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Here's the basic pattern. This is because many books tend to encounter publishing delays. It's directed by Piotr Dumala, a Polish film director/animator. Open Culture describes the technique and the director's emotional response:It’s a form of “destructive animation. ” Each image exists only long enough to be photographed and then painted over to create a sense of movement. It’s a process that sometimes makes Dumala sad. I must destroy every frame to put in its place another one, the next one, to have movement. This way, sometimes I think it is too much suffering, to destroy all the time what I am doing. ” A fascinating take on the story, I think it'd be helpful to have read the book. My only read of the book was years ago, and the details have escaped me. Make the day even brighter with a bowl of soup: Hungarian Mushroom Cream of Asparagus Green Chile Corn Chowder Curried Pumpkin Chicken Rice Manhattan Clam Chowder Sweet Creole Lentil Miso Vegetable w/Soba NoodlesMake the most of this lovely, sunny day!!! Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette. Go read them. Be there late and pay the price of not riding in T. I. Think I'm kidding? Just try me. Really, I won't let you race if you are late. They also want to hear views on razor clam management, habitat protection and restoration, licensing, law enforcement, and other fish and wildlife issues. Participants will then be invited to speak in small groups with representatives of WDFW’s fish, wildlife, enforcement, licensing and habitat programs, as well as Unsworth and his staff. "They’re normally like chupacabras. The only thing they’re looking for is someone to give them money for free. " However the devil is in the details reproduced below from paragraph six: Financing– Removing financing restrictions for most types of authorized exports.


depository institutions will be authorized to provide financing, including, for example, issuing a letter of credit for such exports and reexports. Currently, payment and financing terms for all authorized exports are restricted to cash-in-advance or third-country financing. The tank is full custom, because we started with an old off-road bike tank and we needed to make a lot of adjustment to fit it in the right way. From this point, we started to make all the other modifications. And the most important are: - Radiator: with the new tank we decided to use a more slim fit style, and change all the system. - The rear frame is full custom made - Frame and rims are painted black - Anodized triple tree clamp- Custom saddle with an aluminum sub frame and some electric parts inside. Hello, again - I've been very busy, getting myself re-established on the island. Funny, no matter how things change, they still remain the same. Soon, it will be springtime for real, and I'll be happy to see the sunshine return. But, I can't believe what's going on out there, but, no wonder. How did the world expect to carry on with a super-heated economy, and for it not to fall flat on it's face. If you are a vandweller, while you are living economically, you are vulnerable to various hazards that swirl around us. I suggest you go where things are better, so you can weather these turbulent times, easier. this image is inspired by an issue of the dutch Big Twin magazine and my love for the flat head engine. if you know wich issue was my inspiration i will send you an original Bubble Visor drawing. In need of a little style inspiration on how to wear your denim shorts this summer? Whether going to the beach or out on a coffee run, take a cue from Mary-Kate and Ashley! Get the look. For a similar sweater, check out this one from Vince. . I’m having the coolest birthday ever. She is my best birthday gift. Willy manages to keep a cheery outlook. Dedicated to our good friend and neighbor, Lou. How cool is that?. I am safely home. But boy, what a day it has been. As I was finishing up with my first morning pee, I glanced down at my pad and saw a smear of red. No clots. I started freaking. Took off the pad and turned it over to see how much blood was really there.

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My DH and I had big plans for this week. We booked a cabin in North Carolina, made reservations for a horseback trek, and mapped out several antique stores. Well.

We had made a stop at a Diner in South Carolina along the way and their star specialty of onion sausage tasted really good but.

Radio Free Content is back on the air. Yeah. Yeah. I know. You have heard it all before.

First, there was my Sony Z Series laptop that died in a briny death after four months of beach living.

Then came the HP laptop that simply wore out after two years.

But here we go again. I won't bore you with the specifications. But it has the characteristic I most need for a blog machine. Life goes on. Doesn't it? One day, you might look back, and somehow, some way, you're here, and OxyHell is way, way back "there" somewhere. When you are in the jaws of OxyHell, it's up in your face, and it's hard enough to imagine living through even the next five minutes. They surely will. And you will probably be there, one way or another. Today, I checked an old email account that I hadn't logged onto in years, four and a half years to be exact. The inbox was packed with hundreds of solicitations for the usual spam: get rich quick schemes, dating services, the latest scams, and of course, predators selling pills from God knows where. Love ruffles? Girly? Frilly & feminine? Take a look at our newest collection: Ruffle Fabrics! These fun fabrics feature ruffles across the width and are excellent choices for a variety of projects. Here are just two ideas for how to use these fabrics:Create a beautiful pillow!Sew up a flirty skirt!How would you use these fabrics?. I sewed then together, pinned the backing and batting and top together and quilted it with a simple meander using a red and green variegated thread.

I made the binding from a fun green and red striped fabric and sewed it all around the edges, and hand sewed it down while watching TV last night! Woo hoo! I love it there!! Don’t you? What did you do this weekend? .

Maintenant c'est reparti, pour les batailles de folie !. No not Mandela's passing that happened some months ago but medicine arbitrarily interfered in the process. This was something that is a serious connundrum for conservationists all over the world. The environmental lobby, yes that includes the nutty greens, have in their crusade against oil, coal, natural gas and extended it to prevent Hydro on rivers as yet untapped, have totally embraced wind power as a renewable source of energy. It only exists in one place in the world without subsidies from taxpayers, here in lil ole NZ, but and there will always be a bloody but, there is a subsidy from consumers of electricity in that we transfer costs from cheap hydro to put up windfarms. One serious drawback with giant turbines generating energy is they are a serious threat to birdlife. Numerous instances are emerging of Raptors, already under threat being found dead under wind towers after obviously colliding with the blades. Then along came Jones, I mean kama, the bitch, only for the assembled in awe, to watch the stupid bird fly into a turbine blade and die. Bald Eagles, Condors, Golden Eagles, Perigrine Falcons, Hawks flying along watching lunch loping along on the ground and WHUUMMP a freakin wind turbine blade saves the intended prey for tomorrow, to bad about the already endangered bloody bird. Cliff Richard shares a touching birthday duet with longtime friend Olivia Newton John. The duet, which can be seen exclusively today on mirror. JustRite has some beautiful new holiday stamp sets, including Rejoice, which I had the opportunity to design with for today's card. I absolutely love the beautiful cross image in this set! I wanted something kind of serene and elegant, and thought the different blue patterns from Cosmo Cricket's Odds & Ends line would be perfect. I usually have trouble with monochromatic cards, but these papers were super easy to work with!Here's a look at the layered focal point: The vertical striped piece in the background was cut with Spellbinders Labels Eighteen Nestabilities, and the open scallop oval border was cut with Spellbinders Lacey Ovals Nestabilities. I colored the cross with Copic markers. Embellishments include Kaisercraft Bliss pearls and May Arts crochet trim. Hilaire Nelson Many thanks to Kim Santini of Painting A Dog A Day for purchasing my Fiddle Head Ferns from the Exquisite Harmony Music Series. She told me when I shipped this piece that she already had a wall ready and waiting in her kitchen.

I guess we could not have planned a more perfect match! The green in the fern really looks lovely on the wall.

Kim's husband actually asked her how I knew what color their kitchen was! Kim made my day with her quote:"I think it is my most favorite possession right now - the one thing I'd grab on my way out the door were the house on fire and all the kids and pets safely out. Along with my Susan Leyland drawing, which is conveniently also on the way out. The Crocker was a limited-production factory hot-rod, and equalled the HRD Series A Rapide twin, introduced the same year, as the fastest production motorcycles in the world.

Dale Walksler with the engine that started the ball rolling.

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