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Some of the villains are likable characters, which raises the question of in what sense they are evil. When I put the question to him in the context of the central character of his first novel, The Titanium Tyrant, who is both superintelligent and honorable, his response was that he was a villain because he did not mind killing innocent people in the process of his crimes. It occurred to me that, by that definition, there are a lot of villains. Churchill and FDR were prepared to murder very large numbers of German civilians by mass bombing campaigns designed to kill as many, not as few, as possible. Obama has taken responsibility for drone strikes which, in the process of trying to kill terrorists, have clearly killed quite a lot of innocent civilians. In theory, we all believe that all lives matter, but in practice we divide people into our ingroup and everyone else and mostly ignore costs imposed on the latter. In the modern world, that largely means the division between our fellow citizens and foreigners. It is not limited to national governments and warfare, although that’s the clearest example. U. S. Photo: Finn. We wanted to transform it into a modern, Scandinavian cabin - with a small budget, but with a will to do a lot ourselves. We are now taking on our next big project and are building our dream home outside Oslo. This time with the help of architects and contractors, thank good. On this blog you can follow the process and read about everything that inspires me. Photos: Quentin Bacon. Wishing all of you a wonderful holiday filled with lots of love, laughter and happy gatherings with family and friends! Thank you so much for visiting! Have an amazing day,. Hello there! Today I am excited to bring you this week's Viva La Verve! sketch challenge! Won't you play along with us? I got a little tilty with the main panel, and I encourage you to do the same! Here is the card that I created: I used images and a sentiment from the Brighter Days set. This is just a small selection Much more here . Jerome Stone, a Registered Nurse, researcher, author and practitioner of meditation, has shared his vision of the intersection of nursing, meditation and mindfulness in his excellent book, "Minding the Bedside: Nursing From the Heart of the Awakened Mind". The following is a review posted in advance of his appearance on RN. FM Radio. In "Minding the Bedside", Jerome Stone offers nurses and other healthcare professionals the opportunity to make a direct connection between how a mindfulness practice can actually transform clinical practice, the nurse-patient relationship, our relationship to our work, and perhaps even our work environments and the healthcare industry itself. Using the language of nursing coupled with the language and zeitgeist of the world of meditation and mindfulness, Mr. Stone makes excellent arguments for the ways in which our minds can either enhance or detract from the care that we provide and the relationships that we have with our patients, and he convincingly describes the ways in which these interactions occur. Our patients sense when we're showing up at the bedside and when we're not, though they may not directly express it to us. Because our intention and motivations can have a direct impact on our patients' well-being, it is imperative that we check our motivation every time we engage with our patients. I need to go back to school shopping!. TeleParent is an automated system that can send a message by phone or email to parents in minutes. Messages can be sent by teachers to their students’ parents, by campus administrators to all or a select group of parents at their schools, and by the MISD administration to all parents in the district for District-wide situations or issues. Benefits and usage detailsTeachers and administrators can use the system to schedule and record messages. I know that we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet, but since the official start of the holiday shopping season is next Friday that means it's time for my annual gift guides. The following items would be perfect for the preschoolers in your life - these would also be great gifts for any preschool classroom! All links are Amazon affiliates. If this Green Toys Salad Set doesn't inspire healthy eating then I don't know what will. I love Green Toys because they are made of recycled materials, and their food sets are so much fun, make sure to check out the Pizza Set too! A play kitchen is an amazing holiday gift, and this Little Tykes Cook'n Learn Smart Kitchen meets all of the requirements. I usually prefer wooden play sets, but this particular set is one unit, doesn't take up a ton of space, and uses natural colors. I don't think it's necessary to have an iPad in your play kitchen, but if we're being honest I certainly use mine for recipes when I cook, so if children are imitating adults when they play then I guess it makes sense. I also love that it includes all of the food and utensils. A couple of weeks ago I gathered photos of some incredible Reggio-inspired Math and Writing centers to share with you. These have been some of the most popular posts that I've done, so I thought I would do a few more centers this week. From Natural Inspired Environments From Walker Learning Approach From CBC British Columbia From Ms. Barbara's Blog From The Curious Kindergarten From PreKinders I love that these centers are all so different. Stop One : My Mom'sMom has a huge clump of mauve Pacific Giant Delphiniums. They were stunning this past week. Mom has a very large cage surrounding her Delphs. My parents are doing fine, although Dad tried to cut off his finger with a saw last week. He needed some stitches in the ER. Stop Two: Jo'sWhite variety, Magic Fountains. A sky blue color, which I find just about the best color and most difficult color to achieve in flowers.

Blues are really tough colors, either they end up with purple or pink undertones.

This one is a spectacular sky blue. When i saw the Quickie Prawn Bihun from Small Kucing blog, in which she saw from Pete's blog, i was tempted to try it out and since i have frozen prawns, egg in the fridge, and also bihun, i went to buy fish cake and mee to try it out. Thank you for being a truly amazing group of readers and for all the continuous support. Yup. I'm doing it. I need something to kick me into gear on the blogging thing. Normally I can't shut up, but since this move I've been crabby and bitchy and wanting to spare my Beloved Readers the bitchfest. So, I came up with a plan. If it's a day that there's nothing to report, or I'm too cranky to want to talk about real life, you're going to be stuck with plants. And ancient history. And possibly art. We'll see.

She's turned it into a space helmet.

In all it only took and afternoon! I only used fabrics I had on hand and didn't try to be too exact in matching the fabrics. The look is close and the fabrics the right period. It is a fun little quilt. When DH got home from golf he didn't quite get why I would make a quilt-top that looked like one I already have?! Poor man gets confused often I'm afraid. They are afraid of dogs and allergic to cats. Not boding well!!My favorite daylilly flowered this week. I have moved the blog to. Please update your links accordingly blah blah blah. see you there soon!. Observation:Jesus said that out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks. Here Solomon tells us that a man's heart reveals a man. If you want to know what is on a man's heart, simply stay around him a little while and he will reveal it through his mouth. Water can reflect an image, but the heart reveals the person. When there is joy in the heart, it will show on the face. When there is peace in the heart, it will show on the face.

When there is much strife, it will show on the face.

I am feeling a creative energy that has been missing for a while and it feels good. I have gotten so much postitive feedback and interest and it really gives me so much confidence to continue moving forward with my art and being open to take some chances and put myself out there. Bert Roach is finishing up his tenure as the Economic Development officer for Kipling. His "professional advancement" will take him back to his hometown of Estevan Saskatchewan. Good stuff Bert! He'll be a pretty tough act to follow, but the ball is definitely rolling in this neck of the woods. His position just became available. Often Attempted!. Happy Friday!!!! It's Stephanie here to share a couple of creations using this month's KOTM. As always so many amazing images in this kit I had so much fun inking these stamps up!! You can still get this month's kit you can check it out here For both of these cards I colored the images by using my distress markers another fun way to get different colors on certain parts of the image. et dans le vent. We had a family emergency on Monday. I dont want to give details, because its not my place. My niece was burned with water in the worst accident ever. She will make a full recovery, but it was terrifying for all of us. Trevor heads to the doctor today for more allergy testing. Were hoping for some real answers on his condition. I shall be offline today. " Its a timeless machine loaded with properly proportioned rarities. Check out the Street Chopper article with photo shoot HERE!. A popular objection to reprobation is that God creates the reprobate for the purpose of damning them. I don't recall ever seeing an Arminian explain the process of reasoning by which he arrives at that conclusion. It's just one of many village Arminian objections to Calvinism. Darlings, CC has a predilection for pink! From divine dusty rose to fabulous fuchsia, there's sure to be a pretty pink piece in this post for each of CC's fellow fashionistas! Finn pink ruby Love Knot ring, at barneys. Farah Khan Fine Jewelry Timeless Ruby Earrings, at modaoperandi. Valextra hinged bangle, at barneys. Zana Bayne pink leather cuffs, at shop. Both sets, along with many of the supplies I used, are available at Stamper's Dream. Use keyword SFYTT when uploading to online galleries. Wheeler, MD is retiring at the end of this year from the day-to-day operations of the project. Robert B.

Knafeh is an Arabic sweet made of very fine vermicelli-like phyllo pastry.

It is sometimes known as shredded phyllo. It is flavored with a simple syrup of rose water and orange water. It is served for breakfast or as a dessert. Enjoy Middle Eastern Desserts and learn how to make best knafeh. Hi friends. I'm loving the crisp fall air of autumn along with the beautiful colors. It's hard to choose ribbons I want to work with because there are so many great selections for Autumn and Halloween at Really Reasonable Ribbon. This is another example of a Shabby Bow. This ribbon does not fray much, but the look is still great for this card. I used the helping hands pegs to hold the Brown Burlap String and then I tied the know of the bow around the string to hold it. You can find the video tutorial for this bow HERE. Any maintenance needs to be done after the day's ride. If you’ve never met him, he’s the motorcycle aficionado behind The Vintagent and a respected consultant for Bonhams who splits his time between New York, San Francisco, and Paris. I believe this post is tied into the a similar post that got almost as many or equal responses. That post was about being “Chosen”. At the time, I thought, “We are no more chosen then we choose ourselves”. That yes, there is a calling, but then there has to be a response to accept the invitation.