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Airport Las Vegas Airport is a little confusing, looks more like a casino than airport, and depending on where you land you may need to take a train to the main terminal. I just followed everyone off of my plane and was led to where I needed to be to leave the airport. I enjoyed the Shuttle ride.

You can stay anywhere you want, but you'll have to figure out transportation if you're not into walking over.

The place was packed with many AU attendees checking in but this hotel had a great system that moved the process quickly. Back in December I posted on the chief executive of the NHS executive and his view that the punters should take their ailments off elsewhere, anywhere except an NHS hospital. A concept he calls “patient self care”. Since then I have been on the lookout for instances of this, and posted one recently. Well I have found another case of DIY surgery. Mr Farrer will be pleased. I am including the slothful man and the sluggard here as they are very similar. The slothful man and the sluggard are very lazy and make excuses for their inaction. We’ve discussed several Proverbs dealing with them before.

The slothful man makes up unlikely excuses to justify not being diligent and hardworking.

He’s too lazy even to prepare and cook his own food he took in hunting. I Can't Stand the Rain: sung by Ann Peebles, who celebrated a birthday yesterday. lyrics excerpt:I can't stand the rain against my window Bringing back sweet memories I can't stand the rain against my window 'Cause he's not here with me Oh, empty pillow Where his head used to lay I know you've got some sweet memories But like the window you ain't got nothin' to say I can't stand the rain against my window It just keeps on haunting me I can't stand the rain against my window 'Cause he's not here with me Oh, empty pillow Where his head used to lay I know you've got some sweet memories But like the window you ain't got nothin' to say. Nov. I was asked to read. Wilson Award that year. The reader before me was a retired street nurse writing an autobiographical novel. Sylvia Taylor, President of the Federation of BC Writers did the featured presentation on the writer's "Platform" in the publishing industry. I stumbled over some words, was glad not to cry in the parts of the story that still move me. The council will consider action on further development of the groundfish fishery electronic monitoring program, including preliminary approval of experimental fishing permits, as well as in-season adjustments to the current groundfish fishery. pcouncil. A review of where the best counts are both long term and short: New all times highs but its a bullshit wave is the theory of the cycle-sized "b" wave. Our Intermediate wave still looks correct. Another new squeaker high today in the Wilshire, the preferred wave counting index. An expanding pattern down from the all time high today looks bearish. Futures have pulled back testing this breakout. If the breakout fails to hold support, a sharp selloff is a high probability. So the major resistance has been pushed through and challenged. Hope versus despair in a totalitarian contextJuan Clark, PhD. and Antonio Augusto Villarreal Acosta The past year has been a tough one for friends of a free Cuba. The majority of these Cubans died of natural causes, but two stand out: Juan Clark and Antonio Augusto Villarreal Acosta. Cuba shares a dubious distinction with Uruguay as having the highest suicide rates in the Western Hemisphere. Sometimes I wonder if suicides aren't in fact sad guardians of the meaning of life. " Finally it states that: "We should not despair of the eternal salvation of persons who have taken their own lives. Sayli with her dad Felix Navarro who is in jail tonight Tonight over the course of four hours Sayli Navarro, the daughter of former prisoner of conscience Felix Navarro, lost contact with her father and an hour later began to tweet as new details emerged. The worry that his disappearance caused, of what could be happening to him along with other activists and the knowledge that they must have been taken by State Security. Nami created a necklace to match earrings using graduated motifs linked together with silver coloured chains. Fox is adding it all together Beads, clunies and multiple colours of thread in this motif from A New Approach to Tatting by Yusai Shokoin. Since she didn't have enough challenges going on she's also working on roll tatting.

Krystle has made it back from the IOLI lace conference which was mostly bobbin lace, but she did see some tatting by Karen Miner which hardly looks like tatting.

Sherry has tatted Christel Weidmann's rooster and named him Rocco. He's tatted in Ambrosia HDT. firstly because i have been benefited by ayurveda. love for plants. growing them. Which strategy of HR need to embrace to support the business strategy in the given context?b. With UK born actress Sophie Okonedo as Sandra Laing. In an interview Okonedo said that her upbringing was not too dissimilar to Laing’s. Okenedo is bi-racial Nigerian/Jewish. Also read the interesting review of the film on shadow and act. But now Amsterdam. On the blog of the film I read ‘Dutch Courage’. "A man has been arrested for the grisly murders of a New Orleans couple shot dead in bed while their newborn baby lay between them. The couple's baby, just three or four weeks old, was lying in bed with them while Scott's two-year-old toddler and a ten-year-old son were also in the house when they were killed. ". It has been far too long since our last post here on the district blog. You can helpWhat would you like to see covered here on the district blog? What do you want to know about within the district? There may be a few posts out there waiting to be written. Thanks for your patience and for your valuable time. Also, look for more guest posts from other people in the district. There are great stories out there and we'll try to bring them to you. This month Tattered Angels is having an exchange with Webster's Pages. Here is what I came up with!When I started this first page, I really wanted to use the new embossed chipboard heart by Tattered Angels. So that was the basis for my inspiration on this page. I turned it over and misted over the backside of it onto white cardstock with Candlestick Glimmer Mist to form the hearts on the left, and then misted the front of the chipboard heart with Candy Apple Red Glimmer Mist. I used Olive Vine on the chipboard leaves. She loved her little coupe car! I used Sweet As Cherry Pie-Set the Table paper and Mom's Ingredients paper by Webster's Pages. it's the most fun feature of this calendar! It's only available in portrait style for now. but it does have US Holidays. This time, though, with the cute cover - I decided to bind it and will hang it from my kitchen bulletin board. Maybe it would make a good header for my blog. I failed on my Frankenstein attempt. This one seems to have worked. Let me know what you think. Not so sure about that tree, though. "He who plants a tree is a servant of God. He provides a kindness for many generations, and faces that he has not seen shall bless him. The past few days the weather has been "brilliant" - one of my favorite colloquialisms!The village next to us has a large asparagus farm so for the last week we have had asparagus for almost every meal. Before baking add some some real butter with pepper and Old bay seasoning. So easy and so good. We have also had it blanched with Garlic dipping sauce, Stir Fried with sesame oil, stuffed in Chicken with artichokes, and - of course - asparagus soup. It inspired me to dig through the quilting books and uncover one of those "someday" projects. There is a great asparagus block in Ruth McDowell's book that I am going to try and tackle in the next few weeks. You can't reach for anything new if your hands are still full of yesterday's junk. -Louise Smith Let your eyes look directly forward, and your gaze be straight before you. Back into the deep freeze after a couple of days of reprieve. The weather is so odd - isn't it? With the floods in the UK, I worry about all those sheep and where the farmers are keeping them. I heard from a reader in Alaska who said they had no snow and she wanted us to ship ours up there! Back to real life after an extended school holiday for Julia because of the big snowstorm. I've got a lot on my plate right now which I'll share with you later. Every morning, I look out the window at the snow through my kitchen window. I'm not much for house plants but do enjoy a few paper white bulbs in the winter. This poor little geranium is perking up and putting out some new growth and a bloom or two. The light at the end of everyday seems a bit brighter and longer. These yellow roses appeared a few weeks ago and they are still hanging in there. Brimfield AlertThanks Kathy! for the reminder. I missed July. Anyone else going?. Hey guys, I added a picture of Phil Jagielka to the sidelines sectin of the brflines site.

Take care.

I got this from Facebok! Check it out!. Within the collection, there are a number of pieces of furniture and decorative pieces that once belonged to his mother Millicent Rogers. With homes in Switzerland, New York, Virginia and lastly New Mexico, Rogers accumulated countless possessions for extremely different homes procured with her sharp, sometimes idiosyncratic eye. photographs of Rogers in New York by Richard Rutledge As I looked at the items that were once hers, I wonder about her thought process. Was it to fill a spot, love at first site, or fondness for an artist? Whatever it was, I can only admire it. Here are some of my favorite lots from the sale. The bed is said to have belonged to the Countess Walewska, Polish noblewoman and mistress of Emperor Napoleon I. Dear Friends and Readers,Yesterday I spent some time on the phone with my good friend Shellee down in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvanian. The little girl had intense kidney stones, removed under the knife, and now has to be carried from the upstairs bedroom to play downstairs quietly. She's hooked up to tubes and bags. She's having a rough time. Good news though, she's on the mend, but only at the beginning of the series of hospital visits and surgeries to deal with this rare problem. Shellee and Zach, her parents, are two of us. They're hopeful farmers and current urban homesteaders. To begin the next year of “A Schnibble a Month”, we are to choose our favorite Schnibble we’ve made so far. That is soooo hard for me! And I imagine for most of us involved in this fun blog group! We’ve done this for two years now!! So we all have lots of Schnibbles to choose from! Soooo, hmmmmm…. This may be my all time favorite Schnibble!!! What’s your favorite quilt? Sometimes, my favorite quilt is the one I’m working on at the moment!! LOL!! Yogi and I are still packing!! I’ll pack my sewing room stash closet LAST….

too painful!! LOL!!.

A sunny start was promised so I set off early for a run round the usual spots before heading into the hills. With Andy in Brum it was my turn to top up the feeding station in preparation for a much delayed ringing session now planned for Monday. Crossing the moss roads I noted a hovering Kestrel and then had tantalising views of a Barn Owl, the bird stopping briefly on a fence post before flying off towards the open-fronted barn where it spends the day. The weather has been very mild of late, so much so that Barn Owls don’t need to spend extra daylight hours hunting for food as they often do in cold and frosty conditions. There was little point in waiting for the owl to reappear so I headed north west towards the coast. Barn Owl I made my way to Glasson Dock where the Kingfisher flew right to left across the dock. On quiet Sunday mornings the Kingfisher often spends time fishing from the ropes and moorings at the far end of the dock and away from the busy road bridge. Time waits for no man and now was time to motor into the hills and stock the birds’ pantry. what's going on. May he rest in peace. . Happy Valentines Day to ALL!!!Wish you get a friend , as special as the one described in Khalil Gibran's poem, in your partner!!And a youth said, "Speak to us of Friendship. "Your friend is yourneeds answered. He is your field which you sow with love and reap withthanksgiving. And he is your board and your fireside. When your friend speakshis mind you fear not the "nay" in your own mind, nor do you withhold the "ay.

And let there be no purpose in friendship save the deepeningof the spirit.

And let your best be for your friend. If he must know the ebb ofyour tide, let him know its flood also. For what is your friend that youshould seek him with hours to kill?Seek him always with hours to live. Note: This post will be continuously updated with more entries as they are submitted. " What is the status of this requirement at the present time? What is the prognosis for this to be in place by the time the Secretary of the Treasury is sworn in? I sense that the possible release of the RV for Tuesday will again be tabled for a requirement for firmly scheduled peace negotiations in the Middle East. IMO, the GCR/RV would not only inspire, but be an investment in building trust and faith toward the potential and the reality of stability and peace. IMO, the release of the GCR/RV may prove to be critical element in drawing hearts and minds toward the consideration of peace. The release of the GCR/RV would also provide the funds to repair and build a humanity driven global environment and enhance the opportunity for resolve with regard to the success of peace negotiations.

IMHO, it will be impossible to find peace and resolve as long as humanity remains caught up in political, economical and emotional turmoil.