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Askins was first on the scene and checked surrounding structures to make sure no one was inside. Firefighters responded from Key Largo, Tavernier, Ocean reef and Miami-Dade County. A boat from Sea Tow in Key Largo also worked the fire, spraying canal water on docked boats and other structures behind the homes. None of the destroyed homes were occupied at the time of the fires. All the homes were second homes, but all of the owners did respond to the scene. Key West – Sheriff’s detectives are still seeking help identifying a man found dead just offshore of Ballast Key this week. They are hoping someone will recognize a drawing of the large tattoo the man had on his upper left arm. A passing boater spotted the body and called the Coast Guard Monday evening. The Coast Guard responded and recovered the body from the water, bringing it back to the Coast Guard base in Key West. An autopsy performed by the Monroe County Medical Examiner’s Office showed no obvious signs of foul play, said Detective Manny Cuervo who is the lead investigator assigned to the case. Detective Cuervo says the man had no clothing on, and no identification. So far, the detective has found no missing persons reports that fit the man’s description. The autopsy refined the descriptors released earlier in the week. I can finally share this card that I made for Paper Crafts Magazine awhile back that is published in their newest issue "Color Inspiration"! I had fun using felt on this one for my background! I'm way addicted to making my own felt pieces now for projects. I just cut a piece of brown felt from the craft store with my pinking shears, then layered a Pink Paislee Artisan Element over the top with a Jenni Bowlin butterfly sticker and pins. The canvas heart stickers are from Pink Paislee also. Something about the texture of felt that I love! Check out these other fun felt projects I found to share with you! Some sweet felted owls from Only Muttix. A pair of felted baby shoes from Old School Acres. Adorable pillows from PB Teen. More pillows by the Purl Bee. Some pencil toppers by Whimsy-Girl. The housing lies between two roads, one to the south and the other to the north, which delimit the allotment and have imposed its location at halfway distancevia. A person who loves you truly will never let you go whatever the situation is. CATARACT: WAYS OF BLINDNESS Do you have one of your family members who cannot see clearly? Probably, it is caused by cataract. Cataract is an eye disease that can make someone’s vision unclear and even blind. These will review about cataract. Causes and Preventions Cataract is the muddy part in eye lens that is usually clear and will obscure vision. As people's age grow, the eye's lens generally will be slowly muddy and foggy. Proceeds will benefit The Survival Center, Northampton's local pantry serving the needs of many folks in town. I hope you enjoy this departure from some of my other work. The Poster is available here. It's been a long journey which I admit sometimes nearly got the better of me but it has been worth every second. Images - Brabourne Farm. Purpose: keeping in touch. That, and I fancy journaling. Frequently updating individuals AND documenting my life can get a bit sticky now and again. My solution: a blog. This blog is nothing special. This week's unkempt rabble. In cowboy movies of old it was always easy to spot the baddie by what colour hat he wore. In real life, of course, nothing is so literally black and white. They're widely regarded by the terminally bovine to be the only ruthless, gun-totin', black hatted, lucre-chasing evil in town. Lives can go hang from a rough and creaky noose for all they care as long as profits are protected via a system of lies, political manipulation and mendacity. Whereas the pharmaceutical industry is perceived as riding in on a pristine white thoroughbred, their righteous eyes gleaming with probity and rigour. Sadly, the script was written by PR experts for an industry which has more than a few skeletons hidden in its own saddlebags. Hundreds of reports of suicides and violent reactions tied to the stop-smoking drug Chantix were left out of a crucial government safety review.

The reports were missing because the drug’s manufacturer Pfizer Inc.

Well, I thought that I would never see this day, but the Archdiocese is really standing its' ground on the gay marriage issue in DC. Either put up of shut up. For more on this, The Foundry, American Papist and Marriage Matters. Correct me if I'm wrong. We are at war with al Qaeda in Afghanistan and other places around the world. Yet. Then I saw this image on Pinterest. I loved the boots she was wearing and then realized they were Frye Paige boots! I think these may be the ones. Crew but they looked terrible so I'm returning them. When I returned, I was so very happy to be home once again. The many, many things we take for granted are not available to everyone else. Being able to turn on the tap and safely drink a glass of water. Electricity that barring a major storm, is dependable every single day. Sewer systems. Little things like that. The rights we as women have. The opportunity to elect our leaders. "What?" exclaims the critic in the back row. "'The Gospel?' In Sunday School? You're an innovator, cent. " Yes, well, given that most adults couldn't define the Gospel for you in spite of years of AWANA and Sunday School and stacks of Max Lucado books and Nooma videos, I believe it is quite innovative, but thank you for your concern. There is also a powerpoint for those of you audacious enough to use overheads as your outline, and I can send it to you if you ask nice. I have been arguing with Kent in the meta about some of this, but I wanted to drag some of this into the daylight of the front page for the rest of you to have a stab at. The Auckland Super City is an out of control megalomaniacs dream and a ratepayers nightmare. Hide's plan was predicated on the clear basis the Mayor and Council would work from a philosophy of civic service to work with funders to build a city to be proud of.

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Current interest costs for the ACC is running at a million bucks a day and no prospect for relief on the horizon It is not Rodneys fault people it is the voting public. Many who will pay nothing towards PDB's spendathon voted for him for no other reason than he gained the socialists nomination. While far too many who are now being screwed didn't even bother to vote. - I also created an extention to Wright Way and moved the Gym there, making room for another lot in its place. Unfortunately, I chose this last minute and decided that this town area should more "downtown" but at the same time, more like a town rather than a city. So High Rises and Skyscrapers will not belong here, but any form of clubs, bars, or lounges work great! I will be hosting a contest in September for Builds! ^_^. The Right nearly stormed the White House over fake Benghaaaazi and fake IRS scandals. The Right has shut the federal government down because Freedumb! The Right has nodded sagely as unarmed black men have been killed by cops. The Right been opposed any attempt at sane gun control in this country. The Right impeached Bill Clinton over trivia. The Right fingers it's arsenal and mutters ominously about "The Blood of Tyrants" and "Second Amendment Remedies" every time it stubs its toe. A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember. Seeing is believing. Today should shape up to be one of those days that we talk about for the rest of the year. Fall is upon our little piece of heaven. CHANNEL: Waist to head high waves with the occasional slight over head rolling through the middle channel to the groin pole. Beautiful smooth water this morning as the sun works to break through the marine layer. Photo: Sumac chicken with persian tomato salad recipeThis Middle Eastern inspired chicken dinner is delicious served with salad, hummus and warm Lebanese bread. Add chicken and turn to coat. Set aside to marinate while you prepare the salad. Season with salt and pepper, then whisk together. Place in a large bowl with onion, chilli, herbs and nuts. Hi ya peeps. Today it's my turn to inspire you to get your crafty on. I spent the weekend up in our Wisconsin home enjoying fall colors and crisp air. I really love the fall colors of yellow and reds. Just a pop here and there really make the landscape pop. For my card this week, I am going to use yellow and red for my inspiration. When using an image that has a hint of color, use ribbons of the same color family for a good way to enhance and bring attention to your focal point. I really like the different textures and of course I used my Bow It All to make my double bow. Ribbon Recipe: Mini Pom Poms White, Plaid Ruffle Red and Seam Binding Cream. More scans of Michael from photos by Per Bernal. The man's got some nice arms. Now you need to send the required scans as stated below. Send the last page of LMIA letter scan copy with your signature and date. Authorized Accountant's Details as mentioned in LMIA for Indian applicants only to deposit the above said amount.

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