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There are lots of new pictures in both posts or old ones posted as MQ or tagged and now HQ/untagged, but there are old pictures too. Since there are so many, it's almost impossible to sort the new images, so here is everything. Check the rest of our Cannes pictures in our index postMaps To The Stars promo Photocall Premiere. When we put in the window seat, there was no room for the stool so off to school it went. I am glad I didn't leave the stool behind because yesterday I came up with an idea for it. The stool looks so big in the garden because I had to put it on top of the table to keep Lulu away. A quick coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Greek Blue and some sanding turned a has been into an updated model. I love how the white, yellow, and blue show through after sanding.

The stool sits next to the bed and dried hydrangeas that don't need water make a more practical arrangement.

A basket full of magazines sits on top and books sit on the rungs of the stool. You must register for MMP before attending this class. See Moderate Means Program FAQ. More:. ProtoypesPaper details Create research proposal using prototypes.

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No update on Tuesday.



Gals, I just found the sweetest Eric-Sookie video on youtube. Its even worse than it was with Edward aka Robert Pattinson. Maybe because I get my daily Pattinson at Random Acts of Rob. Yun and I recently went to Seattle for a little vacation. Of course, if one is in Seattle, one must contact Gabi Campanario. He set up a day for me to draw with sketchers from Seattle. We met at a place called the Ballard Locks. The funny thing about the whole episode is that nothing happens unless Gabi is there. They looked like rats, but even though - they were still cute. She has to wait for another month until they are old enough to wean. The weather was beautiful and all the animals were out and it was a great day, followed by dinner and a movie at my place with lots of friends. SheeshaGirl has a new man - hopefully, this is the last of the "new man" series for a while. She does ALL the wrong stuff - calling constantly, choosing baby names, determining a date for the wedding, having him meet her parents. I will stop short of "naming his penis" because that is JUST TMI. Non si registrano danni. Given a list of non negative integers, arrange them such that they form the largest number. Note: The result may be very large, so you need to return a string instead of an integer.

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What was described in the psalm: "I will praise you, Lord, for you have rescued me,"is what happens in the Gospel, for Peter.

The Lord restores him and returns Peter to being a fisher of men. That's what we see him doing in the first reading. We see Peter and the Apostles dragged before the Sanhedrin. There are many times our culture and society make the same demands of us. You and I should expect this—this is more or less the normal state of affairs for a faithful follower of Jesus Christ. So…if we don’t we find ourselves being told to "hush up" about Jesus, why might wonder, why not?This applies as well to how we, as Catholics, hear what the Church teaches us.

We all know there are teachings and practices of the Church that not all Catholics understand, or agree with, or follow.

I don’t have to give you the list. That, at least, is my theory why Protestant vegetarians are often confronted in Spain with sneak meat attacks. Trying to find a ham-free dish in Spain is almost as foolhardy as Diogenes hoping to put a successful end to his search in Congress. There is always one safe choice: tortilla española. Almost everyone has tried it. As a snack. In a tapas bar. For breakfast. John USVILet's travel from Hawaii. Wishing you a Happy and Blessed New Year. Let's have a little fun. Alan & Brian grew up in Maryland where I'm assuming there's must be something in the water because I have a few friends from there and they are all great people. Alan sent me the photos below yesterday. Mr. By somberhaysoil Warning: This story involves castration. The air was humid that day, as Jared sat in class, overwhelmed with boredom. His young teacher Mrs. Calloway was teaching about fractions and Jared's mind was starting to wander.


Calloway dropped her chalk on the ground. She bent over to pick it up. Jared happened to be sitting in just the right place, and he was able to see straight down Mrs. Calloway's pastel striped blouse. Her breasts looked supple, and white. Jared was entranced with them. They jiggled slightly as she grabbed the pencil. She stood back up and noticed Jared staring, but pretended not to notice. Some freewill theists contend that Calvinism renders prayer otiose. I've discussed that before. It confuses predestination with que sera sera fatalism. More interesting is whether the objection can be turned around. If freewill theism is true, how often can God answer prayer? According to one plank of the freewill defense, in order to make rational, responsible choices, our choices must have predictable consequences. And that in turn requires a world with a high degree of uniformity. If God were to intervene on a regular basis, it would destabilize the natural order. Because our choices would not have predictable consequences, that would rob us of significant freedom. Given that framework, does it not pose a severe restriction on God vis-a-vis petitionary prayer? God is not at liberty to frequently answer our prayers, for that would destabilize the uniformity of nature, which is a necessary backdrop for exercising our libertarian freedom. In his recent discussion with Tim McGrew about the reliability of the gospels, Bart Ehrman drew a parallel between the gospels and some accounts of Baal Shem Tov. David Marshall has posted a lengthy critique of the parallel. or what I've begun calling, "Being Your Own Head Cheerleader!" We still have a few seats left. The season.



Christmas. The Santa mugs are on the kitchen window sill.

Pretty stained glass wreaths suspend in front of windows.

Vintage ornaments fill glass jars. And our tree is trimmed with handmade ornaments from years past. Our house is warm and cozy. OK, so maybe Devil May Care isn't quite as overrated as I thought. Another spectacularly easy-looking win in the CCA Oaks could make one understand why Pletcher thought highly enough of this filly to run her in the Derby. So I'm figuring that I'll still make some money betting against her at some point down the road. The Face-to-Face Lost and Found page is permanently located beneath this current post. Old Connections Abound can be accessed via the date or subject archives listed on the sidebar. Check the submissions page, FAQ, and ways to get involved for additional information. I've decided to do a series of small giveaways. I want to share some of my thrift finds with all of you! The first one will be for this pressed glass relish dish and these two pristine hand towels. The towels are quite lovely. One is embroidered and the other woven with fringe on the border. You know the drill, just sign on to follow if you don't already. I will pick the winner on Monday morning. Teddy and I are rather sad that the holidays are over. Happy Monday to all the Really Reasonable Ribbon friends and fans! Hope you all had a fabulous weekend. Well it is definitely still summer here in Western Colorado.

I have seen so many people out riding bikes.

It reminded me of this stamp that I just LOVE. I paired it with the perfect ribbon. Canvas Color Band Ribbon. Stunning works by Kyle Poff Designer: Kyle PoffCountry: USA. That is, ripe for speed. The Oilers car club, spearheaded by Meldon V. R. Bizarro is brought to you today by The War on Christmas. Today's cartoon is from this time last year and is one of my favorites. I like the gag but I also like that people on both sides of the holiday fence can relate to it. Long before I was interested in politics I wondered about the contradiction of "separation of church and state" and national holidays like Xmas. Constitutionally, this is clearly not a "Christian nation," as so many right-wingers are fond of calling it, but at the same time we have many laws and government customs that are based entirely on Christianity. Maybe there is a reason other than the Bible that I'm missing, but why can't a person have more than one legal spouse, as long as all spouses are consenting adults? Why is Xmas a legal holiday for government workers, but Yom Kippur is only a holiday if you're Jewish? And the most significant current example of course, is our denial of basic rights to gay couples. Each year I get one of those Christmas War emails that people circulate about how "it's a Christmas tree, not a Holiday tree, not a Hannukah bush, not a Quanza" something-or-other.

I usually respond by sending to the same list an explanation about the pagan origins of what is now called a Christmas tree.

If you're going to be sanctimonious, seems you should at least have the facts. Most rational people don't take this so-called "war on Christmas" seriously, but those who do fear the loss of their right to use government facilities and funds to celebrate their religion publically. Classic titles take the forefront, with one of the most beloved plays of all time starting off in January. The show, based on the actual writings of a young Anne Frank during her time with her family in hiding from the Nazis in Amsterdam, is directed by MMTC's Artistic Director Jesse Cline. It features Anastasia Korbal in the title role. The Citadel series' quality was uniformly excellent, as a knowledgeable film historian or entertainment writer covered an individual performer’s career, but the best books were often the ones written by fans with an encyclopedic knowledge of a star’s life and career. The typical Citadel Press book would include detailed film credits, numerous high-quality black & white photographs, and review excerpts during the time a specific movie was in release. .