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All the same, fishermen realize the need to protect the resource that feeds their livelihood. Steve Fitz certainly does. Fitz said the funding “allowed me to purchase my boat, start my business, preserve my strong family fishing heritage, upgrade my fishing equipment, and bring a higher quality and sustainable product to the dock. Saturday pleasure is to begin the day playing with the camera. A tranquil after-dinner stroll along the shoreline to an early autumn garden, where blush-hued roses hang heavily. This frail light with a pinch of melancholy is perhaps the loveliest thing I know. P. S. Päivällisen jäkeen rauhaisa kävely rantaa pitkin alkusyksyn puutarhaan, jossa ruusut nuokkuvat painavina.

Kotona kardemummakahvi tulelle vadelmakakun seuralaiseksi.

However, it the market is experiencing a "blowoff" phase, then things will get real interesting from here. Sentiment is sky high right now so the "blowoff" scenario described above would be quite a stretch for the market. Here for example is the current Hulbert Nasdaq sentiment via Sentiment Trader: We are treading some pretty high ground here. So hold onto your seatbelts. I. A.

“Born Free” music video.

Directed by Romain Gavras. Update: A new video, a news update an appeal for your support have been added to this post. PLease scroll down. Our second juvenile peregrine fledged from its nest ledge on Derby Cathedral this afternoon.

Fortunately, the bird flew up into a tree and then very strongly upwards and away round the back of the Silk Mill.

Nick Brown went down later on and found one young bird up on a pinnacle above the nest, and two in the nest itself. Both parents were present too. bubble mail: "Hello Mr. Bubblevisor! Greetings from finland & thanks for great blog and inspirational pictures. Keep up the good work! -Mika" thanks Mika, looking good!. Ruth has tatted a Phoenix in honour of the latest Harry Potter book. How wonderfully imaginative. Way to go Sharol.

Arlene has gone back to knitting socks and she's wondering if we could do some inspirational tatting podcasts to keep people entertained.

Hmmm, we'll have to think about that.

Mark is back from his holidays and he's discovered some lacy leaves while gardening. I agree, God makes some amazing stuff, if we'll only take the time to look for it. Jon has created a lovely rosette doily from a motif she designed. She has also posted the pattern for her diamond square motif. Everything seems to be going wrong for Snowy. Where does the time go? Who turns the pages so fast? It seems as if the summer is disappearing before our very eyes. The grass is turning brown in some spots…especially spots in the sun. I am mowing about every ten days now instead of every seven days. I have finally made my peace with the lawn mower’s hydrostatic drive…will wonders never cease…goes to show you even old people can learn new stuff. I am a sight to behold on that mower with every inch of my body covered except my face…I had one small spot of Poison Ivy earlier and since then I cover up when I mow. Soon the grass should go dormant. My Mother had some real pretty petunias. Our Wood Carving group was featured in an area publication called Boomers. The reporter took photos and wrote a great story. m. Labels: belgrade-brooten-elrosa girls basketball. A motion for a temporary restraining order also was filed. The plaintiffs are listed as Stephen Vanek, Erik Huebsch, Ian Pitzman, United Cook Inlet Drift Association and Copper River Seafoods Inc. Listed defendants include the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the state Board of Fisheries. Kerr Co. In the meantime, please enjoy these updated, more accurate versions of Ben Affleck's Batman and Henry Cavill's Superman. I just happened to have purple-y pink gloves that matched my tights! Fabulous winter closet find. From the Reddit thread: "I used to watch children in Afghanistan walk through a minefield daily to go to and from school. The path they used was worn from years of walking from the townspeople. " Photo credit to Noorullah Shirzada/AFP.

So—what healing did they receive?Yes, health and a child restored—but that’s not it.

They discovered the power of Jesus—in their suffering:That’s the Gift they need never lose!The woman in the Gospelcame to the point where nothingwould stop her from seizing hold of that Life!Are you and I at that point?How many of us let so many dumb thingsget in the way of our relationship with the Lord?You and I are confrontedwith the uncertainty of things in a less severe way:Today begins a new, uncertain chapterin the story of our Catholic Faith in Piqua. So many problems. e. Is that reasonable? Someone defend this, please. There's an old saying about how someone else's trash might just be your treasure. I don't think I have to work hard to convince most people of that, but I recently had a wonderful, personal experience with this concept. The other day a dear friend called me up and told me that since she no longer used her fabric dyeing equipment she wanted it to go to a good home. She could have just thrown it away but that seemed wasteful. A few years back my friend hung up her fabrics and dyes and ventured into the brownie business. Now Mary Louise is the queen of her own empire, Butters Brownies. If you are interested in volunteering please get in touch with Lynn Mitchell at lynn. I received the e-mail with the time, the place and the urgent need for prayer. A beautiful baby boy born over the weekend is in serious need for healing and his parents need strength, wisdom and peace. Since I could not get to the location in time, the girls and I grabbed our Bibles and began to read. She also thanked God for R. 's life and how it was already bringing glory to God. Seriously, these girls absolutely poured their hearts out for this family they do not know, I am humbled that they are mine. Anti-Citizen One has unearthed an article in the New Scientist which should be required reading for every authoritarian, target-obsessed MP and civil service wonk in the country.

Want cooperation? Rewarding the helpful can be more effective than punishing wrongdoers, a new experiment in game theory suggests.

It's the old carrot vs stick conundrum, tackled by researchers at Harvard, the top university in the world, so by no means a bunch of cranks. This consists of statistical documentation of every aspect of our lives. Categorising, measuring, studying. Wednesday seems to sneak up on me each week! We did make it to the beach last Wednesday and hope to get there again today. Ongoing:For the Love of Solids Swap- We got our partner assignments and I went straight to work! I've been wanting to try some English Paper Piecing with different shapes. Here we have hexies, diamonds and petal shapes.

I'm trying to decide if I should add more colors.

These blocks will be paper-pieced but we are all out of printer paper! I'll need to swing by Staples later today. Nonna's Garden- I'm bordering the whole thing with a ring of darker green. It has taken a little while for me to start to think of this new house in Texas as home. Each day that has gone by has made me grow more attached to my new surroundings. Old treasures are finding their place. And some new ones are filling in the gaps. A routine is being established. One of the goals that I set for myself when we moved was to set aside more time for writing. I have so many stories to tell and now for the first time in my life I will have the time to tell them. It's been a tough few days. Nothing like a bit of vintage bling to cheer things up a bit. I'm thinking of Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's. When my Aunt was young, she was a model in New York and she loved to stroll by the windows of expensive shops and dream of beautiful things. So Aunt Susan, this post is for you!!I'm off to visit Suzanne for some fun this Vintage Thingie Thursday. You too Bentley!!!Love,Susan and Bentleyxxoo. Scientists have confirmed that the Eurasian Hen Harrier and the American Northern Harrier are in fact two distinct species. c. c. testing the new siggy. A little texture on the water and a small portion of a swell sneaking through. Wind is light and offshore. Surf is in the waist high + range with lefts breaking in the Channel. You can ride a fish or shorter board there today. There are waves out front, at the Graphitti Wall and at the Patch rideable on a longboard.

FYI: This has absolutely nothing to do with quilting.

Guess I better be watching my back after a little altercation with some neighbors this evening.

Not just any dogs, mind you, but ones that bark each and every time we walk outside our back or side doors.

Every morning they high-tail it to the fence and bark, bark, bark as I get in my car to go to work. Andrew, who was not feeling well and made a trip to Urgent Care for an ear infection. I don't think I shared these darling photos of Andrew in his tux for Jason and Kathy's wedding. The basics of personal color coordination are easy to learn and fun to apply. For you blond beauties with green or blue-green eyes, soft earth tones like browns, oranges, peaches and yellow-based greens are a must for the golden-hued among you. Rose-based colors like pinks, plums and mauves work best for lighter toned ash blondes with eyes of blue, green, or gray. For the true redheads, and those with auburn or coppery hair, choose golden tones in orange, camel, soft yellow greens, and muted golds. Strawberry blonds and those with light auburn hair and light eyes should go with ivory, tan, light to medium browns, warm grays, as well as aqua, marine, and violet blues. The bird flew by him and perched on a log in the South end of the SouthWest pond at Reifel. This pond is located directly south behind the house pond. - As Curlin prepares for the Belmont, his sire, Smart Strike, had a very nice weekend indeed. Next up is Calder's Summit of Speed, and gee, maybe he'll even make Watchmaker's Top Ten sprinter list one of these days. Meanwhile, the media week leading up to the Belmont here kicks off with a front page article by Joe Drape of the NY Times reporting on Curlin's owners, a story which has the same warm and fuzziness quotient as this: William J. I was never a big fan of cranberry sauce until I started making this recipe. This can transform your Thanksgiving meal. As my husband remarked when I gave him a taste of this yesterday, you can eat a bowl of this by itself. And when you are done with your turkey dinner, eat some of this on top of ice cream. Normally I make this with a good hearty port but I skipped that since this is for the shelter and used orange juice and apple juice instead.

You can find the recipe here: This lasts for weeks in the fridge.

We saw a wide variety of wonderful projects this time around. Many thanks to all who participated. Bizarro is brought to you today by The True Meaning of Christmas. Let's get on with it. .