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Progressive Suspension walks us through setting shock sag on a Harley Touring model. Also applies to most twin shock street going motorcycles. progressivesuspension. It never has been. It never is. It never will be.

Our biblical ancestors Abraham and Sarah left the city of Ur in southern Iraq, the book of Genesis says, to move north and west up the Euphrates River to Haran in modern-day Turkey.

And from Haran they were called to Canaan, and from Canaan they traveled to Egypt, and from Egypt they returned to Canaan. A recent news story about the use of smart phones as heart monitors reminds me of an idea along similar lines that I recently had. There are a variety of medical conditions, such as Alzheimers or a brain tumor, that cause a gradual decrease in mental performance, gradual enough so that the victim may not notice it. Early warning of such a condition could be very valuable. Many people, faced with a few minutes of boredom, pull out a cell phone and play a game. It should be straightforward to add to such a game the ability to monitor some simple measure of player performance such as reaction speed that, under most circumstances, is reasonably stable over time. If the measure trends down for longer than, say, a month, a message goes to the phone's owner, suggesting that he see a doctor. Just in case. I added some wonky stitching along the edges. The coloring is all done with Copics. Love that hat!! So now onto the fun stuff. Linda has done an awesome job on this CQ block that's so full of embroidery it's hard to see the tatting, but the dragonflies birds and butterflies are in there. Diane was in the mood to work on her Jan Stawasz doily, but had to stop and fill her shuttles, so she didn't get as far as she would like. She did get a little more of the Purple Splendor Spinning Wheel Glass Mat done. Another day and a bit more on her "Masterpiece" doily. Fox has found these lozenge shaped motifs have driven her crazy, but they are pretty and the doily is taking shape. Now for the second round on these insane making lozenges and she hopes she has enough thread. Looking very good Seb, can't wait to see it finshed! Check the Lucky Cat garage here. This training will discuss disability rights, employment law, and medical marijuana. RagingWire, Goldstein v. Superior Court, United States v. Attorneys who are not currently members of the Panel are requested to join our Panel and accept two ALRP referrals in the next year. Pre-registration is required to attend. courtesy of on.

cc BOUNTY HUNTERS is the first Chinese film that Korean star Lee Min-Ho participated in and also the first film in which he worked with Chinese actors.

Playing a bounty hunter in the film, Lee Min-Ho was known across the city. Bounty hunters get paid to take care of other people's problems! Lee Min-Ho sold his skills and Wallace Chung Han Leung sold his schemes. Under the leader Tiffany Tang Yan they had many thrilling action scenes in order to find out the mastermind behind a hotel explosion plot. Lee Min-Ho said, "In the film I played a bodyguard, by chance I became a bounty hunter so I had to be prepared before hand for the fights. M. K. Sgt. Linda Mixon is the Marathon Zontian of the Month. Here she is with President Erica Rodriguez.

Great job, Linda!.

Happy Friday! Teacher Appreciation week might be over, but it's always a great time to tell a teacher thank you.

Today's freebie would make a great end of the year gift for your child's teacher, or a great thank you for the other staff members in your building. These cute coffee cup sleeves are printable, and will fit around a travel mug, or a paper cup from the coffee shop. E. A. E. The site suffers from Russian Doll syndrome, but there's a lot of good information there if you go looking.

Articles are in Spanish, English and French.

This is the first of yet another series I'm thinking about. This bodybuilder is named Aaron and he's been abducted by an alien who is using his semen to nourish a field of gestating alien parasites. In this drawing, Aaron is being punished for resisting. It means that new drivers – who can lose a maximum of six points before being banned for the first two years after passing their test– will face an immediate ban for sending a single text message. Some additional details at The Telegraph. Today I took the final stitches on the binding and label of the "Pink and Green Ladders" quilt! This started after on of those Bonnie Hunter "want to play" posts. Always get me trouble.

but amazingly I finished this one in time for our show next month!This morning a neighbor came by to borrow an electric drill.

when she stepped in the foyer she asked, "are you moving?" "No," I answered, "just packed up a few quilts for a program tonight up in Aiken. " She didn't look convinced. Never underestimate a politician's ability to pander. Sherman: In the-surge-worked Baghdad, the US is using tanks, guided rockets, planes, helicopters and armed drones, attacking heavily populated urban areas, destroying buildings or even whole blocks. Civilians die. Children are buried in the ruble. Hope So: What happens in Las Vegas, stays in Las Vegas! The Tropicana has filed for bankruptcy. Mr. Crowe. That is Russell Crowe, the Rooster. Bernie said it was very appropriate because supposedly Russell knits. So I went looking on the web and found this funny photo. Colt’s still got it. Jocklines and all and I posted nine new pics as proof. Go look at them!. Today I was out digging in the flower beds and planting dianthus when a pickup truck drove in and Paul got out the passenger side. The driver turned out to be our new employee Felipe, and he was driving Paul home because Paul had just hurt his finger.

It was wrapped in a blue paper-towelly thing that was turning bloody.

They had been putting a panel on Paul's truck and Paul was pushing this and trying to unstick that when it suddenly went into place and smashed his finger. Paul of course carried on the traditions of a good Mennonite farmer and was making as small a deal of this as possible, but surprisingly enough he wanted to see a doctor, something Mennonite farmers are known for resisting until they turn blue or have blood bubbling out of their mouths or arms dangling by threads of skin. Of course the local clinics were just closing up, so we went to Urgent Care in Albany. He is doing fine and I think I'm ok too. A few months back I was on my mountain, hunting with Aya Cash. This was early in our career together and she was in rare form, which was my fault. I had been training her like birds in my past, feeding her mostly out of my hands. For some hawks that can work but Aya's little too hardcore. So instead of waiting like a well-trained dog for her treat she decided she would just take it. She started flying for my hunting pack, pockets, etc - placs where food came from. I had a smart bird who didn't see the point to playing games and wasn't going to ask for permission or wait for an invitation. I respected that. Your child's name will be added in, along with your party details.

This invitation features the birthday child as Queen Elsa in two different styles.

I returned the next morning to where I last saw him the night before. There he was, on the pole, still sitting and watching the world go by. A big yellow bus drove by and I clenched the wheel of my truck tight enough to whiten the knuckles. I was so close, had wanted this so long, and if a rickety bus send this bird packing I would be back to road spotting. I watched the bird as the bus rambled past. It didn't move. I drove out of the bird's sight and when I couldn't take it anymore I headed back to the trap site, past hills, ponds, and farms that looked ready for their L. L. Bean photo shoot. When I was within a hundred yards the truck crawled along the road, and slowly the telephone pole came into sight. It was empty! This was a great sign, and perhaps my hungry bird had headed for the trap. From Heidi Riddle. Its a Pop-Up Garage Sale of retired stamps!All the sets posted are clear stamps that have been gently used. Group One: Top: Left to Right- Color Me Christmas, Dotty Angles, Memorable Moments. I wasn't feeling up to going to church this morning. Although I am feeling better, I am still coughing and a quiet church is a guarantee that coughing will begin. So I stayed home while David threw his golf clubs in the back of the Jeep and took off for eighteen holes with his friends. I happily stayed home, and after brewing a cup of tea, headed back to bed, with Bentley by my side of course, and opened up the book I have been reading. It's A Fine Romance by Susan Branch. I am a big fan of hers and have been particularly looking forward to this book because it's about her trip across the Atlantic on the Queen Mary II with her husband to spend glorious days in England. At some point, Barack Obama Sr. came into the picture and pretended to be Barack Obama’s real father. He taught his “son” to hate the British because of their behavior in colonial days. The Obamas posted a birth announcement in a Hawaii newspaper in order to fake their son’s birth on U. S. soil. I heard a pretty good speech tonight that played almost every fife and fiddle in the Liberal orchestra. Manufacturing Climate Change Minimum Wage Funding Basic Research Health Care Voting Rights Gun Control Reining in drones Reforming the NSA Immigration Reform Closing Gitmo Iran Afghanistan And much more. Obama was upbeat and energetic. Kennedyesque. Cory Remsburg's bio was inspiring. And none of it has a hope in Hell of going anywhere until the GOP is buried at the crossroads with a stake through its heart. At least that's the speech I heard. Piles and boxes, and more piles and more boxes. But I did fold all my fabric. Hey, baby steps. It feels like it's been ages. They are all nice and neat however. Tomorrow afternoon I go to quilt camp, so I better get busy and finish packing!!. Darlings, here are some of the little lovelies that CC is currently smitten with. Sergio Rossi puzzle ankle boots, at barneys. Aquazzura Jupiter lace-up leather sandals, at modaoperandi. Tarek Elsethouhi from Muscular Development's February issue. Scanned from photos by Per Bernal. This is not your run-of-the-mill caramel ice cream. It has a very satisfying honey flavor with a hint of salted caramel, enveloped in a rich and velvety ice cream texture. And, this ice cream is scoop-able right out of the freezer! My children have declared it “the best ice cream you ever made. It will look like sweetened condensed milk, but a bit more runny. Here in the north west of England, we struggle to find any knitting and crafting events to go to, so a few months ago, my good friend Helen and I, decided to put on a little event of our own, called Make, Do and Knit. Its taking place at the Bluecoat School in Wavertree, Liverpool, which is a grade II listed building. I will be there signing books and also coordinating the fashion shows which along with garments from A Stitch in Time and Vintage Gifts to Knit will be the first glimpse of some of the garments from A Stitch in Time II. This is really exciting for me as I haven't had the chance as yet to see these garments styled or 'alive'. There are lots of other exciting things happening, including my lovely friend Woolly Wormhead travelling over from Italy for the launch of her new book Twisted Woolly Toppers and also, and most importantly, lovely things to buy from some of my favourite vendors. There's a full list of stalls and further information on the Make, Do and Knit website. I hope to see some of you there. .