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I have got an order for a card and also a few people took my little flyers with my blog addy etc, so hopefully I'll get a few more orders in the near future.

Supplies Stamps: Magnolia, Sailor Tilda, Old Bench, Birds, Goblin Grass, Autumn Leaves Sentiment Tools: Nestabilities, Cuttlebug, Embossing Folder, Stampin Up Spiral Punch, Distress Ink, Prismacolors, SansadorCardstock: Bazzill, Creative Smooth, BazzillDP: MagnoliaEmbellishments: Raffia from stash. I know it's a day late but I didn't finish making this until dinnertime yesterday. So maybe you can use it next year. Or make it just because it is so good. Corned beef takes time but it is really very simple. Place your corned beef fat side up in a heavy pot and cover it with water. I used half water and half beef stock. I throw in whole carrots, celery, onions and celeriac for extra flavor. I can't use all the ones people send in, but I appreciate every entry, so give it a shot. If you want to have a little credit line at the bottom, tell me what to use. Nothing too long, please!Thanks!. E. Kurdish media reports expected that President Masoud Barzani will attend the meeting, while others said the head of the Kurdish Presidency Divan Fouad Hussein will attend. .