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My university has an adult education program and I have just finished teaching a course for it, an abbreviated version of my seminar on legal systems very different from ours done as four lectures, each two and a half hours long. Interested readers can find recordings of part of the third lecture and all of the fourth on the class web page. It was great fun. There were two important differences between that class and most classes I have taught. The first was that nobody was there who was not interested in what I was teaching, since the class did not meet any requirement for getting a degree. The second was that I did not have to grade the students. It thus eliminated the two least attractive features of conventional teaching. My ideal class might have some sort of exam at the end to provide me feedback on how good or bad a job I was doing, how much of what I had taught the students had learned—but I would not be the one grading it. Each year I teach about ten shorter classes of the same sort, under rather different circumstances. The setting is the Pennsic War, an annual two week long historical recreation event held in a private campground in Pennsylvania. Attendance at the event is upwards of ten thousand people. Bianchi - Before - Side View This week I started a restoration of Emmett's Bianchi Aeros. The obvious is it needs wheels along with new cables and housings and bar tape. Emmett has a cool black and white theme picked out. The bike is very interesting. I recently had chicken pox, I'd like to share about how to remove chicken pox mark in this blog. Initially there was swollen like a pimple on the head, which if solved out of water, unlike acne which if broken out fat and a little pus. At first I thought because the shampoo and hair tonic. I change shampoos and hair tonic but no effect. After a week I started to get cold, followed with fever. Two days after that, it began to appear reddish covered almost entire of my face. Also some swelling like a mosquito bite in the face. ? JK Keller is shutting it down with his new iPhone oil paintings. Bodacious, sebaceous. This is the very essence of DISability, an issue we hope to explore in future feature stories". Follow the story of the orphan Jane Eyre as she survives a turbulent childhood to blossom into a headstrong young woman, before arriving as the governess at Thornfield Hall, home the roguish Mr Rochester. A blossoming friendship ensues, but any thoughts of romance are hindered by social convention, a conceited suitor, and ultimately a dark and dangerous secret. Messenger has some more information: Laura Kinsella has adapted Jane Eyre from the book to a stage play for Dunham Thespians. Eight new sets will be available for purchase tomorrow! If you've missed the previews from the past two days, you can check them out here and here. Today we are sharing previews of Eat Cake, You're Lovely, and Flourishes - Scallops and Dots. Let's get right to it, shall we?Claire peeked Eat Cake for you yesterday. I think the DT all had a moment of panic that we had the wrong day! Here is the card I created for you today. Love this set. The font is fresh and playful, and I adore the fancy cake plate. I'm thinking of what other images I can use with it! There will most definitely be cupcakes from Frame It sitting pretty on that plate. A little fun using Flourishes - Scallops and Dots.

I loved the intimacy of small tours at a place I adored as a student, and working at a place that felt so much like home felt natural.

What's your favorite admissions/counseling memory? There are so many.

m. his time, but hearing the joy in his voice when I told him we had a spot for him. Yuck ‘n Yum grew into what it is now, a curatorial collective focused on the distribution of art. Our team expanded to include curator Alexandra Ross and Edinburgh based artist Alex Tobin. Yuck ‘n Yum provides opportunities for artists. We encourage people to make things and show things.

Of course one method is our quarterly artzine another is our events.

I do get excited as we approach our deadlines. Congratulations to these recent Southern Police Institute graduates, left to right, Sgt. Chuck Kellenberger, Sgt. Geni Hernandez, Sgt.

Spenser Bryan and Sgt.

Darlene McCloud. as I lay awake early this morning, I wondered. "How lucky am I?" I had recently discovered that two of the neighbor girls that used to babysit for me had Breast Cancer. One is a survivor, one was just recently diagnosed. I thought about the invisible line that ran from me to them as we were growing up. How lucky I am.

I had a recent physical, and I am in fine shape for an old lady.

I had a mammogram, the results should be in soon. Minced jalapenos, minced dill pickles, etc. Mix well. you can use your hands to mix it. Hello Lovelies! I'm sorry I've been MIA this week. I plan on getting some fun projects done this weekend though, so next week should be better as far as posts go. This bed makeover shared by Lehman Lane is adorable! Finally, I absolutely love this baby girl nursery shared by Life in Eight. Prospect in ActionLet us get the game stuff out of the way first. I look forward to interviewing this young man because he came over to North America BEFORE he was drafted by an NHL team which is rare these days. Training Camp ThoughtsYou know I have to laugh when I see all these "I never thought so and so was that good" because I spend most of my time covering these kids. Sure I can do the back patting routine and say "Told you so" when someone I said was going to develop into a player does. The number one problem with this time of the year is that too often people make snap judgments on a player and do not let it go. This is the time of the year where you will see a ton of mistakes, a ton of very sloppy hockey and players trying to find their own niche.


The art of medicine. It turned out to be one of the initial scientifi c steps on the long road to unravelling the mysteries of mummifi cation, fi rst described in the fi fth century BC by the Greek historian Herodotus. By Marie Laure Helmkampf X V. You know, I am continually amazed at the drugs that are legal, and the drugs that aren't. I've spent a month going through withdrawal from a prescription drug, AFTER weaning off it for two months before that. And it's been worse than the time I took Percocet several times daily for a year, then quit cold turkey. But marijuana is illegal. This makes no fucking sense to me. Just annoying as fuck. This whole mess royally pisses me off. Royally. Anyway. Some books and things that have been interesting or fun for me lately. First, a novel, the first in a series. Soulless, by Gail Carriger. Normally I stay away from books with vampires and werewolves and ghosts and all, because the authors tend to rely on those gimmicks to carry the book and there's nothing under the freaky supernatural window dressing.

That is absolutely not the case in this book.

There's a real plot, with a mystery. There is character development. The re-imagined Victorian Era is fascinating, fun window dressing but as a proper backdrop to real action. There's also a whole lot of humor and a heroine who doesn't put up with crap from anyone - and really likes treacle tarts.

I definitely suggest reading this one.

"In the afterlife you are judged not against other people, but against yourself. Specifically, you are judged against what you could have been. So the afterworld is much like the present world, but it now includes all the yous that could have been. But soon you fall victim to intimidation. These yous are not really you, they are better than you. They made smarter choices, worked harder, invested the extra effort into pushing on closed doors. These doors eventually broke open for them and allowed their lives to splash out in colorful new directions. Please locate the exit nearest you. It worked so well during the Bush years. Follow The Bouncing Ball: The Republicans now claim that if Obama does not cave in and give them what they want, it will be his fault for being so irresponsible that they have to shut down the government. distinguishedbaloney. I am so deeply honoured that there are so many enjoying our sketches and want to be part of our team. I want to thank everyone so much for considering Sketchabilities as one of your online sketch resourses. I am thrilled that so many of you enjoy our sketches and I hope we can continue to keep you inspired with our sketches and our Design Team Reveals. just a bit of info. Oh I know it is August but Autumn has a way of sneaking up on you here in the Northeast. This sweet starry baby card also has a hint of fall on it. The designer paper that frames the mobile from Celebrate Baby is part of a Halloween collection in the new SU! holiday catalog called Motley Monsters - some fun monster scenes backed with great designs! I used embossing paste and the new SU! Star stencil to create the stars in the background. I scraped the paste on with a serrated plastic knife to make the ridges. Jen Mitchell designed our super sketch this week at Freshly Made Sketches. Stay safe. Thankfully the north westerly didn’t bring any snow, but the Fylde does seem to be surrounded by it again with several inches in Scotland, Ireland, North Wales and even the Isle of Man. They can keep it. So I went birding to Out Rawcliffe expecting, in fact hoping to see the usual fare of finches, thrushes and hopefully a raptor and an owl or two. Along the river past Town End several hundred thrushes were very mobile, taking flight at the constant passing of vehicles before soon returning to the hawthorn trees. With all the thrushes about I was not surprised to see a Sparrowhawk create quite a melee as it almost caught a Redwing from a feeding group. In the ensuing pandemonium most of the thrushes cleared off as the Sparrowhawk stayed put in a nearby tree, before it too cleared off over the other side of the river to try its luck. As I watched the hawk fly off a Goosander flew down river and in the direction of distant Great Eccleston, a Buzzard soared. In an era in which the NL has dominated All Star play, Weaver was no push-over. what's going on. They must make important decisions based on the information they have at the time. If we had it to do over again, we should change the strategic objective and/or the tactics. That would invite a follow-up question regarding the alternative strategy and tactics. Here is the second quilt that Rosemary made. I just LOVE her style and I hope that she loves my quilting. Rosemary and I met on an online quilting message board and have only met in person a few times. She sends me the most beautiful quilts and I never have to fuss with them to get them to lay flat. And look at the back, It's a two sided quilt for sure. And as promised last week, here is a full shot of her Town Square quilt:. This little bear is about to surprise his very special Valentine with a big candy heart! This image would also work well for birthday cards, Thinking of You, I'm Sorry, I Love You, I Miss You. just about anything really. Viv made a sweet red and white Valentine greeting. I printed the image on dark brown cardstock and then used white and light browns to colour the highlights. I used an image from the "Easter Wishes" stamp set by Flourishes. I colored it with my Copic markers. The papers are from Websters Pages "New Beginnings Collection". I matted the paper with Lemon Chiffon cardstock from My Favorite Things. I added a few yellow pearls from BoBunny as an accent. Bizarro is brought to you today by The Beauty of Art. I hate the insurance industry, especially in the field of health.

I know it's a risk, but every month that goes by that I don't need it makes me feel like I've robbed those bastards of a little more unearned profit.

If I'd had insurance, I'd have racked up that total every few months and gotten nothing for it since none of those charges would have eclipsed the deductible. It's the curse of the self employed. Physicians are informed by studies which examine group data but deal with individual patients.

How to apply the group data in clinical setting is not as easy as it might appear at first glance.

I blogged about this general topic several years ago. See here. Can the patient in the doctor's office be assumed to have the average response to a given treatment reported in a medical journal article? In a given group treated with a certain medication some subjects will fare better than average along some parameter of interest while others respond not at all and some in either group may have adverse effects,some serious some minor. .