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Science and technology today have delivered all sorts of incredible devices that previous generations could not have dreamed of.

But if we look back in recent history we see equally, if not more exciting achievements. In that single year Britain & France first flew a supersonic airliner, and the USA landed the first man on the moon. Both extraordinary achievements that stretched and advanced the technology of the time beyond imagination. Forty years ago the best minds in science and engineering were engaged in tasks to advance the frontiers of human capability. Now they are engaged in making toys for adults. Here are a few home truths about atheists. Here are some expressions which describe such people:“Whistling in the dark”“Argument weak, shout here”Atheists find that they cannot stay off the subject of this non-existent being. Three contemporaries are Richard Dawkins, Sam Harris and Christopher Hitchens. Yesterday I was surfing the web and went on over to my good friend Gnat's blog to see what he was up to. This post that he put up I found extremely interesting and disturbing. I suggest that you all go read it, especially if you care about sustainability, practicality, simplicity, and just plain old responsible manufacturing/marketing techniques. At least not from what they are saying lately. Be Good To The Earth: So lately, the whole of the industry has taken up arms against "car culture", saying that bicycling is the "greener" way to go. Nicer to the environment, better for our health, and a "solution" to high energy prices because of the obvious, but also because cycling is a sustainable way to transport humans and goods from point to point. Husband and Slut is for those who are interested in how a BDSM relationship manifests itself in real life between two real people.

I saw this cute wreathe on Butterfly & Bungalow and wondered what it would look like in a rainbow of colors.

I knew there was only one way to find out. Another criteria for projects is that they are "tailored to me" instead of exact replicas of ideas I see on blogs or Pinterest. I tied a few on and thought they looked about right so I just kept going. This was a perfect project for someone like me with a short attention span. It's not everyday when police officers show up at a home and arrest one of their own, but that's exactly what happened Thursday afternoon in San Antonio. This action by Ramos is being treated as an abuse of power by her employer. It's always difficult to find a modern full face helmet with a graphic design that is not turbo ugly and that has some class. use a sticker so we can remove it. Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Parents are the best teachers. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. You should give reasons for your answer using your own ideas and experience. Parents are regarded as the first teachers who transfer fundamental education to children. Although some people claim that knowledge values, perception and morality provided by parents are insufficient to develop children’s cognitive development, others believe that parents are the best instructors. Clearly, due to the greatly important of emotional support and most influential people, parents are certainly the best teachers. Thesis Due to the increased demand for family support, parents may spend a great deal of time working rather than staying at home doing household chores and taking care children. An example of this can be found in developed nations. Children are sent to nursery schools when they get the age of three up whereas their parents spend valuable time at work. Also, this is the note of my professor. Language and Discrimination You have access to the source texts, your notes, and journals. You can either handwrite or type the answers. Your responses must adequately and precisely address the topic in question. Make sure to read each question carefully before answering. Because you have access to the sources, you should also cite your sources. In the meantime I'll be stuck in a Kafkaesque routine updated for the new century, sometimes known as the call centre coalface. Doing so much overtime it's hardly possible to think about being creative. Bah!. The Sheriff’s Office Relay for Life Lower Keys team will be holding its second annual Dance-a-thon to raise money for the American Cancer Society. m. m. There will be instructors on hand throughout the event teaching both dance and Zumba. There is no charge for the event, but the team will be collecting donations from participants to raise money for the cause. Here are four of them: Julie in front, LeMay with the black speckles, and Carol is the big white one, and Debbie is the one hiding under the others. They are all named after shelter workers. Here she is hanging with her new friend Becky, in our lovely redneck coop. Panelling, foil insulation, cardboard, a tarp.

Penelope and Emma settling down for the night.

Emma left her nest in the barn today. And have I even introduced our new rooster? This is Zydeco, the Partridge Chantecler. He came to us as yet another prize from that rooster crowing contest back in September. I was offered two Partridge Chantecler chicks in the spring, but then Laurie the breeder called me to ask if I wanted a rooster now. I cut a panel up into smaller squares, opened them up and layered them onto pearlescent cardstock then attached them to the base card. Colour the edge of the card using an inkpad, I always use Versa Magic chalk inkpads to do this as they dry really quickly and give great results especially when I use Softies cardstock. Again I punched a circle and scallop circle from white cardstock and then coloured them using the same Copic pens as I coloured the butterflies with. Wrap ribbon around the card, tie a double knot to secure and then add the message attaching with foam pads.

Close up shot showing layered squares and message.

At the moment Damien is fascinated by snails. When he gets to his grandparent's house, looking for snails is the first thing he does. Then in the evening when I ask him to recap his day, it will be all about snails. I guess Mother Goose is right after all - What are little boys made of? Snips and Snails. For this layout I used Patricia's fun Doodley Crawlies kit. The artistic background is just beautiful.

Credits: Snails, sunflower and background paper from Doodley Crawlies kit by Patricia Christensen from Weeds & Wildflowers Design available at WeedsAndWildflowersDesigns.

You sure have a nice aesthetic, really. Love, Summer. That means, more time for you guys who hope to join in later, to get joining! So, the swatch.

I don't always knit a swatch.

Particularly not in a case where I'm using yarns I've used before. It's not unheard of for me to measure gauge off a sweater I've worn for a year, or even measure gauge off a sweater I gave to someone else as a gift. And don't measure the gauge in a place that stretches a lot, like across the shoulders or elbows. Chest or belly area is best for measuring gauge in old garments. For this knit along, I'm going to assume it's a yarn you've never met before and cover the gory details. A chilly day in Cincinnati calls for my second day of scarf lovin’.

What else does a chilly day require? Boots of course! In addition to dressing for the cool air, I also baked a big pan of Trisha Yearwood’s Chicken Pot Pie.

What do you eat to keep you warm?. So we got our first babysitter, dusted off our fancy clothes, and enjoyed a gourmet dinner with Hollywood's A-listers. True story. The awards show was held at The Palladium on Sunset Boulevard, and the guest list included faces that even I am familiar with. When he walked away, Matt whispered to me, "That is one handsome devil. " Haha. That Meryl Streep also ages quite well, we learned. She was beautiful in person. Our arrival was slightly less glamorous than the celebrities', but you know. Matt looked more dashingly handsome than anyone on the red carpet anyway. 'Reform' and 'reduce' didn't used to be synonyms. ” Which tells you how bad conditions at Guantanamo are. What happened was that the cap popped off, then she got expelled from school, arrested and jailed. Terrorism charges are pending. I'm walking back to my car, after having a pretty nice dinner in Clarendon, Virginia.

So I turn into the Walgreens, and the doors open for me.

No waiting! So fast. Enveloped. Surrounded. I was mowing the lawn yesterday afternoon listening to the adventures of Claire and Jamie in Paris, and enjoying the work of it when I stopped to notice the grass. Or rather, noticed the lack of it. Don't be mistaken, there was plenty of green below my feet, but three summers of chickens, geese, ducks, rabbits, turkeys feeding and opposite-feeding on it have created a whole new world. There's a whole new type of lawn below my boots. Now where there was once just domesticated lawn grass there are clovers, timothy, fescues and legumes. What was once a chemically treated and seeded bit of living astroturf has changed into bonefide pasture. It is a result of the work of seed, manure, and natural lack of sprays and artificial inputs has created something very different than a lawn here. When I was done outside, it was hard to tell. All mowed down it is uniform and even, it appears to be suburban curb appeal. what you got going on at your 'stead?. Advanced Goliath mecha model based on the MMORPG RF Online, papercraft by Dendy Hanzo. Thank you so much for all of the prayers and good thoughts for both my Mom and for me. Your prayers worked miracles. Although we were close to losing her, the team of doctors and nurses on her case were able to pull her through. She is back home now, is recovering and is gaining back her strength. It was a very frightening experience and the lesson learned is to consider each and every day a gift and not to waste a moment of this precious life.

I have missed posting and am happy to show you my spring garden clog luncheon table.

I got the idea while working out in my garden wearing my clogs. I love them. A while back I was asked to be part of the blog tour promoting Jack Campbell's The Lost Fleet: Beyond the Frontier: Guardian. So here's an extract for you to sink your teeth into, courtesy of the folks at Ace! For more info about this title: Canada, USA, Europe. Here's the blurb:Admiral Geary’s First Fleet of the Alliance has survived the journey deep into unexplored interstellar space, a voyage that led to the discovery of new alien species, including a new enemy and a possible ally. Now Geary’s mission is to ensure the safety of the Midway Star System, which has revolted against the Syndicate Worlds empire—an empire that is on the brink of collapse. Despite the peace treaty that Geary must adhere to at all costs, the Syndicate Worlds regime threatens to make the fleet’s journey back grueling and perilous. His experiences with Syndic freighters during the war had usually involved cunning attempts to damage or destroy Alliance ships by means of hidden or improvised weapons. Seeing such a freighter gliding close to his warships, Geary had to fight the urge to target it and order it destroyed. He glanced over at Desjani, whose glare told him that she was having an even harder time accepting the freighter’s near presence. Lobo Bobo. Really, really. I am beyond anxious for my blood results that havent even been drawn yet. I need that number. I need to jump this hurdle that I havent always jumped in the past. Here are a few excerpts from your required reading for today, Chris Floyd's essay, "Post-Mortem America: Bush's Year of Triumph and the Hard Way Ahead. "You must read the entire piece. Then came a series of scandals, investigations, high-profile resignations, even the criminal conviction of a top White House official. Reverse Confetti's new OLIVER OWL sure is a cutie-pie! All six of the new stamp sets, along with the six new Confetti Cuts dies/die sets that we were showing off all last week, are now available in the Reverse Confetti store. One thing I can say for sure. coloring with Copics isn't like riding a bike, not for me, anyway. Reverse Confetti stamps are required to win. Enjoy the Middle Eastern Cuisine and learn how to make Best Baklava. Move over cakes and puddings, baklava is here! Baklava, an Arabic pastry, is packed with dry fruits and nuts between layers of phyllo pastry.

A single bite on this Arabic pastry and you will pop a few into your mouth without much ado.

The buttery crust and the nuts like pistachios and walnuts add a nice crunch to the dessert while a hint of cinnamon creates magic with the dried fruits. To cut down the dryness, baklava is often served with thick syrup made of honey, sugar and water which is much less sweet than the baklava itself but adds to its amazing flavours. Every oriental culture claim their share of fame as the inventor of baklava but its original roots still remains a dispute.

Hometown pride.

This ramp festival gets better each year. You can board a train and take a scenic ride through the mountains. The Fiance was enthralled with the engine and asked the engineer if he would give her a tour. He was happy to oblige. She got to sit in the engineers seat and he gave her a tour of the engine room.

This is our favorite booth.

A woman from Columbia and a woman from Venezuela make delicious cachapas.

They are cornmeal pancakes cooked on a griddle with cheese and pulled pork.

That little cup is ramp sauce to die for! Ramp butter, ramp dip and ramp seasonings. Hillybilly Philly cheese steaks. The ramp and sausage risotto from this booth is some of the best risotto I've ever eaten. Hello, Ribbon Lovers! I have a super fun masculine card to share with you today. The February Ribbon Club Assortment is loaded with gloriously green ribbons, and several of them, I am happy to report, lend themselves nicely for masculine projects. Take a look at this "Make Today Ridiculously Amazing" card and you'll see what I mean. This is such a strong masculine card, and the Emerald Plaid Ribbon adds a needed jolt of color to the vintage colors of the paper collection. The paper layers have been distressed along the edges to give it a rugged feel. I am so in love with these dreamy ribbons,and they inspired me to create a sweet little altered tray that will look wonderful as part of my springtime decor. " Because these are digital papers, I was able to size them to fit my tray, which is super convenient. I trimmed out the top half of the papers and put them in the largest opening. The bird from the paper was fussy cut and mounted on foam tabs to add dimension. I trimmed out some little postage stamps from the Birds and Blossoms Digital Creative Scraps. I used my Zutter Bow-it-All to tie a double layered bow from luxurious Light Coral Satin with a Grosgrain Edge. .