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Probably some will rail about this, but I am not one of them. Andrew Jackson was arguably insane, and inarguably violent and unstable. He hated paper money. Tubman was a courageous, smart woman, who made a life's work of helping people. She will not be the first non-POTUS to grace our currency. It is some years now since Female Genital Mutilation was made illegal in the UK. The passage of this legislation was a no brainer. The degree of mutilation involved, and the relatively small proportion of the UK population engaged in this activity meant that precious few people would have opposed the measure, and it was an easy, and very necessary law to pass. Male circumcision for ritual or religious reasons is philosophically in my view no different, but politically it is a much more contentious issue. Unsurprisingly British politicians don’t want to visit this issue as the potential for large numbers of lost votes is very significant. So they turn a blind eye. Finally one civilised western country has started to take a stand. Not the politicians, by making new laws, but the legal establishment itself for pointing out that the practice is probably already illegal by the application of existing legislation. The fact that this practice has been pursued by a large number of people for thousands of years is no excuse or justification. For a first rate argument against male circumcision read this. What cancer - or any suffering - cannot do: It cannot cripple God’s love It cannot shatter hope It cannot corrode faith It cannot destroy peace It cannot kill friendship It cannot shut out memories It cannot silence courage It cannot invade the soul It cannot steal eternal life It cannot conquer the spirit From the book What cancer cannot do. Once again this is our first Christmas movie. We watched it this afternoon. We love this movie, and it continues to be one of our favorites. Basil Rathbone plays a wealthy businessman concerned only with profit against Leo G. Carroll who plays his bumbling, well-meaning cousin. Carroll's wife, and Gloria Talbott is their daughter. Why this Question Matters. And it was so done. And God saw that it was good.

And he said: Let the earth bring forth the green herb, and such as may seed, and the fruit tree yielding fruit after its kind, which may have seed in itself upon the earth.

And it was so done. And the earth brought forth the green herb, and such as yields seed according to its kind, and the tree that bears fruit, having seed each one according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. And the evening and the morning were the third day. ”The work of the third day sits at the boundary between the formation of the fundamental structures of the universe and the population of the universe with things. The two articles in this question address problems that might seem to arise from the text itself or from the interpretation of the text in the light of the scientific understanding of the time. HED Gravel wheels I spent the weekend mostly down and out with a really bad head cold. It sucked the life outta me, so no bicycle riding, and being under the watchful eye of Mrs. Not that I would have. I really felt nasty.

Well, whatta ya do then? being a bit behind on writing, that is what I did, for the most part, when I wasn't in bed resting, that is.

Gant RuggerToday's post is brought to you by the color "Orange. While most of us do need to shed a few pounds, there are Texans who need to gain some weight as well. I know and I have said it before myself, 'what a nice problem to have, right?' Unfortunately, for folks who are underweight, gaining those needed few pounds is not as easy as it might sound. Ever sit in the lunchroom at work eating a healthy salad and watch some skinny person consume a double meat burger with a large fries and coke, day after day, but they never gain weight? I know it doesn't seem fair, but that's just the way it goes. I think it's time for a bedtime snack. Good morning Augusta. This morning it is overcast with a chance of snow and rain, then mostly cloudy with a chance of rain. Fog early. "Solidarity is no longer a question of altruism but of survival. Frontline Defenders provided the following background information on Mohammed's current plight: Mohammed Al-Maskati has been repeatedly subjected to harassment and intimidation in relation to his human rights activism and Front Line Defenders has previously issued a number of urgent appeals on behalf of him. He was released on the condition that he sign a declaration stating that he will present himself before the public prosecutor at any time. In his message to Cubans Mohammed expressed his solidarity for Cubans and a revolution that would do away with the Castros and usher in democracy, freedom and justice. Below he described the situation in Bahrain which included that the regime was killing and torturing the opposition and he made a call for concrete action by people of good will around the world. Tong Liya, Joseph Chang, Marc Ma, Shawn Yue courtesy of on.

Lok Jai and Hau Chuen were sharply dressed and even playfully pointed their prop guns at each other.

Tong Liya in the film not only had fight scenes but also an assault scene with Chang Hau Chuen. Hau Chuen in the film displayed an extremely mean side, but at the event he was a bashful guy. Yesterday my other baby brother said I should take a photo of the Mustard field with the Smoky Hills in the background…good suggestion…yesterday was cloudy and the light wasn’t too bad…the other alternative would have me getting up at some hour way too early for me. We noticed a number of butterflies in the Mustard Field. They seemed to be having a good time feeding. We watched the butterflies for quite some time. There were some mucky mucks having a meeting out in the field…rumors abound about this field…good, bad and ugly. I hope the mustard doesn’t show up in all the other fields…or our lawns for the next how many years. Time will tell. . The smallest camper in the stamp set is my favorite. It's so easy to add to different cards and mini cards. That was one of those long ago, galaxy far away sort of times. I wasn't sure what they could do or why anybody would ever need one. I could type reasonably well, so an electric typewriter was adequate. I could balance my checkbook, so a simple calculator or even a pencil and paper would do the job. My annual tax return could be done on two sheets of paper. I could deal with the graphic interface of a Mac and then got shamed into buying a PC because the "real world" was oriented around MS-DOS and not Apple stuff. There was much more software written for PC than Apple. Of course that was before iPhones and a billion "apps". There was Windows. My mum wanted to watch the 恭送九皇大帝圣驾回銮 procession at the temple in Arumugam Road, so we were there on the Lunar Ninth Day Day Ninth for the procession. But we did not follow them to the seaside, only watch at the temple. Pictures taken while on the way to the temple and inside the temple itself. I’ve been busy making more socks for Mary Lou’s Sock Swap. I know they look like the ones I posted the other day, but they are not. I love Mary Lou’s designs so I’m sure it will be wonderful. I’ll keep you posted.

Mom – Though I’m retired, I’ve been filling in at work while someone is off on sick leave.

When I came home the other day, Mother started in. “Let’s go out to eat. Zaragoza is developing into a most pedestrian friendly city and has the roads in the centre with tables, chairs and sunshades for the local bars spread around. It certainly is not a place to drive through! The new tram system is still being built and rented bikes are very popular. Lunch was a bocadillo con calamares y mayonesa con mejillones en salsa. ¡Delicioso!Zaragoza is a beautiful city. Today I am feeling the effects of all the turmoil of the past few days. Old MS syptoms are rearing their ugly head - lost partial sight while walking my dog. Last time this happened I read a paper on the effects of adrenalin on MS patients and there is some science behind the "flight or fight" causing relapses. Change the changeable, accept the unchangeable, and remove yourself from the unacceptable. machacas. tastefullyoffensive.

According to the Crown Office documents released under FOI legislation, the ILOR “seeks information in relation to the ongoing investigation of others involved in the plot”.

But they go on to disclose: “There was no access to any individuals of interest during this visit. ” Instead, the team met officials and ministers in tightly-controlled secure buildings in Tripoli, fuelling suspicion that the new Libyan government does not want investigations to proceed. Kuwait, memang punya ragam bahasa, susah banget apalagi yang ga pernah belajar bahasa arab. ya alhasil cuma sedikit deh yang tau nanti deh di cari lagi yang lebih banyak, ternyata penting juga ya bahasa arab, dulu bukannya ga mau sih belajar tapi ga da kesempatan.

sedikit kata kata bahasa arab yang sering dipake.

mohon saran dan arahannya karena pasti bangyk yang salah. I have been busy- as usual creating some fun ormanents out of scraps of old paintings- so much fun!!. Strong language. The link here. My son sent this to me today. I hadn't seen it before. I can't believe it hasn't gone viral. Maybe it has and I missed it. Anyway. The new ram lamb is doing well! I was worried the ewe was going to reject him, but the little guy had a tight stomach when I picked him up and gave him some vitamin paste. Just in case the mother was slacking with the milk business, I offered him a bottle of warm goats milk and he sucked it down like a little piston.

I think I'll keep him to raise for the Holidays.

A tradition started last year, but certainly worth keeping up. So much is happening! All of it good!. thru the orange groves!. Hello Ai fans! I have a fairly quick and simple Get Well card to show you today - one you could make up quickly, or whip up a few to have on hand for when they're needed. Even the number of Copics needed to colour up the image was minimal - all making for a quick & easy card. These two men are probably innocent and the U. S. Government knows it. Still, the torture continues. The U. S. Government continues to maintain that all prisoners at Guantanamo are treated humanely. That is a lie. Madness is often the only sanity left, when hope alone serves the living. - R. You could say Jeff Ward is a BadAss!.

It is good quality television folks! Jennie Garth's character,Kelly, may have been my favorite.

I hated it when she nearly married that darn Matt Durning. attorney at law! Well, enough about all of that. I. It consists of the claim that our parents possess "secret information" of which we have no knowledge and which, as children, we would have no means of understanding even if they were to share it with us. Awarma also konwon as Hummus with Meat or Hummus Bi Lahmeh is a middle eastern dish famous in Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Palestine. Put in small bowls. Fry meat in ghee until brown. Add a handful of pine nuts, fry until coated with ghee. Pour over the hommus. I was so happy, we finally got rain. Even the huge Weeping Beech perked up a bit. The ponds all looked a bit higher. Things are filling in so much it is hard to see the gazebo. But it is easy to see the puppy. She doesn't wear camouflage. She is always checking the grounds though. .