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C'mon now. Orwell was right. Traffic Deputy Greg Korzen was chosen to be recognized at a Marlin’s game recently as a “South Florida Hero”.


What was my crime, you ask?…I told him he had to wear long johns.

In the end I had to bribe him to get them on. No rational thought had a chance in his mind: not the fact that we had Siberian temperatures outside and we don’t have a nice warm car to ride to kindergarten in, nor the fact that the long johns were black with cool orange stitching and padded knees for better playing. No nothing helped, I had to bribe my kid with a piece of candy in order to get to work in time. html also in blue and pink Kits & more:. Called Espresso Solo, the conceptual product features metal working parts and a concrete case. Going Waaaayyyyy back and driving the Baptists crazy:. To Boldly Go Where- Wait, X-Men and Star Trek? Seriously? ‎.

I am excited about this line and I hope you are excited about getting some of these fantastic models into your hands this Fall.

I'll highlight several items that are sure to satisfy your need for high quality diecast models and will be back next Wednesday with another batch of new releases. Saturday night was a crazy night for Ranger prospects but can be expected since for some it was the end of their regular season, others advanced to play some more and sadly two saw their season end. First Star: Michael Del ZottoFinal games of the regular season typically do not tell you much about a team but Michael Del Zotto had a message he wanted to send. Marie Greyhounds. For Del Zotto we are hoping that he takes this chance to send a loud message about the Rangers did not make a mistake in selecting him. Now that it's finally summer again, I cannot wait to let the sunshine in and curl up like a cat in its warm beams.

They've been in the ol' stash for about three, four years now.

Today, and for the next little while, I feel like knitting curlicues. Not killing myself, though. Nope. Not.

Done with that.

John-Paul Pietrus is selling limited-edition prints of his work featuring models, Sun Fei Fei, Tian Yi, Tao Okamoto, Mariacarla Boscono & Andrej Pejic to raise money for Red Cross' Typhoon Haiyan Appeal. in which we'll experiment with embroidery, scrapbook, quilting, photography, lettering, illustration.

can't wait to start and share with you all the beautiful pieces we'll be creating during the classes.

I am super excited to be part of Alisa Burke's blog tour to promote her amazing new book, Sew Wild. I actually met Alisa in Cleveland a couple of years ago when we were both there to tape segments and workshop DVDs for Quilting Arts TV and Interweave Press.

I remember seeing her work laid out on a table ready to be taken over to the taping studio.

It was energetic, raw, colorful, and full of surprises. I was instantly drawn to it. Now, lucky for us, she's written a book detailing her many techniques, her work and design philosophy, and how she finds inspiration. Plus, the book has scads of wonderful projects that you'll really want to make. Sono felice di potervi dire che da oggi potrete trovare i miei disegni anche da lei esposti in questa bella cornice d'altri tempi. That picture is taken from a new crossstitch shop located in Bergamo. I met Ambra, shop's owner, in Risognano last week, she's such a kind lady, full of love for stitching and old style things like all of us. She took some of my designs for her shop, so. i'm actually very proud to have them in such a lovely location. I didn't find any in the local shops in Tunbridge Wells at the time. It's a small yacht and getting her back on the water seemed a slam-dunk. Fate had other plans, however and the strange symptoms that took me by surprise the day she arrived turned out to have been possibly a stroke. I'm happy to report most of the debilitating symptoms have abated. Of course, as soon as weather permitted, Doryman was back in the Boatyard doling out love in generous amounts. Mix of blue skies and sun showing through here and there. Should turn out to be a nice day at the beach. Another S swell on the radar but not showing up here yet. May need another day to fill in but there still are a few smooth ones to ride out there. CHANNEL: Smooth, glassy and rideable this morning. Groin bar lefts are rolling in outside and can be milked and ridden in past the pole. Size is waist high. anywhere. Well, anywhere we could find. Lower the heat, add the beaten egg and continue to cook, stirring constantly, until thickened. Remove from the heat and stir in the rose water and orange blossom water. Pour into the serving dish, or individual serving dishes and allow to cool to room temperature. Refrigerate until ready to serve. Before serving, top with Dream Whip topping and sprinkle over chopped pistachios. Source: Kraft Meals. It actually has. .