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So cute.

One can never have too many bags. This is another quilt that Marti just finished. She was hand sewing the binding on Saturday. So pretty. I am a developer. Nowadays, it seems bit odd to be in the IT industry and not to have a blog.

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The poll has been fun. Because that test worked rather well, I am experimenting with a new blog page element.

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e foto tatt av staudetrappa. Et år i bilde. Na ja, egentlig er det jo kun elve måneder for hele oktober er da igjen. I hvert fall startet NuMo’s denne utfordring med et bilde i måneden i oktober ifjor. Dette var så flott at jeg og flere fortsatte gjennom hele året. Nå starter jeg på ny, neste måned blir det et nytt motiv. Being a mom, I can't even begin to imagine Collen's pain, and the pain her whole family is going through. Cancer sucks and I still can't understand why we haven't found a cure. Please please go over and help out, and keep their family in your thoughts! Hug, Ana. For bathing suits!I'm actually acting much more excited than I really am. I hate bathing suit season because I've never looked that great in one, especially now with dreaded post-wedding pounds. Besides, I've grown into the pro-SPF stage of life now. I was doubtful at first that one book would be able to cover everything in the application, but this book managed to address everything we needed. Written with a simple language and provider with a lot of samples and illustrations well distributed through the whole book, this book is suitable for beginners and intermediates CRM developers. Hello there Unity friends, it's Karen sharing a card that I made using one of the Stamp of the Week sets!! "Single Flower Miracle" For the main focal point of the card, first I stamped the sentiment on a piece of card stock using my rectangle die. Then, I stamped a few single buds onto the bottom corners of the card.

I colored the buds with some distress watercolors and chalks to add a softness to them! Lastly, I made one single flower to mimic the flowers from the stamped image.

I love how you can use different pieces of the stamp set in many ways! Now, it's time to share this week's. Mandi Beautifully painted mason jar, with some jute and a Unity stamp: Within Beauty makes for one very cool and stunning project!! Susie I love the vibrant colors used on the Kennedy Girl stamp, and how she was used as a water fairy. by Phil JohnsonHere's a bit of hypocrisy that is stunning indeed: Scot McKnight publicly scolds Mark Dever for getting polemical about the atonement "during this Holy Week. " Several things really irritate me about this: One is the insinuation in McKnight's statement "I beg to differ, not because I think penal substitution needs to be denied, but because the atonement is too important during this Holy Week to turn into the 'atonement wars. '" Wow. And the fight may be most appropriate today—of all days. I congratulate you for taking this stance and implore you to keep it going. Instead, parties must go cap-in-hand at election time to a body that uses a convoluted formula to decide how much money each party can spend on their TV advertising. It severly punishes smaller parties, and Act has been particularly critical of it. Removing this restriction and allowing political parties to spend their own money is right, and democratic. The argument that parties could spend an infinite amount of their own money on TV advertising doesn't wash because of the cap on spending during election campaigns. Milton - juv. The U. S. government is warning Iran against meddling in Iraq.

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