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We have some very talented crafters who work with us at Lawn Fawn HQ. We thought it would be fun to begin featuring their cards and projects on the blog! Jessica starts us off today with this super sweet Happy Shower card! This is such a fun design that would be great for a baby shower or bridal shower! Jess gave the Simple Puffy Clouds cute faces with Make Me Smile Lawn Cuts. m. m. Those interested can still join.

There’s the windswept moors, there’s the broken hearts and there’s the winding cobbled streets of Haworth.

This will be period drama with added grit.

“I’m not interested in chocolate box representations, “ says the Halifax-born screenwriter behind Happy Valley and Last Tango in Halifax. “I want it to be authentic. It’s very easy for these kind of historic dramas to slip into easy cliche, but right from the start I was determined to get past the Brontë myth which has inevitably romanticised and overshadowed the lives and careers of Emily, Charlotte and Ann. I wanted to immerse myself in what life was really like for these three women living in the north of England. LeXtac and LeGion are available as both VST and AU for Mac. Follow the links on the right. How did you get started in college counseling/admissions? Unlike many people in this profession, I never worked in admissions as a student but it was always a position I was aware of and became interested in as a student. When I graduated I knew I wanted to be in education in some capacity, but not necessarily teaching. Working in Admissions allows me the chance to still get to work with students but not in a classroom setting. It seemed to be the perfect fit! What's your favorite admissions/counseling memory? In such a fun and rewarding profession it is hard to pick just one. From getting to help students make one of their first big decisions, to then getting to see those same students graduating from your institution four years later bring more prepared for life than ever, is one of my favorite memories that I get to relive year after year and makes me so proud! Aside from that, a lot of my fondest memories revolve around the travel opportunities I have been able to take advantage of. One in particular was my first NACAC conference in Denver, CO. I had never been to Colorado before, so that in itself was awesome, but also getting to experience the “big picture” of what we do and having my tiny little bubble of admissions popped has forever enriched me! It is so awesome to be part of this “small world” of admissions and experience it on so many levels. I have met so many wonderful and positive people since getting involved, and I hope to get even more involved in the future. Today's MoFo Prompt: "Tacos vs. Burritos.

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Our God will fight for us".

I see that he understood that when God's people rally together, God fights their enemies.

Application:Unity is one of the most powerful forces in our universe. Put God in the picture and nothing is impossible. God's people sometimes need a rallying cry to pull them together so God can fight their battles.

We must learn the art of a rallying cry, unity, and calling on the name of the Lord.

Stay safe. I'll be posting my development experience on ASP. Hello there Unity Friends!!Karen here, and I'm up todayto kick off. seriously, i wish we could do that every AM. hope y'all have a fab monday! ps. The Embassy Assy approaches, his skin green like the jade, and his face and belly fattening from swallowing his oily duties as the human receptacle for british government practices. Spitting between the gaps in his yellow crooked teeth he says "In order for you Mr. uh, Whatever, to walk on this part of the earth, you will stick your dick in this tube for a few weeks or so while the Queen Blob will suck every bit of power and mystery from you, documented in triplet of course!" "And then you must pay me handsomely for it!" NOW BEND OVER IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT WE'RE REALLY INTO!!"CHUG_UG_CHUG_UG_FUCK_FUCK_SLURPY_SLURP_UCK_GUCH_HUCK_GU_GU_GUS_FUCK_FUCK!!!! "Then I simply wave my prissy from the queen fingers and lightly stamp this piece of paper here. The bird was seen for several minutes where it perched in the cattails at the edge of a pond after flying in from a grassy field. The bird was calling repeatedly during the several minute observation. Important note: Rocky Point is on Department of National Defense land. There is no public visitation of this site. This is the first confirmed photographed record for the province of British Columbia. Words defy me.

Blue Grosbeak, Metchosin.

This is a slight variation on the traditional gate fold card, which generally has two folds and side flaps that open out from the centre of the card. I have included a basic pattern at the end of the post so you can have a go at creating something similar. Play around with the measurements of the card as well as the shape of the side and top flaps. .