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I can bring you positive news. Dick was out and about last night at the Policy Exchange. Con Home has a succinct summation of the evening here. If you don't think it's a bonus, perhaps you shouldn't be here. Charlotte came home on Saturday! Matt and I were soooo happy to have our dog child home with us. She's currently living in a pen because her movement is restricted. We had an extra mattress that was being stored in our garage, so it's currently in our family room. We put our bedding from upstairs on it, and we've been sleeping downstairs next to Charlotte's pen. Her pen is set up literally next to our make-shift bed. Hello, goodmorning!!! it's happy Monday. a beautiful day!!!For today I made a special LO for Marthijn and Karlijn. Theygot married just one year ago. Here are the curtains Tricia made.

I'm really pleased with them, they feel fresh and make the kitchen look bigger.

I noticed that Hanno has installed one pull back hook higher than the other. : \ We'll have to adjust that. I have to buy a few hooks for the top of the curtains as there are a few missing, but when they're all fixed, I'll happily live with these curtains for many years. The curtains I'm stitching will take another couple of weeks but I'll post a photo when they're finished. Tricia saw my other pottery crock when I featured it on the blog a while back so she bought up this much bigger crock for me to use. Do you like???This is a modified triangle box. A tutorial can be found HERE. I altered the measurements to make it a little more mass production friendly. I just cut triangle to fit inside and glued them in place with some snail. From The Daily Beast:. Once criticized by campaigners for his reticence to address contentious issues, Attenborough is no longer willing to speak in hushed tones. Sitting opposite the kangaroo enclosure at London Zoo, he told The Daily Beast he had lost patience with the “ignorance” of creationists, polluters, and climate change deniers. “To simply say that you must accept unquestioningly what you learned at your mother’s knee is not the act of an intelligent person,” he said. Deux duos produits par DAVID FOSTER. Le premier est extrait de la bande originale du film TWO OF A KIND. As the second single from the homonymous Soundtrack Album Take a chance gets a release – a duet by the Pop-Primadonna with Co-Star John Travolta. The title with discreet instrumentation was written by Olivia together with longtime Producer David Foster and well-known Top-Guitarist Steve Lukather. " - Alfred Billings Street Lo, lift your heavy heart, as there is reason to rejoice. A blazing rare sun shines down from the center chakra, as we raise a collective skinny fist to heaven. Bodies scramble into forms of neoprene and rubber and collect foam and form of all shapes and sizes from roof tops and trunks. The most recent storm has passed, and what remains, is however temporarily, bringing smiles to many a slider's face at this early hour. Truthfully, some players may have to be sent down, or outright released. As of now, however, a mad scramble takes place for shapes and shadow of a head-high variety. Though not the purest of the form, the size and majesty is enough to push many sliders into the breech once more. Scalia is a conservative icon. He's rightly admired for his defense of popular sovereignty. He championed consent of the governed. He championed the Bill of Rights.

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