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 I have had it around for a while, the bike is in really good shape except it needed a new rear wheel, new tires, new front derailleur and shift lever, new seat, new rear brake cable and new handlebar grips. I started by breaking down the bike and giving it a good cleaning. Everything cleaned up nice, the frame cleaned nicely but does have the normal wear of a few scratches from use. I am laying this post out a little differently because the bike did not need a lot of work, just cleaning, lubricating and new parts. Bike Broken Down. I cleaned and re-greased the wheel hub, it was just slightly dirty and the grease looked new. The hub showed no wear and polished nicely. I then put the front wheel on the wheel stand and trued it. Today I have a peek at the oh so cute Ellie Loves to Fish designed by Fhiona Galloway! She is colored with Copics, the paper is Echo Parks, Paradise Beach, the wood button is Prima and the Teal Twine is from The Ribbon Carousel. Now if you like, head on over to the Your Next Stamp blog and check out all the other sneak peeks by the other designers! Pin It.

Claire's seminar was so thorough, thoughtful, and heavy with gold, that no blog post can do it justice.

A woman after my own heart, she obviously weighed and analysed every word before presenting her thoughts to us.

She's strong, resourceful, energetic, intelligent, independent, productive, and vigourous.

Press Release: How do you benefit from a Thomson Supercharger? As most owners know, Harley's are not high rpm motorcycles. The Thomson Supercharger utilizes a fixed displacement roots design, which delivers large gains in the low and midrange rpm's. Our patented design is very well suited for the low revving V-twin engine, because of it's rapid boost rise.

Significant increases in power can be realized right off idle, straight through redline.

This means USEABLE POWER for your Harley. Although many roots supercharger manufacturers have gone to a multi-lobe rotor design, Thomson Superchargers uses a twin-lobe rotor. Bigfoot isn't the only thing lurking around in the dark. There is some 'Cosmopolis' behing the scenes footage too. In the Times, US Representative Maurice D. ' In many cases, trials have been pending for more than a decdade but are not considered delayed because the agency never insisted on a specific timeline for them. " The AP quoted Harvard Professor Jerry Avorn, "This new information is an embarassing continuation of similar reports issued by FDA each year on the appalling state of the medication safety studies it has 'mandated' drug manufacturers to perform. I agree that potentially beneficial drugs should be put on the market as soon as possible with the least red-tape. Late last week, the New England Journal of Medicine published an unusual Editorial "Expression of Concern. Expression of concern: Bombardier et al. courtesy of singtao. cc The Audemars Piguet Queen Elizabeth II Cup takes place today at the Sha Tin Racecourse. At the pre race party Lam Ka Yun said that she has already returned to work, but her family and her daughters were still the most important. Hi everyone, Stephanie here with today's sketch challenge. Isn't this a wonderful sketch? Think of all the possibilities you can create with it. Here's my take. I just love the witch's broom digi image in pink so I created a black and pink Halloween themed card. French singer Erik performing the song "Charlo" from his album Chaye Kow, in the program Zandolive on the channel France O. Extract from Gordon Burn, Somebody's Husband, Somebody's Son: The story of the Yorkshire Ripper:Unlike his father, who was mostly either out or asleep but unignorable, Peter was nearly always in and yet nowhere to be found. He tended to be so quiet at home that none of his family was ever sure whether he was in or out. He could enter a room or leave it without it registering with anybody that he'd been in or was gone. It was possible to walk into a room in which Peter was sitting and not even notice that he was there. 'I've walked into the house many a time and he's been just sat quiet in the kitchen without me realising for ages,' his sister, Maureen, says. He didn't get bored. '. A Marathon woman is under arrest after she stole a man’s credit card from his wallet and tried to use it at a local grocery store. Deputy James Hager responded to Tranquility Bay Resort Sunday afternoon. The victim said he received a text message from American Express about possible fraudulent activity on his card. He said he checked his room, where he’d left his wallet, and found the card missing. Deputy Hager went to Winn Dixie in Marathon, where the card use was attempted. He viewed video to see who tried to use the card. She was identified by the victim and by resort management as the housekeeper who cleaned the victim’s room. She was arrested at her Marathon residence. She was charged with possession of a stolen credit card, fraudulent use of a credit card and identity theft. Lipari centro e il porto, visti da Serra. The draft starts what should be the first real look at the direction that the Rangers will be taking over the next couple of seasons. It is the real start of the John Tortorella era as the players selected will represent the transition to the Tortorella system.

What remains to be seen is exactly how much of any input that Tortorella is going to have on the selections or on the eventual makeup of the roster.

If the Rangers use their first round pick on yet another puck moving defenseman it is pretty safe that the Ranger Universe is not going to react very kindly.

Size, scoring as well as speed are going to be the top needs for the Rangers at the draft. How well they are as skaters will help give an idea as to whether or not Tortorella had a lot to say about which prospects got selected. inspired by toy blocks and kaleidoscopes by Rachel Caunt of Paper Covers Rock. So perfectly simple. Never mistake knowledge for wisdom. One helps you make a living, the other helps you make a life. -Sandra Carey Blessed is the one who finds wisdom, and the one who gets understanding, for the gain from her is better than gain from silver and her profit better than gold. Today was task day. I know. I said that about our trip to Manzanillo yesterday. But this was a multiple task day. I was going to say like patina. What many people don't know about my textile and art background is that it all started with sewing. I learned to embroider from my grandmother and mother when I was about ten years old. Very smart Mom, don't you think? and I idolized Robin so it was a win-win. I quickly became addicted to looking at fabric. I had been around people who sewed all my life. These were the days when you could save money by making clothes and Mom would frequently whip up a slew of clothes for all us. Gram was an awesome stitcher, quilter and needlewoman and held a sewing circle at her house every week with her German friends. I discovered the art of choosing the right fabric for a project - mostly by reading the back of sewing patterns and learning what different fabrics were called by spending hours in Abe's Fabric Store in downtown Dover. Hey guys. I added two new pictures of sexy and rugged Matthew Upson to his page in the sidelines. Enjoy!.

THERE WAS A TIME in my life when I used to write about things other than boats.

Even now, when I concentrate mainly on boats, I rarely know, from day to day, what I’m going to write about next. While I’m having my dreams, I think to myself what a marvelous idea this is. How my readers are going to love this one. It’s funny, it’s smart, it’s full of useful tips — this is a columnist’s dream column. And then, poof! it disappears as soon as I wake up. Can’t remember a darned thing about it, except that it was astoundingly good. Can I just say that I love you guys, like a lot. So much of what I do depends on my customers, my students and my readers and I just want to say thank you so very much for supporting this crazy creative business. I want to wish everyone out there a joy filled holiday. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for being a part of our life!xo Alisa. Note that some of these visuals are not used by all three versions of the lesson, e. g. , the preschool version does not use the Paul & Epaphroditis pictures, since the preschool lesson does not discuss that story. See Licensing for more information about rights and permissions. It's been a fun and productive week! Finishes: The Girl Scout quilt is done! I've been too busy to do a whole post about the finish, but I hope to get to that soon. The girls love it! It's starting to sink in that they will not be here on Friday nights anymore. I used this tutorial by Crap I've Made, but had some trouble with the zipper ends. That's my finger sticking out of the hole! I added the green tabs to cover the holes. They are a design element! In Progress: I used the leftover fabric to border a pillow that hasn't been stuffed yet. I really should do it more often! I'm proud of the mitered corners! Isn't this cute? This week's list: Finish the J pillow and make a patchwork pillow. Finish the borders on the applique quilt. There is mild moderation. Normal rules of blogger etiquette and courtesy to blog hosts will apply. with serious transgressors being thrown out. Visitors might consider the wisdom of using moderate language. Continuing our quest for a simple transmitter for tracking public transport, I experimented with various modes on the small oscillator that my friend Shashank had made. Finally, a simple arrangement to generate the RTTY is presented here. By writing simple code and tweaking the a preset, one could generate various digital modes from a very simple circuit. So, here is the oscillator: There are two control lines going into this. These are connected to an Arduino. That was due to two factors. First, the Islamic State was in the midst of its spring offensive. That meant a large number of mass casualty bombings across the country. On the other hand, the government was on the offensive in Anbar and Ninewa leading to a large number of counter attacks by the militants. Together that meant there were a lot of casualties during the month. I am happy to report that the snow peas have started producing. We picked lots yesterday and now will have a steady supply for several weeks. Yum! Remember when they were only just little seedlings?Tomorrow in art I'm doing tie-dye art with the kids. Should be fun and VERY messy. I hope to have some photos of the masterpieces. We did some at home to make sure we knew what we were doing. It is the last art class of the year so we wanted to end with a real bang. In the aftermath, he helped some of the neighbors open their driveways, cleared a path to the mailbox, removed snow from our porch roof, and countless other snow-related things that needed doing. My husband also happens to love Mountain Dew. And I happen to have the perfect products for the perfect thank-you for him: Soda Pop stamps and Soda Pop Bottles and Bottlecaps dies from My Favorite Things.

These products, designed by Laina Lamb for MFT, are so unique and fun and playful, especially with all the different soda-related sentiments and puns.

I wanted to capture that wholly unnatural neon yellow-green color of Mountain Dew, which I was able to do with Twisted Citron and Squeezed Lemonade Distress Inks. I created a fizzy background by sponging on the two inks, then splashing with water and letting the ink move around and blend a little. Woohooo. here we go, with our second day of Verve peeks! Today we're featuring a large set, Wings of Love, good for Valentine's Day and soooooooo much more. The sentiment flag is stamped with one of many sweet one-word sentiments in Wings of Love. I don't know why they have a lag on posting the text. GovTrack doesn't have a prognosis yet. I have more dessert cards to share with you today, using the images from the new "Just Desserts" clear stamp set. This is my favourite set from the latest release, I love colouring all the different fruits and deciding on the "flavours" for the cakes.

Hopefully my family and friends don't get tired of dessert themed birthday cards!.

My New Year's Resolution. Here is a link to summary of the paper by Dr. Paul Bhella et al.

As LV stiffening has been implicated in the pathophysiology of many cardiovascular conditions affecting the elderly, this "dose" of exercise training may have important implications for prevention of cardiovascular disease.