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Well Bloggie Friends,It hasn't been the easiest week.

On Monday morning, my beloved Grandpa fell and broke his hip. It was clear pretty quickly that he'd be okay, but it's still been a long and busy week. The doctors and physical therapists have been really amazed by his recovery. Still, it's a long road ahead of him, so please send him some good thoughts! He is such a special person. I loved how my Snowflake/Winter Banner turned out so much, that I decided to create a similar design for Valentine's! It's quick and easy to assemble! Just print, then. attach your letter tag to your base card with a foam square to add dimension. Then. In Kootenay, throw the defenses out the window as neither team has played anything close to decent defense. My boys love legos. I mean, if they could marry legos, they would. I find legos in couches, under couches, in washing machines, dryers, pant pockets, next to the bathroom door on a shelf, on top of the toilet, in beds, under dressers, under beds. When I get ready to vacuum, I am required to give a warning shout letting them know that Mr. Vacuum will swallow any legos left on the floor. A warning that takes the blame off me if any legos do get eaten. Instantly wide awake, I had been all but violently catapulted back into this realm of reality by the first nightmare that I could recall, and even to this day more than a quarter of a century later, I still remember it only so well. I’m not the superstitious sort and never put much stock into “ghosts,” at least not until that night. Over the years I’ve heard my share of stores that would probably make most shudder and been awaken many nights by the screams of another prisoner who claimed to have seen something – some even claimed to have been physically touched. I suppose that is should be expected, given the violence and inhumanity that hangs like a wet blanket over any prison. Especially one with the dark history of Florida State Prison, where far more have died a violent death than have been put to death by state sanctioned execution on the infamous “Q-wing. ” At the time I could see it from the distant catwalk window from that particular cell I then occupied. It was strange, and yet familiar, as most dreams can be. Shadowy shapes crowned by featureless faces that could not be recognized. But there was a part of your inner consciousness that knew who they were. I'll start. I remember trying to make those hours more pleasant through the use of satellite radio, but nowadays recorded podcasts are essentially my sole entertainment while driving. Link. Nu efter att ha njutit de vackra bilderna och dom underbara texterna måste jag få lov att göra det samma. Innanför pärmarna befinner sig utsökta små noveller, fulla av kunnskap och kärlek till trädgårdens alla plantor. Den här boken blir inte slukat i ett jafs, denna läser man sakta, njuter av vart enaste litet ord, tänker lite och minns och läser lite till. Jag vet inte om den finns översatt till norska ännu, men antingen får man som jag läsa den på svenska eller verkligen lägga ett litet notat bak örat så man kommer ihåg den när den först blir översatt, för det blir den, hur skulle en så här underbar bok inte kunna bli översatt !!.

Aya Natsume anime illustration Figure in blister card packaging Base with Japanese/Chinese character of Tenjho Tenge 天上天下Even without the display stand, the figure is able to balance on its own It started off having the fixed posed variant figure of Aya Natsume with black hair.

Thereafter, I wanted the original production that is closer to the anime. Still the same pose of Aya Natsume from Tenhjo Tenge, drawing her katana in school uniform, in an original paint scheme was designed by sculptor/designer Bome.

A well made figure with much likeness to the Aya Natsume in anime, the heroine with the impossibly small waist and incredibly big boobs.

Often feeling inferior to her elder sister, Maya Natsume, at some point acted in a clumsy way. Aya might be perceived weak in the anime but when she subconsciously awakens her dragon eye, the powerful would be vicious and devastating. It’s a non-articulated PVC figure that is similar in scale and quality to the other best sellers, released by avex mode X KAIYODO . Even without the stand, the figure is able to balance on its own. Thought I would bring out the Easter tablecloth with the rabbits and chickens on. it doesn't get much use otherwise!! LOLChris is still away working in Fort Mac so I am home alone. well, except for the two cats!! My neighbours felt sorry for me and have invited me for Easter turkey dinner this evening, so there are bonuses to being home alone!! I thought I would make her a tea bag book as a thank you. Not sure she drinks tea but its the thought the counts. Due to the overwhelming amount of mint that accumulated in our garden, it only seemed right to have a mojito party! The invitation. The tonic. Main ingredient. So Helen Clark is running for the top job. Oh well. First there was the 'Cheeky Darky' followed by 'Spanky Bankee' and now we have the face which won a thousand Grand Nationals. So I am able to continue on with my day, here are a few things that must be discussed. Happy Birthday to my Uncle Robert.

And a big shout out and a thank you to Mr and Mrs Robitussin.

My cough and I appreciate you. Have a nice day!.  O YA! Absolutely brilliant day in town today, we have no wind this morning and some MICRO WAVES for your logging pleasure. Lots of peeps and homies already in town soaking up the lovin'.  CHANNEL: These sets are more regularly than Charlie Sheens rehab visits. My old dog Jessie.

She and I have spent this morning out in the yard.

She's taken it easy with an extended nap in the sun while I drank my tea. It's been a good Sunday morning. The point of Lost and Found is to level the support playing field. When LFCA works correctly, the newest blogger with the smallest readership can receive the same level of support as the oldest blogger with the largest readership. Please support the list as well as anyone posting announcements below. Connections AboundMISCELLANEOUS NEWSNewBlog Award: GrownInMyHeart. Choose a category: Miscellaneous News, Birthdays or Anniversaries, Loss Remembrances, Loss Announcements, Miscellaneous Support, Bed Rest Babes, Pregnancy Announcements, or Birth/Adoption Announcements. Link to the blog by using the format below. Obviously change the category name, blog url, and message to suit your blurb. This is just a sample. Please go over and give her a hug. Recently, my department head gave me an essay by Sven Birkerts entitled "Teaching In A Video Age. He wonders if, since he's been teaching for many years, the change he's seeing is due to the digital age. For this reason alone, the essay is a thought-provoking, reflection-inducing read. First, he establishes some perspective in the following quote, which also goes well with one of my other postings, "An Introduction to Poetry. "".

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