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We've got a new sketch challenge over at SugarPea Designs for you this week! Today I have used Spare Me. He is all colored up with copic markers. I added some highlights to him with a black pastel pencil. The pants are paper pieced. I then stamped out one of the accessories included in the set and added the sentiment over it and fussy cut around for my sentiment. As always I used my Perfect Layers Mini tools for my mattes. In the health and safety interests of all Sunbird trainees, trainers and crew, the first session had to be cancelled because of the unhealthy psi levels in the morning. A short training briefing and sizing was conducted for those who turned up. Faber hilly terrain. Walking in the Fall is such a pleasure! Marquette Park isn't very wooded, being primarily open field, but there are enough trees around the playground area and around the track to make for beautiful color. There aren't many people there lately. This park gets much more use in the late Spring and Summer. Today, though, there was a man with a small child on a trike, a woman with an older child with a basketball, a group of parents with small children, a man with a backpack sitting on a picnic table with his back to the walking trail talking on the phone, a woman walking on the track in the opposite direction from me, and a man taking a nap in the sunshine on a picnic table bench. Variety is the spice of life. The pollen is still a major issue, but the inhaler definitely helps. But I really feel I ran the best race I had in me today, and you can't be unhappy with that. Spiral Moebius by Nat Friedman. Exhibition of Mathematical Art, Joint Mathematics Meetings, Washington, D. C. Photo by I. Peterson. Last week I joined Mosaic Monday at Little Red House. I wanted to join in again this week because of the amazing mosaics, wonderful blogs and bloggers I discovered and the challenge of creating mosaics. But, what will I share? Yesterday, I posted about sprucing up our guest room, but it doesn't seem Mosaic Monday worthy. Last week I shared my bike basket full of flowers after a ride along the beach, but the weather is not cooperating today. As I took a look around before our guests arrived, I decided I was loving what I was seeing. Sweet yellow flowers from my students. More garden flowers in a heart shaped wire basket I won in a Giveaway from Primp. Weeds I cut and added to a pitcher on my favorite green chair. Red roses from the garden on the windowsill. On Saturday, we participated in the Friends For Life! Walk to raise money for the Stornont, Dundas & Glengarry OSPCA. Hmmm, I probably should have worn a dog-related shirt instead of my "Keep bees and carry on" number! It was a beautiful morning for a walk! The route went through Gray's Creek Conservation Area, the out along the walking path the follows the St. Lawrence River. There were lots of cute dogs, including this Golden puppy, who wanted to make friends with the Dachshund behind him! Tristan is too old to walk, but I got to borrow our friends' German Shepherd/Great Dane mix, Zeus. Zeus' daddy Mike walked next to me, pushing baby Fiona in her stroller. I love Zeus! He's a great dog. We made it to the finish line together, then headed back for the pet contests. There so many cuties in attendance, like this Beagle. Templates: & more:. Visiting the cooled conservatories required admission fee. Yesterday Chris and I sat down and started a new tradition in our family for the Summer. Perhaps my biggest motivation was the fear that our summer would just slip away, that it would be wasted, so I came up with the motto “Seize the Summer”. Of course there’s still the regular activities like dance class and football practice, home and church projects, but it’s the kid’s Summer bucket lists that we want to make sure we get done this Summer. Whether it’s going to the library, beach, aquarium, hobby store, or swim park, we don’t want the Summer to end without crossing them off the list.

And with a family like ours, we have to plan it or it may never get done.

My husband always says that if you want something to get done, then plan a day and put it on the calendar. So my hubby took down several crates of books from our attic and two new crates of books my SIL had given me to go through. Brown Cotton Dress: Moda International. Beige Jacket: Mix It. Purse: New York & Co. Silver Sandals: Fioni. Scarf: Gifted. Earrings: The Buckle. Sunday dinner with my mom. Let God's promises shine on your problems. -Corrie Ten BoomFor the Son of God, Jesus Christ, …. For all the promises of Godin Him are Yes,and in Him Amen,to the glory of God through us. That should be taken as given: if you want tight, in-depth treatment of weighty theological questions, what in heaven's name are you doing bopping around blogs for?I think some people like to show off just how much they know. If you can, bully for you. Actually, I saw it twice more that same day.

I looked it up, of course.

"Cisgendered," a new coinage, refers to the state of feeling pretty much like the sex everybody always thought you were. In other words, "reg'lar. " And at first it would seem one didn't really need a term like that, but, of course, the point is to drive home awareness of the existence of other ways of being.

Today was a rest day for me.

But the structures still retain the grandeur of the grandees. ” That is it at the top of this post. In The States, it would read “Post no bills. ”The reason is obvious. We have all seen telephone poles that look as if the only thing holding them together are the posters and staples stuck on them. But I am not going for the obvious irony here. Hercule Poirot, I am not.

That even overstates the case, I could not even find a place to begin the research.

An "academic" asserted online that he had seen a deed for a local hacienda awarded to a member of the San Patricio Battalion. When I asked for details to support his theory, he simply disappeared. Walking out of my door first thing in the morning, my only thought being the logistics of toast making, my brain was slightly confused when confronted by men dressed as aliens. Paper suits, gloves, goggles. Just what had happened to the world whilst I was asleep??Then the rolls of Biohazard tape began to be deployed, sealing off a cell and its occupant. Ah, a dirty protest. toni over at design dazzle was so sweet and asked to feature taylor's nursery on her blog. We lived in Germany for two years when we married so I know how cold it can get but here where we live, the temperature never gets below freezing and there are no frosts. Our severe weather events are tropical storms that can dump a foot of rain in a few hours and bring down forest trees that have been standing for half a century. We live half way up the east coast of Australia. Down south there is snow and winter rain, up north it is mild all year. They have wild humidity though and in the wet season - summer - just sitting in a chair is enough to make you sweat. But here the climate allows us to plant all year. We have summer crops - eggplants, peppers, tomatoes etc, and winter ones - cabbages, onions, cauliflower and kale, but with careful planning we can have quite a nice selection of vegetables growing for the table all year. Somehow this ended up on my workbench. I did the best I could with the cards I was dealt. This is my first race in two seasons, to me if I can't ride on Sunday watching on Saturday night is just a type of self torture so I just quit going. Kind of like the difference between a brothel and a strip club I suppose?I noticed a few big changes since the last time I walked the pits, first and most importantly attendance is way down. WTF, Let's go Racing??. As in a dream, I don't remember how I got there exactly, but there I was, in the middle of the night, staggering I down an infinitely long corridor, bottle of Lagavulin in one hand and the foot-thick World Science Fiction Convention Program Guide in the other, looking in vain for either the "Blue Drazi/Green Drazi: Can Mixed Marriages Ever Work?" panel or the one listed as "From Pufnstuf to Hufflepuff: One Woman's Journey Through Fantasy Fandom". It was late, OK? The pickings were slim. A lot of money. Which is why, when I stumbled through the first open door I found into a dimly lit room with a pasty, paunchy guy on stage fiddling with his noted and a few sleepers and coughers sitting around in folding chairs, I figured I could at least take a load off, dodge the various Fetts on my trail, and resume my hunt for the panel of my dreams in a while. Then the panel began.

Or Even That It Will Probably Happen.

Coupure de Web : Olivia Newton-John chats to Weekend about chart success ! OLIVIA Newton-John is busier than ever. She recently took a break from the Las Vegas stage, to return home to Australia with husband John Easterling. Newton-John talks exclusively about her life, loves and giving back inside Weekend magazine, in Saturday's Fraser Coast Chronicle. After the loss of Hershey earlier this summer we went back and forth on whether to get a new dog or not. I'm sure I'll be posting lots about her. Because this subject was dashing to have his lunch we did not get to discuss his look. However, if asked, my first thoughts would be that it’s a New Romantic’s answer for a day-into-evening outfit. Hello everyone, and Happy Wednesday to you all ! Today I have a sweet Baby Girl Card to share using the Darling CottageCutz Baby Lamb die & Really Reasonable Ribbon's Flowers,Hemp,Ribbon & Buttons. When I saw this sweet little lamb, I thought how DARLING she is, and paired with Really Reasonable Ribbon, and buttons, makes for a sweet Baby card. The Ribbons I used are Really Reasonable Ribbons Pink Gingham, and Pink Satin. I LOVE the look of them both together. As for my buttons, normally I'm lazy and don't add the hemp, however on this card I just had to take the extra time and add it. I do love how it makes them look sewn on.

The buttons are also from Really Reasonable Ribbon, as well as the Hemp I used.

Some scans of Hide from photos by Alex Ardenti.


Ghana is endowed with quality gold deposits in the middle belt of the country. Seriously - I am not just saying that. I might be artistic and crafty, but really. I can’t draw. Or I couldn’t, up until recently. It was no accident that I became a DIGITAL scrapbook designer. But like I said - until recently! And I’m finding that my biggest problem was that I thought that drawing was about being accurate and that it needed to look a certain way and that proportions just weren’t something you could go about willy-nilly making up. And believe me nobody is more surprised than me to see myself actually drawing in my journal! And often I even like what I’m seeing! Imagine that! What did you do, you ask? What is the big secret to the drawing challenged amongst us? There isn’t one.

Have my own personal library of books and CDs.

Visit my college with all my friends. Spend a night in an African forestPose for a photo in front of the little mermaid in Denmark and spend the christmas eve at TivoliVist all European Countries. Work for some NGOStick a print out of a whacky Dilbert strip on my cubicle. Drive a car on a highway. Slap someone whom I hate the most. .