allowing difficult moments for his Church, never abandons her. Like friend Stephen Camp, I'm not a fan of the PRC, but this undercover police officer there did exactly the right thing when assigned to deal with a hostage-taker who had already stabbed his victim. She waited until he was distracted, and shot him in the central nervous system, repeatedly. But she had won a fight, rescued an injured and endangered hostage, and had not gotten hurt herself. Hell, she even had rounds left over. When you win a fight, it's okay to give a relieved smile. Custom Builder Brad Ruel has died yesterday of a heart attack. He became a familiar name in the industry through his custom work and custom parts. My condolences to his family. I've decided if I don't go ahead & get back into this I'll never do it and I do enjoy the blogging, so I've pulled out the books I've read since my last book note. Track of the Cat is the first in Nevada Barr's mystery series featuring Anna Pigeon, a park ranger in Guadalupe Mountains National Park in West Texas. An interesting read, it keeps moving, holds the reader's attention and does a good job developing the characters and vividly describing the setting. from the back of the book:The fascinating hero of Nevada Barr's award-winning series, park ranger Anna Pigeon has brought an unyielding love of nature and sense of fair play to the mystery genre.

Track of the Cat is the acclaimed novel that first introduced readers to Anna, as a woman looking for peace in the wilderness-and finding murder instead.

Euphemisms are pretend synonyms.

They are used to be kinder or politically correct but succeed at the expense of strength and accuracy.

C. S. The book would not be read because the euphemistic title. There are other euphemisms that make bad things sound innocent or even good.

You think it’s one thing, but then it slips through your fingers, bites you, and laughs maniacally as it runs away.

But you probably already know all about them. KCET suggests 'Five Places in Southern California Where You Can Still Explore the Victorian Era'. Someone called doing a survey, a very cheerful lady. Possibly I skewed the results of her survey but woe is she who interrupted my thoughts. Far Guy has taken to going in front of me and unloading the cart in the grocery store so he is the one they ask “Have you found everything today?” He lies. I asked the Store Manager why the bulk dried apricots were not on the shelf…he went back and asked the produce manager…backordered. They put my bread in a bag. I must have been scowling as I left the store. Our usual bag boy Eric stopped me and said “What’s wrong did they squish your bread?” “Yup” I replied “And they put it in a bag.

” He said “OH my, I would never do that to YOU, I know better.

Find out how to easily import your blog list over to Blogovin' here and make sure to follow Olsens Anonymous here. I brought some of my flavored game hens with me on the last camp out. Game Hens Filled the bottom of the dutch oven with cubed potatoes, onions and garlic. Seasoned the birds with straight salt and pepper, then added a bit of chicken stock to the pot. I let the potatoes get a head start while burning down the wood for hot coals. "Bertie and A. Merrick" by Parker Fitzgerald. My good friend Steve, a deep wine lover, never shows up to my home empty-handed. Last night he brought over a bottle of Boom Boom and while I really know nothing about wine tasting, I fell in love with the bottle's simple design. I don't know if it's the tall, rounded shape of a bottle that is great to work with, but I very frequently notice fabulously packaged alcoholic beverages. In all truth, I would buy any one of these wines just to display the bottle around our home. I promise to try and get those sorted this weekend. It has been a bit chilly this past week. Venezuela is done and I'm working my way through Brasil. It's a slow process, but I think the pages are turning out quite nicely. I'll have to do some sort of screen print to put an example on here since I'm sure it'll take months & months for me to actually finish it!. A few snapshots from February. Jake grabbed his book, climbed onto my bed, and pulled up a blanket all by himself. Bundled up for some playtime. Jake wandered through the yard, past the snow, and straight into the lake of mud.

He was not a fan, and neither was his nice wool peacoat.

It's a Jakey in the mirror!Chowing down at Grammie's. Ball!Daddy's shoes. Blowing of the nose. Not a connection one would logically derive a priori: People living in tick-endemic areas around the world are being warned of an increasingly prevalent, potentially life-threatening side effect to being bitten: developing a severe allergy to meat. Almost invariably, they are found to have been bitten by a tick – sometimes as much as six months before. Poultry and seafood can be tolerated, but many sufferers choose to avoid meat entirely. Cases of the emergent allergy have been reported in Europe, Asia, Central America and Africa, but it is most prevalent – and on the rise – in parts of Australia and the United States where ticks are endemic and host populations are booming. Further details at The Guardian. The photo of Goldie shows a bit how I have felt lately. Too much rain-rain-rain, a cold, an MS relaspe has made me a whiney-whiney woman. Anyway the sun came out yesterday and I am crawling back out into the world. Just one example of how this past week went. I really wanted to go to my quilting group on Wednesday. In the the morning it was raining so DH offered to pack the bags and my sewing machine in the car. where do i start!? well, thursday afternoon i managed to shift trade a few days off of work and out of the blue i sent a txt message to Nicole knowing she also had the weekend off and a few days there after. I only txt her. WANNA GO TO CHA?! and the reply i got was FOR REAL!?. and i said yes! that's all it took - we started planning hotels, flights, and how we would get in to CHA. A little Hyper ? I think so! thanks to a few friends we managed to get passes for the CHA SHOW, I made our standby reservations for Friday morning. Since our Brownie Quest is all about healthy eating and healthy lifestyles we planned to attend a Kids Yoga class at a local studio. The class was so much fun and the girls loved it. An international and interdisciplinary group of scholars endeavors to fill this gap with a project coordinated by the Zentrum für Augustinus-Forschung an der Universität Würzburg. Several smaller conferences have already proven the viability of the research program and the methodology employed. Q. Q. Why is it are women prisoners not permitted to have sex-toys?. The first day, I remember looking over the rolls. There were two Krystals, one Alexis, one Fallon, and no less thanthree Dominiques. No, not beer. Although my iced tea does look like beer in this picture! Well, it is Friday. Maybe I should be reviewing a cocktail recipe. From my view on top of the hill I could hear the pounding hooves before I saw the visitors. The clacking across the frozen ice jostled me from my morning break. I was lost in thought, mindlessly picking burdock off my favorite ram between chapters of a book. Morning chores were done and like all mornings they ended on this hillside, watching the flock for signs ill health or other fuss. When I was new to sheep I would stare at them like birds caught in a solarium. Now I just spend time with them. In the summer months I darn socks, mend shirts, or write notes while they amble about, but in the middle of winter it is books that spend time on the hill with me, hands too cold for nimble work. I have been writing about this for a while, but never really explained what the reason for acquiring a red tail hawk is! Falconry is hunting, plain and simple. But instead of using a shotgun, riffle, slingshot, pointy stick, bow, or any other man-made weapon - you use a hawk. The hawk is trained to be set free and fly from tree to tree in the forest, above her handler. As the human below walks through the woods in our heavy-footed way that high-sitting hawk can see the rabbits, grouse, pheasants, turkeys, squirrels, and doves below that us people scare off. It takes off to kill it, a fast downward soar called a "flight" and takes the prey with its sharp taloned feet. The human follows the bird, steal its quarry and puts it in a falconer's bag and takes the hawk back on her arm for a possible second hunt. It is nearly silent, and beautiful, and a partnership between human and animal for a single goal - not unlike working horses, plowing donkeys, and herding sheep dogs. The redtail I trap and train will be a living tool for the hunt, a partner, but not a pet. My hawk will be a wild animal that belongs to the state of New York and the Federal goverment, not me. I am just a "handler" and not an owner, though that doesnt mean a true relationship wont form between us. "Live by the harmless untruths that make you brave and kind and healthy and happy. Is it just me-or are we actually living in San Lorenzo, Cat's Cradle? I remember reading the Vonnegut book long long before anything like the reality TV invasion. Vonnegut's cradle always creeps into my psyche during the political season. “From the beginning we asked everyone involved in the design and construction, ‘How can we make it as sustainable as possible?’” Bundchen told Architectural Digest. Fresh eggs are collected daily from the couple’s chicken coup. “I like simplicity and coziness,” said Bundchen. “I want to live in a place that feels like a real home, where you can put your feet up on the couch and just relax. ” Gisele Bündchen and Tom Brady's House in Los Angeles : Architectural Digest Bündchen is a global ambassador for the United Nations Environment Programme, and the couple is acutely aware of issues related to the conservation of natural resources. I have always loved those Welsh Dressers that you often find in English Cottages. They are full of plates and cups, mugs and tea pots. Everything accessible and charmingly arranged. Today for Table Top Tuesday over at our friend Marty's blogA Stroll Thru Life, I am showing glimpses of the vintage blue and white dresser in my kitchen. It is filled with things I love and things I use quite often. A blue calico pitcher, tea pot and sugar shaker. A sauce boat. Discount will be applied in your basket. filofax. Hi. Even though at work I use Outlook Calendar for future planning and recurring events, it all gets transferred to a daily page in my analog work journal. It’s so much easier to pick up a pen, draw a task box, cross it off or jot a note on paper than it is to operate devices. But that’s just my techno-challenged humble opinion ☺ But while I utilize the original Bullet Journal system at work, my personal, household, wallet and business are all mapped out, planned and managed in a Filofax Pocket Malden that I’ve been using steadily and happily since the beginning of the year. One year ago today I pressed the Blogger "publish" button for the first time and entered blog world. It seems like just yesterday but also a lifetime ago. I had two reasons to blog - one was to create a record for myself and my family of what Hanno and I were doing, the other was the hope of sharing what I knew and encouraging others to simplify. I have definitely created the record of a year's living that I wanted, it is up to others to judge whether encouragement fell where it was needed. Incredible!I've had a lot of emails asking what makes a successful blog and I still don't know. Following in the grand tradition of monsters frolicking on the beach I submit to you my second cartoon in the series. Oh, and you're not mistaken. the punchlines are cheesy. I suppose it's inevitable when you attempt to "hunkify" fictional characters. Frankie's pose is loosely based on one of my favourite sculptures, Bernini's David. Even though I didn't copy it I love the look of determination on David's sculpted face.

Kayla Johnson, the daughter of Juanita Johnson, who serves as the Chicago Police Department’s Director of Administration.

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