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Kevin Shope currently restoring his Original A Scheme has provided the scans. Here are the instructions kevin wrote up :I am getting ready to strip the roof, and before I took the original stripe off, I took a rubbing with tissue paper. Print both left and right out at "Exact or Full Size". Printers will want to scale to fit on paper or something else - make sure tou are printing full size. ETA: Good morning! This is my second post for today.

another month almost flown by! It is time once again for me to share this week's Play Date Cafe color challenge.

This week's color story is a girlie, romantic one featuring raspberry, pastel pink, and lilac. I needed a birthday card for a very special little girl, so this week's colors were a perfect starting point. I used the balloon stamps from Verve's Birthday Bash set on this card. I stamped everything first on my card base and then paper pieced it from the colored cardstock.

The fallout from the case of the faulty implantable cardiac defibrillators continues.

By failing to notify physicians and the public, Guidant executives let expensive and profitable, but potentially useless devices to continue to be implanted, potentially increasing the risk of sudden death for the patients who received them. Then here we noted reports that Guidant continued to ship failure-prone devices even after it had designed and started to manufacture new ICDs that were supposed to be less likely to fail. Later that year, the case rated an article by Robert Steinbrook in the New England Journal of Medicine. At the end of the year, more information appeared, suggesting that Guidant knew the ICDs were flawed, but continued to sell them. Learn the extent to which victims of sex trafficking are arrested and criminalized under current police and prosecution practice. This session will provide a basic overview of relevant federal and New York State anti-trafficking law, an examination of how those arrested and prosecuted for prostitution are overwhelmingly victims of trafficking, and how to develop advocacy tools and engage in motion practice to serve this marginalized population. The session will specifically address New York’s new innovative law that allows survivors of trafficking to vacate convictions. Pre-registration required. m. m. This program provides transitional credit for newly admitted attorneys. You should write this assignment report style, although a formal report structure will not be required. You should include a reference list and a bibliography using the Harvard referencing system. Mary-Kate steps out in New York City in a gingham button down and platform booties. wife and husband who had just coached against one another.

We have a new head boys' basketball coach.

Yesterday, my bff Jen told me about a recipe from "Modern Vegetarian Kitchen". so I tried it tonight. It's called "Cold Sesame Noodles with Radish and Cucumbers". I thought it was pretty good, but I'm not sure I'm in love with it. The sauce though, is very good. Creating crisis is the specialty of this administration. Failure to examine and question statistics will always lead you down the rabbit hole and into Obamaland. But, wait a sec. For those who've never been there, there is a beautiful beach that has been cleaned up over the years. It is shockingly wonderful. Every year they had the hot dog eating contest. There was the mermaid parade. It was the backdrop for many music videos I did with Ken Nahoum. Thousands of baby boomers were conceived under the boardwalk. No more. Also I want to give a shout to my good friend Dan Price. He is a big influence on me drawing. Normally on the second day of CNY 四姑的三个女儿还有堂弟 LL will go to 三姑 house as my 四姑的三个女儿要和五叔 play cards. 三姑 new plantCNY Cookies at my 四姑 house四姑的三个女儿Dinner prepared by 三姑. Mr. M. F. Oh My. I have no idea what to do with them but seem to enjoy collecting them!I have a beautiful kit that i just got tonight from the shabby shoppe. Do you digi scrap?I am trying to make a banner, and blinkie. and really need help!I have a website on blogger of course, brewing for some fun. I can't wait to get things going. We had a mini-Eucharistic procession, similar to what happens tomorrow, but with no great solemnity. First datum. Our parish is blessed with a perpetual exposition chapel, in the basement under the sanctuary. Second datum. The rubrics say that the tabernacle is empty on Holy Thursday. Searching for a theme for today's utter mundanity, I can only think of one:old stuff classics. I guess I'm in a traditionalist mood at the moment. I went to the newly opened Chik-fil-A, the first one in the metro area. It's hard living in a third world country here. One day I hope we'll be as advanced as Baton Rouge. I can only hope. But I also know about everything you have done for your mother in law since the death of your husband. Observation:Ruth left all after the death of her husband to follow Naomi, her mother-in-law. She told her wherever she went, Ruth would follow. She said she would follow her in every area and when they get back to Bethlehem, Ruth goes to get grain for Naomi to take care of them. Sound advice on my card today! Whether it is stamping, reading or eating cake. three of my favorite activities. I won't say a word. They are all insane. Do they realize that they could have run anyone other than Hillary and won? She is toxic. They wanted to have the first female President. That was far more important than the substance of the person they ran. Surely they could have run a female other than Clinton, Warren or Wassermann-Schultz? LOL.

Never mind.

They had to have the first "mixed race President who appears to be black". I know you have seen him posted beforebut he does look cute in there. The wagon is made from one of those little metal boxes from the dollar spot at Target, cover with the awesomes DSP Sale a bration paper and then the wheelsare made from chipboard run through the Big Shot, adhered with the cropadile and some largerivets and rhinstone brads. Hope you like it! I AM MISSING MY CRAFT ROOM! xoxo. I am crazy about Pinterest. I have been pinning away and havingso much fun. As a designer I have kept scrapbooks full of design ideas for many years. I also have an inspiration board on my desk. I cancategorize and save all sorts of fabulous ideas. It's free and it's fun and I don't get anything from Pinterest other than the knowledge that more of my friends will have fun pinningaway too. Each designer is featuring a fun make it and take style project that is inspired by the country fair theme. Sous un ciel bien gris.

on se calfeutre.

Just one small example from a piece in the LA Times discussing pressure on conservatives in Hollywood. "The same can be said of some studios. " Funny how Moore is a 'documentarian' and D'Sousa is a rabble rouser. Not sure I get this.

Last time I looked Auckland was 'privileged' to have a Labour Mayor along with 'Left' aligned Council.

Seems to me Labour is putting the boot into its own people in accusing them of getting it wrong. One is entitled to ask if Labour thinks it's own people are failing Auckland then what chance a bunch of Chardonnay Socialists from Wellington getting it right. The warrant was based upon the confessions of not only several of his bodyguards, but members of the security forces in the city of Fallujah in Anbar province. Baghdad claimed that these were legitimate testimonies that implicated Hashemi’s involvement in murders, bombings, and assassinations dating back several years. The Vice President on the other hand claimed that the men all talked due to torture, and therefore could not be believed. If either explanation proves true, it does not bode well for Iraq’s current government and political system. Two groups of men were behind the warrant for Vice President Hashemi. First, were three policemen from Fallujah. Heart dress. Blue strapless peplum dress.

High low dress.

i think they look a bit alike. In the spirit of the season I offer another Christmas basket. If you aren't a follower, sign on to follow to enter. Parking lot was packed, but the show wasn't too crowded. I picked up a couple more AR mags. I found some mag puls for twelve bucks a pop. Weather wasn't too bad today. Got some chores caught up. Shot over to Lowes and picked up some more LED light bulbs. I had a socket go out on my ceiling fan last month. This will be useful for those of you who may have missed something on this date. This list will also be continuously updated as more posts arrive for this date. .