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That is so sweet of her but I really feel bad for not getting my lazy ass in settling the matter before she does.

Thanx to Irene, I'm finally able to find a right spot to put my Dendrobium. A spot that won't block my view while I watch TV and also safe from my little rascals at home. Ha! Ha! I have also taken some pics within my study room or should I say toy room for your viewing pleasure. Today's post is a chance to kill two birds with one stone, not literally of course. I'm taking the opportunity to update the Renegade prep process as well as highlight another Great Aunt Irma treasure. I'm going to state the obvious. This is a cake stand that would make Martha Stewart proud. It probably dates back to the fifties. I'm sure Martha would know all the relevant information. I, unfortunately don't. But I think its beautiful and I have used at numerous celebrations and dinners. The LGU is disappointed at Charley’s withdrawal from the squad. Despite media interpretation, the timing of the team trial does not conflict with the LPGA’s Kraft Nabisco event to which the player has been invited, and in fact Charley could, had she wanted, have played in both. Charley’s representative yesterday advised the LGU that “She appreciates that her absence from the training may jeopardise her chances of being selected for the Curtis Cup team and may preclude her from future LGU teams”. Charley further told the LGU “…. To date there has been no reply to this suggestion from either the player or her representatives. The door remains open for Charley to attend the trial at Nairn and then travel to the USA for the Kraft Nabisco. While disappointed at Charley’s decision, the LGU considers the remaining squad members world class players in their own right and is confident that a strong team will be selected for the match in June. It cannot be purchased with jewels mounted in fine gold". Observation:Job declares how important wisdom is. He says it is more valuable that gold or crystal that people dig in the earth and work so hard to find and bring out. He is saying that wisdom is worth whatever it takes to get it. Wisdom makes life so much better and it is worth the work. He is the creator of everything we know. Here is the PowerShell Script to Export SharePoint List items to CSV file and then Upload to SharePoint Document Library Add-PSSnapin Microsoft. SharePoint. Hello Ai Fans!!! We're back from CHA! We had a wonderful time at the Create-N-Connect show in Las Vegas and can't wait to recap our trip! We're working on LOTS of orders for stores near you! We're on week two and we want your sentiments to be the focus! We want to see what you're creating for your statements to stand out! Any card with ONLY sentiments can be entered. by Frank Turk Dear Dr. Carson & Dr. I am not merely grateful for your books and lectures and sermons which have taught me so much: I am grateful for the spirit with which you have done it all. That is to say: while I am well-known through a reputation of being quite a pill for the sake of the Gospel, you both are known as fatherly men who have a graciousness I am certain I lack, and it is that spirit from which I learn much all the time. Recently, you have both penned a detailed statement about the nature of the Gospel Coalition, and about its duties or relationship to its readers and also its council members. I wanted to offer to you an outsider's perspective on what just happened and why it is not enough merely to say what you have said so far. Join me every Sunday when I share some of my favorite links I discovered in the previous week. Looking forward to seeing new work by Jose Parla in an exhibition that just opened at the Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in NYC.

Marilyn Harris Mills writes a though review of the different qualities of watercolor and other types of paper on the Mixed Media Art blog.

Wish I could have seen this exhibition of Glen Skein's work shared by Fiona Dempster on her blog Paper Ponderings. So. See the World Clock to make sure you have the right time. Ray and I have posted them here and on My Life All In One Place and they've proved popular. Now we are making available versions that will print on Letter paper, the North American standard. Each prints out on Letter paper, double sided. Each Letter sheet will contain two double-sided Personal Filofax pages, with crop marks showing you where to cut using a craft knife and ruler to release the individual pages. I am seriously running on empty this week. I have been busy making phone calls, sending emails and gearing up for the sale of our home. Tomorrow we are driving to move all of our stuff back to IL and into a storage unit. Also, I forced myself to do many of the returns from our shower last week. I have gone to six stores thus far and have two to go. Phew!We are moving forward with our life in so many ways at once. So EASY!!! All supplies are Stampin up!Stamps: Cheap talk, short and sweetPaper: Confetti white, Kiwi kissInk: Pacific point, kiwi kissAccessories: Kiwi satin ribbon, eyelet border punch. This is what I was writing: Sunday Morning Came and Went More and more, Left Blogylvania tracks the Sunday Mouse Circus like the mineshaft canary that it is. This puppet show where trial balloons are floated and talking points run around the track is now almost immediately sighted for range and distance by giants like Crooks & Liars and then shelled to dust. This beetle-riddled tree where hacks like McCain and Lieberman nest and preen and regurgitate their smirky horseshit is now routinely used for target practice by Think Progress. So today, no teevee reviews: that is being done just fine elsewhere. Today we asked the Musical Question: “Having toed his ideology into the retaining wall, where best for Bobo to fall back to to make his final stand?” Hey! How ‘bout college! In his Sunday column, Bobo waxes all Veronica and Archie about discovering that the students in his charge in a class he taught at Duke are moving towards what Bobo persists in trying the sell as the “Center”.


They are all toddlers right now and it can get pretty intense sometimes.

He can take a lot less from them in the whiny dept but that is understandable after a hard day at work.

He needs to chill a little bit more but when he's in the thick of it he really does do great. I really appreciate it when he is here to help.

Now I need to go break up a fight.

ETA: Blogger isn't listening to me. Inspirational Quote Of The Day: "Societies in decline have no use for visionaries. " - Anais Nin Heavy gloom breaks just before the waters and rays of clean light shine down upon craggy coast lines as we gaze towards the breakers. Parking areas serve as dressing room, green room, and bedroom as the line-up grows with each passing moment. Be aware of your surroundings as water levels are high, and the seawall offers no quarter. It's concrete takes form and flesh as if water, and rebounds into choppy seas. CHANNEL: A crew approaching double-digit status is mining stoke on the far outside portion of the bar, and on occasion, striking silver, if not gold. Architectural inspiration via Pinterest. Michael Kors Miranda watersnake clutch. Nicholas Kirkwood studded cutout leather sandals. Chloe Celia gold tone cuff. Darlings, what do you think of this luxe living room and the look it inspired? xoxox, CC. I went to the NY Times website on Tuesday night. But there was nothing there. A little more on Doug O'Neill, but mostly about J. Nothing new here to be sure, and I've made allusions to it on this site in the past. The article is perfectly legitimate and timely as a background piece about an owner of the Triple Crown prospect with a record of unsavory business practices. This was one of the best festivals we have attended. This is how the sauerkraut hut was decorated. And here is the seating area where you could eat your wurst with kraut, sauerkraut soup or stuffed cabbage. This building was all about steam. The old schoolhouse open to inspect. The millhouse. I'm Carol from Plymouth in the UK, married to Colin. gosh doesn't time fly when you're having fun!! I do have two other men in my life, our sons Jason and Matthew. .