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A criticism some reviewers offer of my two novels is that the protagonists have it too easy, that there is never any serious doubt that they will ultimately win. It is, on the whole, a fair criticism. Considered as a literary judgement, the criticism is legitimate, but I am wondering whether it is also a legitimate criticism if the objective is not to write well but to sell. Part of the reason people read fiction is to imagine themselves as the protagonist. Imagining yourself as smarter, stronger, faster, in all important ways better than all the people around you may be a base pleasure, but for a lot of people it is a pleasure. Make a protagonist like that, and it is hard to make it plausible to the reader that he might lose. DESIGNFEEDOPEN: Opens the Design Feed palette. FILETAB: Displays the File tabs at the top of the drawing area. FILETABCLOSE: Hides the File tabs at the top of the drawing area.

GEOLOCATEME: Displays or hides an indicator that shows your current position.

GEOMAP: Displays a map from an online maps service, in the current viewport. GEOMARKLATLONG: Places a position marker at a location defined by a latitude and longitude. GEOMARKME: Places a position marker in model space at the spot corresponding to your current position. GEOMARKPOINT: Places a position marker at a specified point in model space. Watch: UFO found orbiting asteroid near Earth Here are some fascinating stories from MuldersWorld. Where should this visitor go on that day? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice. If you are in northern part of China, the best place that you should visit is the city of Beijing, although spending one day in Beijing is too short of a period to fully explore the splendors of the city. The Summer Palace is a royal retreat located on the bank of a large lake. Visitors can walk along a waterfront promenade that leads to a concrete ship docked at the far end of the walk. She has started some tutorials on her blog so it will be good to watch and see what develops. Chantal designed this little heart ears ago, to decorate a Valentine card for her sweetheart. Isn't love grand? Manisha tatted this little pendant designed by Corina Meyfeldt, but she doesn't wear pendants and she's wondering about an alternate usage. She's the female artist who has spent the most weeks at No. Its newest release "Ego" is No. Last week, Mary-Kate Olsen was spotted in a cozy fall look while carrying a Starbucks drink. She wore aviator sunglasses, a teddy coat with leather details, and a red sweater tied at the waist, finishing the look with a simple top knot. Get the look: + Ray-Ban Original Aviator Sunglasses + Maison Scotch Teddy Cocoon Coat + Via Spiga Belted Faux Fur Coat + Topshop Crewneck Sweater. This is one of my Char-Broil Allstar cooks. It's an easy salad to put together while you have the grill going. Any of your favorite veggies can be used. For this salad I added grilled corn, red onions, black beans, crumbled asadero cheese, and grilled yellow and red peppers to the grilled prickly pear cactus pads. I harvest cactus pads from the pasture but the grocery stores in most areas carry them now. They are known as Nopales in some areas. Not once have I driven across the pasture and said "darn, a nopales just flattened my tire". lol I call em cactus. Use a sharp knife to remove the thorns and I like to trim around the edges. I knew exactly what I wanted. I searched high and low.

I can't believe it doesn't exist somewhere, but it doesn't.

So I decided to try out this website that I heard about early on in my blogging experience, put on my must-try list, but never actually got around to trying. I just want to tell you all about a great little tool for DIY decorators. Spoonflower. LewRockwell. Edward Garner was unarmed when he was shot in the back of the head by Memphis Police Officer Elton Hymon. At the time, the short, slightly built teenager was scaling a fence attempting to flee.

Hymon knew the suspect was unarmed, and that the only threat he posed was one of escape.

When Garner’s lifeless body was searched later, all that was found was ten dollars he had stolen from a nearby house. At the time, Tennessee state law dictated that a police officer confronting a resisting or fleeing suspect “may use all the necessary means to effect the arrest” even when the suspect didn’t pose a threat to others. Garner’s father filed a federal civil rights suit against the Memphis PD that took eleven years to reach the US Supreme Court, which ruled that even where there is “probable cause to seize a suspect, an officer may not always do so by killing him. I just got back from Virginia last night. I had a fantabulous time with the family and friends - as anticipated. I had to get out of Kuwait for this special occasion because I was determined to make it better than other sucky occasions earlier this year - and it worked. All that is off the radar. You can't start a new chapter if you keep re-reading the book. Later Little Owl was showing and at Dusk a Barn Owl was hunting the Western Meadow as a Fox walked by.

Toads were calling from the scrape.

If anything you have to root for Marc Staal to make a full recovery and have an even better training camp so you can trade him while he is healthy. Sorry but the odds of Marc Staal making it through a full season anymore without getting hurt are very low so move him while you can get as much as you can back.

To me it was trading away Marian Gaborik that started Glen Sather on the road to fire John Tortorella not what Henrik Lundqvist said.

Glen Sather has to sit there and wonder why John Tortorella was treating Gaborik the way he was. Collapse: First the quality of life goes, then life itself. Plan accordingly. Because that turned out so well. Papers, Please: France and Italy, fearing an influx of North Africans, want to go back to full scale national passport checks, dissolving the passport-free travel agreement among the EU states.

At the same time you will be able to exchange your euros for francs and lira.

The Long View:When asked if the Fed could do more about unemployment, Bernanke responded: "Going forward we'll have to continue to make judgments about whether additional steps are warranted. Tuesday was Mother's Day. Those of you who celebrated the day on Sunday a week ago may be a little surprised by that news.

After all, it is the celebration that matters.

Not some sort of Stalinist cultural conformity. We toyed with several ideas for dinner. Darrel, Christy, and I can cook far better meals than are served in most restaurants. At least, to our tastes. Hi Knitters,I now live in a snow globe. It is hard to get a picture of the massive amounts of snow we have here in Madison. You can't see that it is snowing hard in this picture, thus the hazy look. It is an impressive winter good for daily sledding and loads of hot chocolate. I bought the king-size jar of marshmallow fluff the other day to go along with my gigantic tub of Swiss Miss cocoa. We just can't get enough. I don't have too much to share knitwise. I am sending off a package of finished knitted work for another book. Saturday Night at Our Sheep Farm. kara rosenberryb. mary jane's tearoomc castles crowns and cottagesd. littleteawagonse. cha de baunilhaf. so cute it hurtsg.

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I'm pretty sure the old saying "The cobbler's children have no shoes" describes a lot of interior designers/decorators. It sure does for me! I've been "planning" to tile the upstairs bathrooms for close to a year. it helps kick my butt into gear! This weekend I put together a list of all the things I want to get done with our house in the next two months: I've always wanted to host a Halloween party, and I've decided this is the year! But of course, that brings on a list of things I'd like to get done before that. Most importantly, the gallery wall above our sofa. It's been bare and sad for too long. Today was the official debut of Ordinary Days. After my talk and the closing prayer I was greeted with every author's dream: a line of people with checkbooks in hand. "I didn't think I'd need nearly that many!" I exclaimed. "Oh ye of little faith," rebuked the next lady in line. So then they placed orders for more books. Happy Friday!!! It's Stephanie here with you again today to start off Friends with Flair. Today I have a fun little Halloween card for you. Hello Ai fans! Are you looking for a fun, interactive style card? Then I have the perfect stamp set for you! These are BIG MOUTHS from Art Impressions.

I think he might be hiding something behind that "cheesy" grin of his.

You can scroll down to the next photo to see what. Honestly: I don't see why. I can understand how worldly people whose minds are enslaved to earthbound, man-centered, self-indulgent thoughts might wish for a world without any lines or borders. But candidly, it's an attitude that's hard to reconcile with the whole tenor of the New Testament. And there simply is no realistic way to keep sheep in the sheepfold and wolves out if you refuse to observe any boundaries. After I wrote my Monday column, I received word my Grandma June had passed away. I've felt uninspired to write much on the blog. Here is the newspaper column I wrote for this week's paper.

A Tribute I've told you before that sometimes I leave the office on Monday afternoons with a big hole in this spot of the paper.

Shortly after leaving the office I got a call from my dad telling me that my Grandma June, who has been in hospice the past month or so, was struggling for every breath she was taking and he didn't think it would be much longer. et en ce qui nous concerne. Dress your little girl up in the spirit of the holiday season with this reversible skirt. Let her twirl, dance and play around.

What more? you can flip it to the other side if you get a stain or two on one side.

This is so easy to sew and requires very little materials, just two kinds of fabric, some elastic and you are all set to go! This skirt is so simple that you can sew it in less than an hour. Double that length and you get the yardage. The little chef Tilda and Edwins are so sweet, you can check them out here along with the scrummy matching papers. I have already decided which ones I am going to order!!!Have a great Saturday. Many people are baffled as to how to pickle their own olives.

Here is a simple, traditional method of pickling them the Mediterranean way for great tasting olives that you can serve up as a tasty snack.

Change the water at least twice a day. Place the olives in sterilized jars with lemon wedges and cover with brine. Add a little olive oil on top, and seal. To eat freshly-picked green olives, crack them with a mallet and coat them with a little salt - the cracking of the olive also helps remove bitterness. - Nobiz Like Shobiz was definitely the star sophomore of the day, but there were other performances at Gulfstream on Saturday good enough to warrant some mention. Dale Romans seems to have a nice one in Spin Master. Spin Master had made his only start a winning one too, but at Turfway, and the bettors were obviously skeptical. I saw this yesterday and just burst out laughing. It's good to keep a sense of humor during times like this. And is it just me or is this Kellyanne Conway next month?. For further information on these Scams, please Read . pjsth. scamwebsites. never-wire-money-to-strangers. Now the prolific Dr. A recent NEJM article will get wide press coverage as it will allegedly be shocking. The Women's Health Study strikes again, this time seemingly crushing the hopes of those women who take vitamin D and calcium with the expectation that they decrease the risk of osteoporosis. I think the study demonstrated that vitamin D and calcium in the dose intended only decreased the risk of fractures in those women who actually took the medication. The authors understate this by saying "It is also plausible that there was benefit only among those women who adhered to the study treatment. The authors quote references that support that claim. So few participants actually took the medication as intended, and with such a slight increase in risk measurements it is hard to know what this means and the authors did not discuss this finding in any detail. It has not been a good month of the WHI results-wise. .