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Way back in June we celebrated Brendan's birthday one more time.

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Emmanuel Macron, the French economy minister, said Europe can no longer tolerate the flood of Chinese supply.

It has sort of crept into the guild slowly. It started a couple of years ago when a few folks started felting and using the techniques to make purses and pins. Then last May we had a program on using wools. A new member of the guild, Paula, came to us from Wisconsin and she used lots of wool in her work. A few more folks started playing with wool. Well at our show Paula won a First Place ribbon in the Block of the Month category for her execution of this Primitive Gatherings Quilt. When you want to believe in something, you also have to believe in everything that's necessary for believing in it. -Ugo Betti And without faith it is impossible to please Him, For whoever would draw near to God must believe that He exists, and that He rewards those who seek him. iraffiruse. I was in such a remorse after selling of my SDX Chogokin Knight Gundam and now is finally the time to redeem myself with at least a BB Knight Gundam Kit. Knight Gundam SD Gundam Model Vol. The best part was that Wei Xian had offered to help me spray this kit. My master of SD kit aka marker expert!! What are friends for. Awesome! Classic design that remained faithfully to how a medieval knight would look. Though in SD form, the kit is pretty versatile in various poses with the play factors of weapons like the sword, shield and lance. Our lives are governed by the machinations of institutions, both public and private. They are inescapable. Wouldn't our lot be happier if we had a window onto the internal workings of these monoliths of power? Wouldn't our society be freer and the body politic healthier if we knew more about how and why certain decisions were taken? This preamble is by way of wishing and hoping that the denizens of the superstructure of our society dash to the loo with their Smartphones and begin to blog away. The more these people blog then the deeper our understanding into the internal workings of the systems that guide our existence. Obviously my bent is towards the penological, and as the only blogging British convict I would hope that along the way I could offer a window onto the prison landings. But where are the prison staff blogs? Where are the Governors? And where are all the other cons? Insiders within any institution owe us ah insight to their small corner of the world. can't think of a better reason to play!!And wouldn't it be brilliant if everyone put the link on their blog? I can imagine the array of beautiful butterflies we scrappers could create. Observation:The Exodus from Egypt was a huge event! Scholars differ about how many people actually left Egypt and traveled to the Promised Land, but it was a huge number into the millions of people. While thousands wanted to go back to Egypt, Joshua and Caleb wanted to settle in God's land of promise. While others saw giants and felt it was impossible, Joshua and Caleb believed GOd would give them the land and conquer their enemies. Joshua and Caleb were honored for their faith and were the only men who left Egypt who were allowed to enter the promised land. God honors faith in Him!Application:When everyone wanted to turn back and felt like giving up because of some difficulties, Joshua and Caleb exercised faith in God. When the circumstances of life leave you feeling like there is no hope, you must hold onto God and trust Him even more at that point. There is a reward for those who wholeheartedly follow the Lord. If you know him, you know what a genuine and kind person he is. If you don't know him, go buy something from him to make his birthday special. People traveled to this muddy, chilly, and not-yet-green corner of the world this past weekend for the first ever Arrows Rising Event. Folks traveled from Nova Scotia, North Carolina, and New York City to see Cold Antler and feel a bow in their grasp. And as much fun as it was doing some demonstrations and shooting arrows on the farm - the real excitement of the weekend was seeing new archers fall in love. I'm incredibly proud of this event.

Saturday was co-taught by Kathy of WindWomen Farm.

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Those are both long runs.

On the law enforcement side Colt provided their early percussion revolvers to law enforcement and much of their revolver innovations through the decades originated with input from rangers, sheriffs, and city police officers.

Such is the case with the evolution of the DS-II.

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