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For an account from a source friendly to Warren, see this Mother Jones article.

For a much more detailed account from a critical source, this web page. Most of the controversy has been over whether Warren's claim was true, but that does not strike me as the interesting question. I not only have no documentary evidence with regard to any of my great-great-great grandmothers or even my great grandmothers, I don't even know their names. Photo by I. Peterson. The Ohio Grassman isn't the only cryptid Ohio is known for. It also lays claim to fame of the Loveland Frogman. Yes, frogman. But that wasn't the only sighting. Even a police officer has seen the frogman of Loveland. Moving forward in time, the next encounter with the Loveland Frogmen gives us an exact date, time, location, and a seemingly credible witness. m. , police officer Ray Shockey was traveling on Riverside Drive headed into Loveland. The creature scurried across the road and the officer stated that he slammed on his brakes to keep from hitting it. I just had to share this adorable congrats card by Yainea! It would work as an anniversary card as well as a wedding card. I love how she altered the bride Party Animal fox by moving the tail to the other side and adding eyelashes! So clever! Thanks for sharing this amazing card with us, Yainea! Party Animal stamps Party Animal Lawn Cuts dies Happy Wedding stamps Happy Wedding Lawn Cuts dies Scripty Congrats Lawn Cuts die Silver Sparkle Lawn Trimmings hemp cord Hippo Ink Pad InLinkz. You can now hear my latest interview with Jimmy Moore as a podcast. " Not surprisingly, most of the questions were about not losing weight. As most of you know my take on the Low Carb diet is that it is an effective way to lower blood sugar. Flattening blood sugar makes us lose the raging hunger that makes so many people with diabetes and prediabetes overeat and gain. So when most people normalize their blood sugar and stop eating the high carb, high calorie junk foods that they used to rely on, they lose weight. Often a significant amount. For a while. pics from CrushOnWheels bike from Sure Shot. courtesy of singtao. Many films that Emperor Motion Pictures invested and distributed were nominated. "It's very hard to describe how I feel, I want to thank the Macau International Film Festival.

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"The double jeopardy of being black and female in a racist and sexist society may well make one less afraid of the sanctions against success. A non-subservient black woman is by definition a transgressive- she is the ultimate outsider. " Mamphele RampheleMichelle Robsison Obama is leading the way in demonstrating how we, citizens of the United States, can best advocate and support Barack Obama's pursuit of the presidency. She has no example or role model to which she can look or cull wisdom borne of their own experience. Political foes have called the Obamas delusional race baiters and others have ridiculed them for having delusions of unity in the midst of diversity. I know that I posted last week about my one word resolution, which is prepare, but that was pretty much a general thought for both my personal and professional life. I wanted to take some time and share some of my more specific goals for this year. I refuse to call them resolutions, because I think that term brings to mind something that is a little too big and probably unrealistic.

These are goals, things that I know can be done, and in most cases they will help me feel less stressed and less rushed!Make sure that I'm ready for the next day before I go to bed - this includes packing my lunch, picking out my outfit, and making sure I have everything gathered that I need for the day.

Craftwork Cards have some amazing blog candy. In the past seven seasons, the Jaguars have hosted a playoff opener six times. Great use of louvres and concretevia. The Loyah gets cross-examined. Give a listen. Good radio. It is amazing how size doesn't matter when protecting their young. ' GH. Being simple, easy to use and straight to the point, RedInk makes the user experience pleasant and useful, while concentrating the attention on your talent and skills. So I sat down tonight, intending to finish that up, and about half an hour into the spinning, the single quit winding onto the bobbin. Very annoying. Well, I'm not the husbeast, but I don't totally suck at mechanics, so I started prodding at one thing and then another, trying to figure out what's going on. Everything seemed fine, but the damn bobbin wouldn't turn independently of the whorl. It took way too long to figure out, but eventually it dawned on me: THE DAMN BOBBIN BROKE.

Pop the corn.

Pour the soda.

It is movie night.

Or more accurately, movie day.

But I am getting ahead of myself. My stop at the Guanajuato International Film Festival did not start until the afternoon. And my day of activities was well under way by then. I have been very fortunate to meet a number of fellow bloggers during my stay in San Miguel de Allende I expected to meet most of them. The list below will be updated daily until the fashion week is over. Upon seeing yellowing on the plastic of my loose Cyclone bike rider kind of upset me but this in turn created that motivational factor for me to customize it to something that was never in production by Gakken. I have also restored the peel off stickers by trimming of the worn off edges and used double sided tape to paste them back. A very interesting experiment that fortunately all turn out right. Maybe I could do a customization of Houquet et Rose in future. That would be a tough one. Ha! Ha!. And now our winner for our last challenge - Add Black Lace. Have a little more time on your hands? Add a strip of patterned paper instead and color in bits and pieces of the images. Before you lose track of all the blogs you follow, consider joining Bloglovin. I am so glad I did this in time. Here's the blurb for the first volume:The riveting first-person narrative of a young man who grows to be the most notorious magician his world has ever seen.

From his childhood in a troupe of traveling players, to years spent as a near-feral orphan in a crime- ridden city, to his daringly brazen yet successful bid to enter a legendary school of magic, The Name of the Wind is a masterpiece that transports readers into the body and mind of a wizard.

Modified, even. After last year's awesomeness at Halloween, I was feeling some pressure to do something great again this year. I felt like as long as the kids were cooperative with having a theme, I should just go with it. We decided and had everybody agree upon being a superhero. a. k. a. Like many, I was looking to load up on a deeper early PM pullback that never materialized beyond the lunchtime chop. Not the best start to the month to say the least, but I'm quickly putting it behind me and moving on. And I hope the Bruins can do the same. because they haven't figured out that you can't have it both ways.

While I think our bishops are moving in the right direction, they still have a ways to go.

U. S. S. Conference of Catholic Bishops over the GOP’s proposed cuts to domestic spending programs. They should. read the rest. From the looks of this picture I'm sure its going to turn out incredibly cool!. When he was told there was no coffee, he started yelling, she said. Estrada said the man jumped the counter, chased her towards a small office, then punched her in the face. To not take time to pray each and every day causes us to lose out on so many benefit that prayer, to God, has to offer. The benefits are available for every aspect of our lives.

One might ask why we pray.

Each individual might have a different reason than another. The main reason should be because God said so. You will find a calmness with prayer. It is proven that patients who require surgery and pray, heal much faster than someone that did not feel the need for prayer. There is a strength that you get when praying about something. You develop a deeper faith in God. Praying with someone else gives you strength in that relationship. Creating shaped cards is a wonderful idea for Christmas because of all the different dies that are available on the market. You can make sleigh shaped cards, tree cards, baubles, cards that look like puddings or gifts, holly cards, mitten cards or cards shaped like snowmen. YOUR TURN: Create a shaped card. Upload your creations here. Here are a couple of tutorials to help you out. Circle Cards Shaped Cards. Hey Teddy, do you want a treat? I think these are Teddy's most favorite words. Teddy liked this treat so much that she laid with both back legs stretched out. That is a sign she is very relaxed. She also takes her treats to her special cool spot in the yard.

Can't I just eat my treat in peace, mama? Nom nom nom! This was an extra special treat.

She chose to chew on it rather than bury it. fake-lottery-scam. A warning letter, written by top Republicans and obtained by the Financial Times, accuses the Federal Reserve of burdening American businesses and workers with bad financial deals made with global central banks “without transparency, accountability, or the authority to do so”.

The Federal Reserve’s involvement in secret international banking forums dealing with financial regulation must cease and desist immediately, according to the letter.

“This is unacceptable,” the letter states. “Accordingly, the Federal Reserve must cease all attempts to negotiate binding standards burdening American businesses until President Trump has had an opportunity to nominate and appoint officials that prioritize America’s best interests. “We don’t know the position of the Americans any more,” Mr Hamers said. “That does mean further uncertainty and uncertainty is never good, it holds back investment and restricts economic growth. .