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A stale economy, inflated gas prices, deep discounts on new bikes…data recently collected by the Motorcycle Industry Council suggests that more Americans are riding for transportation, not just recreation, and that a greater percentage of women are taking to the trend.

Retailers would be smart to take advantage of a woman’s love of shopping. Bike rallies…gatherings…shows…bike runs…they can set up shop at any event…anywhere they can drive to with an Extreme ReTrailer. extremeretrailers. She runs Biker Babes and Beyond out of an ExTreme ReTrailer …very successfully. The timings will also give a good indication of what the Sunbirds are capable of achieving, so that they can set a more realistic time-goal and pace for the year-end SCMS. Decked in Team FatBird Running vests, the Sunbirds were all excited and ready to experience the x-terrain challenge that we have heard so much about. Of course, it would not be like a Team FatBird gathering without that pre-race group photo to set the adrenalin pumping and getting all ready to race. FatBird Runners hitting the sandy trail - St. Without a firm surface to give us the 'energy return', it made us work that much harder manouvering that expanse of sandy wasteland. Good thing the terrain gave way to something better on the tarmac and onto the Changi Coastal Road park connector. There were ample hydration points with visible distance markers plonked all the way. Ancillary Justice is the award-winning debut novel by Ann Leckie. Science fiction of the space opera sub-genre, it deserves its accolades. It's an interesting and involving story. Once, she was the Justice of Toren -a colossal starship with an artificial intelligence linking thousands of soldiers in the service of the Radch, the empire that conquered the galaxy. Now, an act of treachery has ripped it all away, leaving her with one fragile human body, unanswered questions, and a burning desire for vengeance. It's A Great Big Gravelly World! I was out riding the other day and thinking about how much I miss just being able to take off for the day and ride endless miles of gravel. Hard to justify that now with test riding obligations and the web site management, and everything that goes with that. It might be nice just to shut that all down and go ride for a whole day, no responsibilities to the other stuff. But then again, I know that stuff helps out an awful lot of people, and really, my desires to go off into a gravelly sunset are just selfish ambitions. Still, ya gotta give in once in awhile and just go for a winger. Just a wee bit between now and then couldn't hurt though, could it? Summer Is Almost Over: The trees down the street are all orange already, leaves are falling, and the "Iowa Jungle" is showing signs of fading away. We use home heating oil to heat our house and hot water. Our oil tank is topped off three or four times per year, to the tune about about five hundred gallons annually.

That may not sound very expensive until you consider how much heating oil prices have skyrocketed over the past few years.

I really like the ongoing natural trend that we see more and more. wish you all a happy one! see more of this apartment here. Possible bigfoot captured on cell phone video when a man was out walking. The subject crossed the road in front of him several times and vocalized. Not sure what to make of this. The Boston Globe just published several articles about the the Boston-area Caritas Christi Health Care System, and especially the conduct of its CEO, Dr Robert M Haddad. The background, per the Globe, is that Caritas has had a tumultuous few years. Cardinal Sean P O'Malley "fired longtime leader Dr Michael Collins for undisclosed reasons. He then "replaced him with interim president Emmet C Murphy, a healthcare consultant whom O'Malley had hired to evaluate the system and who was advocating for changes. But soon after, Murphy disclosed his departure after Globe reporters asked him to explain several discrepancies in his official biography.

" But, "since taking over as chief executive two years ago, Dr Robert M Haddad had begun to turn around the financially precarious Caritas Christi Health Care System.

courtesy of singtao.

She led actors including Kate Tsui Tsz Shan, BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik, Venus Wong Man Yik and Rebecca Zhu Chun Lai to the cinema for audience appreciation events and gave away autographed posters and film match boxes.

Sister Ka Lai said that the advanced screening response was great. She had friends who were unable to buy tickets, which surprised her a little. This is my little Japanese Chin, Piolo. He is about to go out with his buddies for Latino nite. Tweet. The name of the seventeenth-century French classical painter Nicolas Poussin is seldom one to conjure with in the art world these days. Poussin is all about stern logic and precision, what the art historian and sometime Russian spy Anthony Blunt held up as the manifestation of divine reason. So the contemporary German artist Jutta Koether doing Poussin, she of the big, visceral, pop-inflected canvases? That might sound an unlikely pairing. But here it is at the DCA, Seasons and Sacraments, a show inspired by two Poussin painting cycles. The first gallery is filled with the Seasons series first shown at last year’s Whitney Biennial, four large paintings each presented to appear floating on sheets of glass. These new takes on Poussin are raw and dynamic, busy with translucent layers and figures representing Old Testament scenes. There’s even a porcelain cat sat in the corner of Winter, quietly reflecting on the apocalyptic vista before it. A pink figure laughingly fondles apples in Spring. These images also have other, more contemporary motifs appearing in them: the zigzag of a financial market graph plots its way across the landscape, an emblem for our straitened times. Poussin’s visions of cosmic order are here brought down to earth and applied to the everyday. He was born at Albano, near Rome, to Austrian parents.

His father Karl, a Jew and also a painter, was his teacher.

The family moved to Venice when Karl became Professor at the Academy in Venice. He often painted scenes in Venice. He became professor in the Academy of Venice. g. Eugene de Blaas' paintings are collected at the Royal Academy, Fine Art Society, New Gallery and Arthur Tooth and Sons Gallery in London, and also at the Walker Art Gallery in LiverpoolBelieve It or NotIt's an Oil Painting A photo?Think again!It is actually a "Painting" by Teresa ElliottUnbelievable! You have read this article with the title World Class Painting. Take it easy, Stan and get some relaxation on the agenda and the heck with the speeders on Fifth St. Might be good to look at your Bay Area sports schedules. Who, what, where. Follow Matier. Union and management spin cycles up the ying-yang. after a few cooling-off days. Potentially one of the most explosive local stories with a boatload of sidebars. Potentially. Yeah, I'm letting myself in blogosphere. It seems to be the 'in' thing to do these days, so why not be a fad lover? Well, actually I do have a blog, but it's in Friendster and Friendster's kinda a snore now. Plus I heard some people's blogs got visited by hot famous people. Crossing my fingers. War is an ugly thing, but not the ugliest. The degraded state displayed by this slug, crawling through the muck of the liberal mind, is easily much uglier. Deluding himself that his despicable actions somehow do not endanger American fighting men, allied military and supporting indigenous people in the Middle East while somehow fomenting a change in policy is ugly. Be sure to watch the video as he displays his duplicity:Poor Baby Fears Detention for His CrimesIn many parts of the world he would be dead already.

-Since our Halloween Open House, things have stayed on a steady clip around here.

m. or later. What an exciting time to watch this election. But this blog is not about that. Another variety of looks to share today as I decided how to style this dress for my weekend outing. Conservative? Sassy? Sexy? I tried it a few ways. the brands… dress: forever xxi. jacket: bisou bisou. boots: bakers. purse: charming charlie. Four years ago today the love of my life asked me if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him.

And I said yes! It was one of the most interesting engagements that I have ever heard of.

It was a VERY hot day so we were down stairs looking at pictures and visiting with kids. After awhile Josh asked Dad if he would go for a walk with him. Stamp collecting is a hobby for busy, purposeful, ambitious people – because, in patterns, it has the essential elements of a career, but transposed to a clearly delimited, intensely private world…. A career requires the ability to sustain a purpose over a long period of time, through many separate steps, choices, decisions, adding up to a steady progression to a goal…. Purposeful people cannot rest by doing nothing…. They seldom find pleasure in single occasions, such as a party or a show or even a vacation, a pleasure that ends right then and there, with no further consequences. The minds of such people require continuity, integration, a sense of moving forward. They are accustomed to working long-range…. Yet they need relaxation and rest from their constant, single-tracked drive. Royal Dornoch's Alison Bartlett is the new Scottish senior women's amateur stroke-play golf champion. Glennie's downward spiral continued when she lost the sudden-death play-off to Bartlett at the first extra hole.

Still waiting for the promised review of the smoking ban.

Simply because it was never designed to be seen and, therefore, to have attracted attention. You'd be hard-pressed to track it down as it wasn't published as a stand alone piece. Google Scholar, for example, has never heard of it. And that it was given to a safe pair of hands in the form of career prohibitionist Anne Ludbrook, but that's about it. This narrative is particularly timely as Christians conclude the season celebrating the birth of Our Savior, Jesus Christ. Please join Dr. Timothy O’Donnell, the President of Christendom College in Front Royal, Virginia, as he discusses the Gospel of St Matthew and its description of Christ’s life. The first layman to receive both his licentiate and doctoral degrees in Ascetical and Mystical Theology from the Pontifical University of St. O’Donnell has taught at St. John's Seminary in Camarillo, California and at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, California. He is a Knight Grand Cross in the Knights of the Holy Sepulchre and he is a Consultor to the Pontifical Council for the Family.

Additionally, he is the author of Heart of the Redeemer and Swords Around the Cross: The Nine Years War.

Clan Names: Tembe Mthonga Tembe Mlawu, Ngolanyama Khamangathi, Khamel'abahloti Mlawu wantshenga Nyomfi wandawu Kabahlomeli Hlomela hlomela Adingi omnyama Kameli bahluthi Ngwanase Noziyingili!. One of my crafty goals is to try new techniques more often. I need to make sure I don't get stuck in a style rut! So here is a little art print I created for the new year. I used the heart and sentiment stamps from the November SMAK "Trust Your Soul" kit. Diego is the Smilodon saber-tooth cat from the animated film series Ice Age. But war remains old men talking and young men dying, and nothing is stupider than letting yourself be goaded into the fight your enemy wants to have on the ground of his choosing, and more often than we like to admit. there is nothing left in the toolbox but bad options and worse options. So until I hear something very persuasive to the contrary, I will continue to believe that the United States has no business stepping across a dozen national borders in an effort to once again wheedle and bribe the people whose back yards are on fire into getting their shit together long enough to put the fire out. but it should never be ignored. From: Les Femmes: Fr. Jeffrey Montz: A New Breed of Truth Teller! There is great hope for the future with a new breed of young priests like Fr. Montz who are not afraid to confront evil with boldness and charity. It is, in fact, an act of charity to stick out your foot and trip someone racing heedlessly toward a cliff. If you bruise their tender feelings in the process, so be it. Post election homily by Father Jeffrey Montz, St Elizabeth Ann Seton, Kenner, LA I want to begin today by thanking those of you who went out on Tuesday and voted for the sacredness of human life.

Missionaries don't always wear name tags.

And they don't always travel in pairs.

There are missionary moments all around us every day.

We just need to look for them and then ACT on them! Being a missionary isn't always about teaching the gospel.

For discussion purposes, let's stipulate eternal generation. The natural differences between men and women are adequate to warrant different treatment. Treat like things alike, and unlike things unalike. That's a stand-alone justification for the position. It requires nothing else. - It hasn't taken long for the racino at Yonkers to have a profound effect on the racing right across the river at the Meadowlands, and talk about a reversal of fortunes! The Meadowlands has received permission from the Standardbred Breeders and Owners Association of New Jersey to cut its weekly schedule of racing by one day. There were only nine races last Friday, and on Sunday afternoon, many of those with less than the maximum ten entries. So guys are going to try it at Yonkers, and they are doing it in droves. " Freehold is also feeling the effects - they're talking about seeking permission to cut back from five days to just three. Castellano was taken to North Shore Hospital given the non-life threatening nature of the injury, pursuant to the latest agreement between NYRA and the jockeys after the Jamaica Hospital spat last month. .