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This evening I found myself washing our dishes by hand, as the first hint of a cool change breathed its way into the kitchen. Our dishwasher sprang a leak this morning, flooding the kitchen floor with sepia tinted water. So tonight I was standing at the kitchen sink, wrist-deep in hot, soapy water, meditating on the tactile pleasure of sloshing dishes to and fro through the bubbles, a childlike joy not often felt in these days of dishwashers.

Well, I was meditating on the simple pleasure of washing dishes.

My children won't grow up with memories of leaping squealing through needle-sharp spray from a sprinkler and landing in lush green grass, splashing their feet in a kiddie pool filling slowly from a garden hose, and running screaming in mock panic from a water pistol. The requirement of God that man should repent is seldom regarded by man as an act of kindness of God. Yet it is! The next sentence tells us that “your stubbornness and your unrepentant heart” are the means of “storing up wrath against yourself. ”In ministering the Good News with love and kindness, occasionally we run into contempt and stubbornness. This is a very nice one. Not a big fan of the seat but the rest of the bike is great. I have nothing to do with this ad. That's crazy! Why?. "A man who tells the Truth is a free man despite external slavery, imprisonment or custody. " - Fr. Please share the news with your friends who live in the area. By serving as chaplain to the fledging Solidarity Movement, Fr. Fr. Jerzy’s life stands as a testament to the strength of conviction and the courage of conscience. , in conjunction with health care expert Scott Cook, will present a free, one-hour, interactive webinar, HIPPA/HITECH and the New Omnibus Rule, for all legal professionals. Credit:Typically, TASA does not apply for credit, but the presenters and content appear to satisfy CLE requirements in a number of jurisdictions in which participants may self-apply for credit. Cost: Free. Anita revealed that in the film she often displayed her "chest crush" to squeeze the air out of her opponents. "When I need to seduce the target, I would lean in and flirt with him. This character has a big chest, the one size police uniform would appear to be very tight. When I got the script I already thought it was a lot of fun. " As for memorable parts from the shoot, Anita who had a fear of heights had to go on the fast rope with Yun Yi. Those receiving the award this year are: Law Enforcement Officer of the Year, Detective Mark Coleman. Corrections Officer of the Year, Sgt. Linda Brooks. Support Employee of the Year, Juvenile Programs Counselor Nat Whitehouse. Reserve Deputy of the Year, Rick Luna. Explorer of the Year, Cindy Zaldivar. Each award winner is given a plaque, a ribbon to wear on his/her uniform, a badge with “Employee of the Year” inscribed on it and a check. m. I'm nervous. And intimidated. Honored. And scared. I'm bringing Gigi. She's going to show quilts too. It should be fun. Be sure to say "hi" if you do. Get the look.

It's been a busy week on many fronts, with very little actual writing of my own.

So instead of foisting another lame haiku off on y'all, I thought I'd pass along this outstanding limerick from Mary Campbell-Droze. Hi Everyone. pulled into the old homestead in the wee hours of the morning.

Just popping in to let you all know that I am back and so excited to be back in the land of blog.

sigh. I'll confess, when my first book was published I was checking Amazon. It was a thrill to watch and hope for fleeting fame. As time went by I checked the page once a day and then once a week and now I've not looked for several months. I'm familiar with the sales curve and I've seen it cycle now three times. I dropped by today to see if the hardcover edition of When Thunder Rolled was still available. I know it’s kinda trendy to have a ‘bucket list’, but I had the kids make one around the middle of July. I didn’t want our time to fly by and feel like we never actually did anything. Why so late? Because we finally got a breather after Bible conference, Papou’s visit and our two family vacations. One of my favorites so far has been our picnic at a really great ‘pirate’ park right on the ocean. I was in heaven. A beautiful day on the grass by the beach, a sleeping baby and good book. Twenty-eight Panthers survive in conditions ranging from wrecks to fully restored. Kevin Wheatcroft will also restore the two other Panther tanks that he owns to running condition. The restored Panther ausf A on display at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa. YouTube link. S. Bush, President-elect Donald Trump, the Iraq War, the American health care system, and capitalism. quite and achievement. The bad news - in the move I seem to have lost a long term project, my hexegon quilt. I've gone through everything and the bag is nowhere to be found. It only hangs for a couple months a year so this was my last chance to get a photo for awhile! I finished a couple of years ago and quilted for me by Bonnie Hunter. I started just wanting to document how I chose the blocks and the fabrics but it became much more. The initial blocks were made as we entered Iraq. I pieced most of them while glued to CNN and listening to the "embedded" reporters.

It brought back some memories.

Our entry/hallway is still in its early stages so I'm always looking for ideas. We have most of the furniture but still need the finishing touches - paintings, umbrella and walking stick "holder", lamps, rug. If you’re looking for some thread that links all of today’s readings together, may I suggest it is “Lessons on Prayer. ” Let’s see what they tell us. The first lesson – from the first reading – is that if you want God to hear you, then hear the cry of the poor. Scripture couldn’t be clearer: if we stop our ears to those in need around us, God will stop his ears to us. Some practical applications: if you’re in school, chances are there is someone who is smaller, who might be new, who doesn’t fit in. Will you stand up for that boy or girl? As a society, there are lots of ways we hear the cry of the poor. Our St. Today you can pick up casserole pans after Mass, and bring back home-cooked food to go to area soup kitchens. No one in our society is more poor and abandoned than the unborn child. lorraineloots toxel. ". Hey guys. Good morning. Today I added pics to one of those "bread and butter" players, the ones that always wear briefs under their tennis shorts. Fer is always willing to brief it! That's why I added nine new pics to his page on the brieflines site. That's it. Take care and see you all tomorrow. Hey guys, just a quick note that I'll be on vacay for a week and a half. But, never fear. I have blog updates and brfline site updates timed so that you still get one per day. Cheers and see all of you in a week and half!. Attention All Regular ReadersRead it, sign it, send it.


and with that St.

Patties Day! I am also happy to be sharing my first blog post for Canvas Corp! I had so much fun dipping into the papers. my favorite card making staple. Many months have passed since the idea for this book was formed and I am excited that the home stretch is now in sight. It will still be some time before I have an actual copy in hand but having it available for pre-order is one step closer. If you would like to get updates to your inbox regarding the book and the planned events surrounding its release, feel free to join my mailing list. Christmas Eve morning, Santa will be getting ready to leave about now, so it's a good time to wish you all a very happy Christmas. Whether you're spending tomorrow alone, with a house full of excited children and adults, or with your own true love, Hanno and I wish you all the joy your heart can hold. We loved reading the good wishes sent our way yesterday, thank you. We'll be here tomorrow with some of our family, enjoying the day through the eyes of four year old Jamie. Today he and I will make biscuits for Santa and he'll probably talk about his plans to leave water and carrots for the reindeer. I am truly grateful I get to spend these hours with him. "We are the only opposition party with experience" ROTFLMTO Well lets do a bit of scrutiny for interest only of course. A record of experience involving obfuscation and avoidance of revealing facts around funding. Further experience around high candidate turnover in all the WF lists since the beginning of MMP. Only the godfather himself and returning from the Carterton Wilderness, Ron Mark have survived. More like chaotic monday morning assembly line vehicles and we all know how they turn out. From Brother Charlie Pierce:. They can no more distance themselves from it totally as they can distance themselves from their own hearts. So they support, but don't endorse, and assume people are too dim to notice that the proposition is absurd on its face. Hot Glass, One of the warmest, calmest mornings I can remember. Very September. Not much surf, but really nice conditions. Waves at the channel about thigh high every once and a while. Channel: The surf is small and glassy, with the low tide causing it to roll in pretty quickly out in the channel. Currently working on and off well in the thigh high range. When you are on a mat it is always overhead. So, I was especially excited when I opened my second package from Spoonflower last week to see the fabric I designed made into this incredible interlock knit. It's so thick and soft and really nice to sew on- even for a lady like me who's not so great at working with knits. Claude has nearly outgrown it and it's such a staple- so I had to size-up and stock up in new prints and patterns. I've made a few now- experimenting with finished and unfinished edges, ribbed cuffs & necks, and pockets. but this one is my favorite to date. Claude looked sporting when we went out today- but even in this outfit, with all those "boy" colors everyone still thought he was a girl- must be that long hair or those eyes, or or or- who knows. lizmathews.