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Della Icenhower Intermediate School held its annual Baby Supply Drive to benefit Captain Hope's Kids, which helps our area homeless children. "The Icenhower Character Club has sponsored this drive the past four years and it's a pleasure and an honor to see kids helping kids," said Icenhower Counselor, Lisa Fields.

Captain Hope's Kids is dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless children.

This fun event was postponed due to rain and has been rescheduled. Here is the new information:. A quick and simple meal but it was pretty tasty. Used the Char-Broil gas grill. Seasoned the steaks with Big Poppa Smoker's Money Rub. Gave them a quick sear on the grill and called it good. Sprinkled the tatoes with Big Poppa's Happy Endings. I didn't feel like tending a fire so the gas grill really came in handy. In recent days they've been celebrating the success of their latest sweep through Europe, resulting in the return of heads and other Maori human remains from Rouen in France, Norway, Sweden and Germany. The hypocrisy is, these retrieved relics will be brought back to the Wellington waterfront national museum to share basement space with lonely Lady Mehit, the trophy of an equally ghoulish trade in human exotica. Apologies to everyone for the late updating of the blog. I've been a bit busy with other things, but you'll find the best of the backlog above. See more tomorrow.

The Photo for Today will be back when I have sorted out the next batch of Rick's photos and captions, probably tomorrow.

For those who requested it, some photos of the shawl in progress: As the plan now goes, there will be three graduated rings of beads in different shades of blue, in the hopes that it will then match more things. This is the smallest and darkest round of beads. I'm now on round seventy of a hundred and forty something. But since each round gets longer/bigger as you move outward, I'm more like a third done, than half. For those considering trying lace, also please refer back to my great epics on basic lace tips, here and here. And a quick round-up of questions asked:-Yes, I've used the Emily Ocker cast-on. And it is very clever. My method with a firm provisional cast on provides a solid, non-moving basis to start knitting on.

Ocker's cast-on is very flexible and stretchy.

The Non-Line-of-Sight Cannon provides sustained fire for close support and destructive fire for tactical standoff engagement. NLOS-C was a proposed system in development to be part of the FCS environment and funded by the U. S. My pick though, is a nice version of Love's Theme, with flute, brass and voices being used instead of strings. Another worthy repost today. And I don't know about you, but after the Christian Death post we really needed something to perk us up around here. Well, here is the polar opposite. So let's all stick a finger in our ear and sing along!Where'd You Get It?. Eilidh Briggs from Kilmacolm is the holder. We are a husband and wife team who design and manufacture unique, high quality chipboard and wood products. It is our mission is to offer fun and inspiring products to bring out your inner creativity that you can add to any project. In the near future we will be expanding into other mediums such as rubber/acrylic stamps and acrylic embellishments. pants- billabong lorekeet paisley print pants. Izithakazelo zakwa-Mbambo Goba, Mdunge, Theneza, Mageza ngobisi lwenhlunu abanye begeza ngamanzi, Jangase!. Many thanks to Deborah for this fantastic review of her new Ostrich Filofax! The “Roadrunner” of Filofaxes: The Ostrich Philofaxy’s Laurie graciously offered to feature my review of my latest purchase. Thank you, Laurie and Philofaxy for featuring this. I hope that you all enjoy! Please meet my biggest splurge ever…my Personal Ostrich in Buttercup! My obsession with this binder began when I saw Ro’s spotlight interview on Philofaxy and saw a picture of her ostrich binder. I hadn’t known that Filofax offered an ostrich leather binder.

After months of obsessing I did it! I bought the binder at a very “reasonable” price from Pens & Leather.

And here is my review:Packaging It arrived in a black Filofax box and was wrapped in a thick, soft felt-like black cloth. Nice! The Outside The leather is unlike any other leather I’ve seen or felt.

Well, two liner actually.

From Rodney Hide in today's HOS. " Hague is a leftie. He suffers battered Green syndrome and thinks the harder he tries to please Labour, the less they will bash him. ".

This quilt took me a very long time to finish.

I just wasn't into it, I guess. That works for me, but isn't very interesting and I could only do a row and then had to step away. It does look a bit better to me seeing the entire quilt as I can now see a pattern, sort-of! A close-up: Here's the back, which I rather like:. Sew these easy rompers and let your little girl play all day in style! These one- piece rompers offer all the adorable style of dresses and the modesty of shorts. The Game's crew was the target of a shooting outside a famous Miami Beach hotel. according to cops. .