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BTW, for those of y'all who don't think about these things a lot, a light year is the distance that light travels in a year. Getting on toward six trillion miles, for just one light year of distance.


I seem to be doing more quoting than writing at the moment. Why? Because I'm neck-deep in seminar preparation.

Why? Because I love teaching the Bible.

Well, kind of. Right now I can't wait to be on the other side of it. I liked The Fall, Primer, Iron Sky, Moon, La Jette and Cube, but Sunshine had me beating my head against the wall before it was done. I'll keep the others in mind as I'm browsing the racks at Spin Street. HT: SF Signal. Fresh Cut Flower Garden Did you know there are health benefits to having fresh cut flowers in your home or office? I would like to help you as gardeners enjoy these wonderful benefits. The benefits are easily obtainable and can be created in your garden. There are a wide range of annuals, perennials, bulbs, tropicals, groundcovers, shrubs, and trees that can be used as fresh cut flowers and floral greens. There are several flowering shrubs and trees that can be used as fresh cut flowers indoors. Depending on your USDA planting zone you may be lucky enough to enjoy a year round cutting garden. From the Swamp Dweller youtube channel: Bigfoot, Yowie, Grassman, Sasquatch. Whatever you call them, Bigfoot is nearly a household name all ove the world and by far the most popular crytpid in the field. Here are True Scary Bigfoot Encounters!. Card by Chari Happy Thanksgiving! We hope that you have a wonderful day filled with family, friends, love and happiness. We just wanted to say how thankful we are for all of you! Thank you for your support, kindness and love. You guys are truly the best. We are so blessed to be able to call you all friends. Have an amazing Thanksgiving, Kelly Marie, Mike and Erica. Right now the odds are great against either Texas NFL team playing in next year's Super Bowl, but there is always a chance at this stage of the game. First we must get through the spring and summer months to see what kind of draft choices are picked up by both teams.

With the exception of Christmas, Super Bowl Sunday is without a doubt the biggest day of the year in the United States and it's high time for a Texas football team to represent this great state in that game.

Cool Japanese custom cycle shop.

I never saw those Firestone look a likes before on the first bike. Does anyone know that tire? Check the Buddy Custom Cycles blog here Found via El Corra Motors.

Robert Isaiah Graham’s lawyer plans to appeal the sentence as overly harsh.

". nothing good was ever done on the cheap, isn't the early years "worth it" etc.

Then all the money, time, energy, meetings in dingy hotel rooms with practitioners and "experts" etc could have been deployed for something better.

Like thinking about how we could engage better with the early years workforce and deliver some decent training. It's seductive to concentrate on these big strategies, documents, change processes etc. Mısır ve domates. Çiçek açan domates. Haziran ayına kadar don tehlikesi devam ettiği için henüz toprağa geçiremiyorum. The tree is up. but just the tree and it's lights. not so many ornaments yet. I found this box at an Antique Shop. I thought is was an interesting box. Apart from that, we can design personalized yassin, mineral water, goodie bags etc for your guests with special custom-made design. Everything can be designed with personalized design or according to your chosen theme. We also have some designs to choose. Feel free to view our albums. Hope you'll stumble on anything that fascinates and mesmerizes you. Tq.

This diecast tractor and trailer both have some impressive features including authentic Kentucky Trailer Technologies graphics.

The tractor's features also include:Steerable front axle along with realistic tread on tires Authentic hub detailing Clear windows to view the detailed interior Realistic windshield wipers, mirrors, and grab bars Detailed coiled air hoses, mufflers, and exhaust pipes Tilting fifth wheel In addition, the trailer's features include:Skylights on the trailer roof for easy visibility inside the trailer Belly boxes and rear wire rack for additional storage Opening trailer doors to reveal detailed interior Extendable rear rack with painted taillights Authentic hub detailing and realistic tire tread With incredible detail and great authenticity, this truck will help your collection stand out from the rest. But don't wait to order yours, only limited units are available. I keep telling my Bedoon friends that they need to get their voices heard. Local people/citizens of the region know of the Bedoon problem and have for many years. There has been much written about Bedoons in Arabic, but not English. I've seen some even shun the entire concept as if it is something dirty that they can't talk about.

That outrages me! The Bedoon aren't just "those people that are demonstrating.

Many of these people don't even ask WHY the Bedoon are demonstrating. I was invited by a friend to attend her Cell-Group Pre-X'mas Party. Below are what we had : Salad Ham Turkey Pizza Shepherd Pie Mee Can't figure out what is this, ask friend, friend also not sure, had a small piece of it, but still can't figure out what is it. Fruits Fruits Fruits Took a picture of all the foods before we tuck in Chocolate Ice-cream cake for two birthday gals Drink corner One of the game we play is using marshmallow to build tower. Un errore di appena una parolina, un articolo indeterminativo trasformato in determinativo.

Un lapsus che ha mandato nel panico i partiti impegnati in questi giorni nella costruzione delle liste, costringendo così la Regione a programmare in tutta fretta una correzione sulla Gazzetta ufficiale che ha pubblicato il testo.

Fino all’agosto scorso il sistema funzionava in modo esattamente opposto. Per votare un sindaco bisognava tracciare esplicitamente un segno sul suo nome mentre il voto alla lista non si estendeva automaticamente. Fin qui l’obiettivo politico. In questo testo si legge: «Ciascun elettore può, con un unico voto, votare per un candidato alla carica di sindaco e per una delle liste a esso collegate tracciando un segno sul contrassegno di una di tali liste». Occhio al dettaglio: nel testo ufficiale si parla di «una di tali liste», quindi possono essercene tante e l’elettore può indifferentemente sceglierne una estendendo automaticamente il voto al sindaco. In occasione di leggi così importanti la Gazzetta ufficiale pubblica anche le cosiddette Note. Foto di Fabrizio Polizzi. Since I was sick these past two weeks I didn’t get my block done for last week's Modern Monday Quilt Along. So I’m showing you two blocks today. Above is the block that I didn’t get made in time to post last week. I liked making this block for two reasons: it was a great way to use up some of my scraps, and it was easy to make.

Another quick block and didn’t turn out as wonky as I thought it would.

Still, I like it. Here are the two blocks together. Go check out Lynn at Alamosa Quilter and see what her block looks like, then go to Jennifer’s blog to get the pattern for this week’s block. Last week our dear friends Jayson and Amanda asked if we would like to go to a Blue Bombers game with them. Why start with the Madame, you are thinking.

Reasonable question of course.

The Madame has been on my mind since a certain history class in high school. She gave details to people and events I could never have realized were so important. One day she told us of Madame de Pompadour, the mistress of Louis the XV King of France. She put them in vases, on tables, in the garden and amazingly sprayed them with perfume so they would smell like the actual flowers themselves ! I was riveted by this thought for many years. I always wondered if this story was true. The sun is always shinning. The sun never stops shining. And even though the earth turns, and the sun appears to go down, it really never stops shining.

Louise L.

It is May Day. Revolution Day for those of a Red bent. A day for the proletariat to wave clenched fists in the air before crawling into their Volvos and heading home to suburbia. Not so in the United States. Today is Law Day. One of the less-noticed results of the American recession is the decrease in money that Mexicans, working in the United States, send to their families in Mexico. Since the recession began, the remittances have declined each year. After oil receipts, the remittances are Mexico's second largest source of legal hard currency. QED. Just wanted to share some little gifts i have made, the first is Santa Kisses which is an idea i had kept from last Christmas Jelly lips in a bag, die cut bag top with printed verse, hand drawn stitching and little punched holly with a rhinestone.

The halloween bags are a bit of a by product.

ew Age spirituality is fast-food religion perfectly suited for a postmodern culture like ours. It offers a quick-and-easy feeling of satisfaction with almost no real nourishment for the soul, while it contains additives and artificial ingredients that are actually harmful to true spiritual health. But you can still have it your way. There are no dogmas, few demands, no sense of self-denial, and little need for faith. And yet the most outstanding features of the New Age phenomenon seem very much like distinctives that properly belong to a cult or a movement. At that point, Avery was working at MGM for two years, and already directed several amazing cartoons such as "Blitz Wolf" and "Red Hot Riding Hood". Under the increased pressure from producer Fred Quimby, Tex finally unleashed Screwy Squirrel, a new character that's going to win the sympathy of the millions of moviegoers around the world. Or maybe not. The lovable Screwy Squirrel in action Aggressive "smart-guy" and heckler type cartoon characters were at the peak of popularity during the WWII years. Early Bugs Bunny and Woody Woodpecker perfectly epitomized that kind of spirit. This sweatshirt has pretty interesting Triumph design and its currently up on Ebay HERE. Check it out!. And that's not the end of the good news. There's an election of monumental importance in just two weeks. Once again, the always knowledgeable and perceptive American public will make known their great unhappiness with the manner of rule oozing out of Washington, D. C. An astonishing change will occur! Once again, we shall bear witness to the inexpressible glories of responsive democracy in action! We are incredibly fortunate to live in a time of such miracles. You should offer your grateful thanks several times a day, at a minimum. Aw, c'mon. You don't think I believe that shit, do you? I said I'm not dead. And even if I were, I still wouldn't believe that shit. How so many people can repeat these endless inanities so often without vomiting or self-immolating as the direct result of their measureless self-loathing is a considerable source of wonder to me. Darlings, here are a few of the beauty products that CC is loving right now. So fun for a girls' spa night! L'Occitane Red Cherry Beautifying Lotion, at loccitane. British Fashion designer Gareth Pugh. Dennis Wolf & Tito Raymond. This cartoon is brought to you by Life Waste Management Corporation. I wonder if Lassie followed Timmy through life and made sure that all her efforts saving him from wells, burning barns, and Soviet submarines, was worth it. Personally, I have very high standards for my two daughters. Every entry, every statement, I have to provide evidence for. Oh bother. If I knew how much work this was going to be, I may never have started. Nothing like waiting until the day of the meeting to announce his departure. hmmmm. .