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Erin here, posting a card I made using my FAVORITE image from the current KOTM Oh Christmas Tree.

This kit is a winner! LOVE it. I love all the adorable Polar Pal stamps from Art Impressions. I cut out two of the bears from the Polar Skaters stamp and placed them inside a shaker frame with glittery snow. They are not there in real life. The streaks are a glare from the acrylic insert reflecting on my camera lens. So think of this as 'Long Term Review' a bit like you see in Car Magazine! I've updated the information and added some more details as well. "He`s just dumb as a rock. If his name were Richard M. Camper, he`d be working in the post office. As you or I might leave a stamp collection or our car to the kids, in the Daley family, clout is bequeathed.

Same with the Jackson family.

And the Mells. And the Madigans. Watch Chris Brandt's music video of gay video game characters from Soul Caliber II. indeed it did. Darlings, CC is so excited to introduce you to Cyn & Luca, a fabulous line of bikinis and maillots that have been featured in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition and the Victoria's Secret catalog! Here's a bit about the designer and the collection from the website:Cynthia Hoey graduated with a degree in Fashion Design from Otis Art Institute/Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles. She worked on Seventh Avenue for Liz Claiborne and most notably for Adrienne Vittadini where for eight years, she was head designer of the swimwear collection. "I love the beach. I feel so rejuvenated when I'm near water and sunshine.

Naturally, I wanted to design a swimwear collection that reflected that attitude.

My image is of a woman who is confident and sexy. whose inner strength is expressed through her sense of style. the door is opening. Hi everyone. Thanks so much to everyone who stopped by and entered to win our fun pre-holiday prize giveaway. In fact, I would prefer it. Here's a kookey little play on words about the Great Wall of China. I thought it was obvious, but in case there are others out there wondering, it's because I figure what better way to attack one's furnishings than by spilling spaghetti and red wine on them?The title panel, or "header panel," as it is called in the cartoon industry, was an old one that I reworked to look Genghis Khany. Here is the original header panel. Can you spot the differences?. .