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Caldwell, R. Sack, C. I realize that my training was very limited, and that due to weather and work. Between the two, I had hardly gotten in anything consistent, long, or above and beyond the ordinary. This may have contributed to my DNF. Here is an article Jim wrote : Lots of detailed tips here. Fun little crochet doll dressed up as a bee.

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Oggi vi desidero presentare il secondo nuovo disegno che ho realizzato per Bergamo Creattiva. I disegni sono ripresi da un antico sampler olandese, ovviamente riadattati e rielaborati alla 'nikyscreations. spring is in the air! I put tag template in the chart so you can finish it in the same way but of course using your fantasy and those tiny designs you could make something very sweet indeed. You can find this new design on Etsy too. Until next time my dear friends! Niky. Oggi desidero mostrarvi il piccolo pensiero che ho realizzato per le amiche che hanno frequentato il corso del 'cuore di lavanda' lo scorso sabato. tanta simpatia da parte mia per loro che hanno partecipato alla classe. I'm showing you today a pict of a small gift that I gave away to ladies who attended 'Lavander day class' last saturday. In those sweety envelopes they found: a new cording for next project, two vintage buttons, an old card with a vintage stitcher pictured on and. lot of love from me to them for enjoying in staying with me taking that class. Thank you girls we had lot of fun indeed!!!. Log on and take a look. Well done everyone. I'm using it to hopefully learn how to post photos on the blogspot with my new operating system that no longer includes iPhoto. Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette. what's going on. Conservative Hideout: Gun Control by Default: Make Them too Expensive to Own Asylum Watch: Sequestration? America Is About To Get Screwed Again! IBD: Will Only Suckers Buy ObamaCare Insurance?Bunkerville: Obama works to purge online opponents Sentry Journal: Robert Welch Predicted Every Liberal Move Sultan Knish: Who Needs the Family? J. R. foxnews. Dead calm / sunny / warm. Tide filling in and swamping it out a bit but new NW swell starting to show with little lines rolling in at both spots. Surfable so bring a longboard and have fun. Channel: Thigh high + wave that breaks in the Channel on the deeper sandbar. Seadrift looks better and bigger and surfers are out over there.

Tide switch will improve conditions.

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So I hope to have at least one or two new pieces posted over the next few days.

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