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I. A. B. J. Wedding week at the Crate Paper blog has officially started. Papers are Crate Paper's Portrait line, die is a Papertrey Ink die called Turning a New Leaf, then I added some twine and burlap from the craft store. Stop over to Crate Paper's blog to see the full step-by-step instructions for this wedding invitation! Thought I'd also show you a peek at a little package I mailed out to a customer today. vanessa traina:-the daughter of romance novelist danielle steele-model, socialite + stylist-styled MKA's THE ROW collection video-considered muse of proenza schouler♥. The Gorki House is a wonderful contemporary home that sits on top of a hill, surrounded by Pine trees in Moscow, Russiavia. Mattea Eckstein shown in action against Melrose Area on Tuesday in the Jaguars' last action of the regular season. Individual section tournament action will begin next week on Oct. John's University. Labels: Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa girls tennis. Domenica in chiaroscuro per le formazioni eoliane impegnate nel campionato di terza categoria di calcio. Also see yesterday's posts here and here. Hawass, reached by phone, confirmed his reappointment. Mr. Mubarak should be allowed to hold power for another six months. He also said that Egypt’s museums and archeological sites were largely secure and that cases of looting were very limited. In the weeks that followed, that turned out not to be the case: several dozen objects were stolen from the Egyptian Museum in Cairo during a break-in on Jan. In statements after meeting Sharaf, Hawwas said the ministry will immediately start an ambitious program to renovate Egyptian antiquities. The Egyptian civilization is the greatest worldwide, Hawwas said, urging the Egyptians to help preserve the country's ancient history. Hawwas has pledged to protect Egypt's antiquities against looting. And so, that meant the kids did too. Flowers, decorations, prizes, a gift for the visiting Pastor’s wife. Chris wore his tee that says ‘You Need Jesus Bro’. While at one of the stores, it became a hit with the sales people and an evangelizing tool to invite a couple ladies out to visit our church. One of the ladies even grabbed receipt paper off her register to write down where our church was. I guess we’ll see. Contrasting shirt collar? Peplum? Our dress of the week got it all. I'm not really sure how many of you guys that read my blog and listen to this stuff will actually get this recording. listening back to this three man band project, its really sorta prog-core, and If I hadn't bought it when it came out, I might be sorta turned off to it. I'm not sure. I know i still love it, and it makes me feel good to re listen to it. It really has a Christ on Parade, early Neurosis vibe to it. The story goes that when Condemned To Death broke up, Keith the bassist moved to Australia to play in Death Sentence. I was away all weekend visiting family and really didn't eat enough fruit and veggies. i actually had a hot dog on Friday with no bread. There are no 'others', we are doing this to ourselves. Then we wouldbe working for them directly, instead of through their Wal-Mart subsidiary. We added another lawyer to the family on Saturday. While I was waiting for the ceremony to begin, I wandered around to see if I could find a target for my Nikon. On the far right corner of the stage, a familiar sight caught my eye: the Mexican flag. I thought it a bit strange that a full row of international flags covered the back of the stage. Last week I talked to a Mexican national who had just graduated from the school I attended. Birds, birds, and more birds Last week I was at one of my favorite stores in the world – Essentials in Northampton, Massachusetts. The store isn’t big by any means but they have a great mix of products – stuff for the kitchen, notecards and wrapping paper, rubber stamps, kids clothes, a esoteric selection of books including craft and cookbooks, beautiful upholstered furniture, custom invitations, and way more.

It has a spacious, airy feeling and the merchandise mix changes frequently so there is always something new to look at.

A couple years ago, I taught a couple embroidery classes there. Their clientelle is of all ages and the people who work there are so warm and friendly. It’s hard to leave without buying something. She’s the one who set up my embroidery class and she frequently does craft classes of her own. William Blake - "Mysterious Dream"I would like to share a dream I had a few years ago.

Before I do, a brief background note is necessary.

I was taking acting classes at the time and, although the exercises we did involved some kind of a technical training, a practical insight over Stanislavski's theories was never offered, although everybody loved to mention him. So, I resolved I would do it myself. I bought Stanislavski's three books - An Actor Prepares, Building a Character, and Creating a Role - and started studying. I tried to apply as much as I could, but my young age and inexperience brought me to misunderstand a lot of what he wrote. This, that and the other. and my most favorite, most worn on a daily basis, ribbed tank. The main warmist tactic in the Senate hearing appears to be to repeat unscientific claims, and to make innuendos about sceptics' funding. Majority witnesses helping Democrats on EPW to dig the extreme weather hole deeper and deeper. “Particularly the elderly are going to suffer. Suffering means they are going to die from overheating. ”Energy-saving measures designed to save on winter fuel bills and protect the environment could pose a risk to health during summer heatwaves, they add. Hello AI Fans!! Who loves Halloween??!! Dunking for apples, dressing up for fun, parties and scary movies.

I love it all! Today I've made a card that can be set out as a decoration as well.

I just added some cuts from my Silhouette and voila! A self made Halloween decoration! Here's a close up of this cute couple! And here's a pic with a little bit of an angle so you can see how it's made. Then adhered the bat to the front of it with some mounting tape. Your weekly dose of Spurgeonposted by Phil JohnsonThe PyroManiacs devote some space each weekend to highlights from The Spurgeon Archive. n the excerpt below, Spurgeon was sounding an alarm against early modernist tendencies. "The idea that God must be propitiated by blood makes Him seem too harsh," the modernists argued. Genteel Victorians, whose sensibilities were offended merely by the sound of the word blood, were inclined to agree. I am hoping that it will hold that yellow in a bit. Dinosaur tracks Sweetie and I took the dogs on a hike this week. We are so lucky to have some wonderful trails near our new home. A spur off the Bunting trail led to some dinosaur tracks. It was very cool to see!My cactus/herb garden I miss my herb garden from the old house.

We have a start of a cactus garden.

We love old rusty junk. So I decided to plant some herbs in pots until I figure out exactly where the herb garden will be located. I stuck the pots in the cactus garden for now. Trump campaign urging their voters to sabotage the GOP. Win it huge. The couple looks pretty hokey on this old AMA Magazine cover but I still like the layout and artwork, especially with the scroll. Touring the United States on your Knucklehead must have been endless fun!. Last month I went to the sewing day for the Indiana Quilts For Kids and I made these two trip quilts. I hope to get the binding on this evening so I can take them to tomorrow's sewing day. You don't have to bring a machine, but can if you want. There will be kits to choose from, cutting and ironing to be done if you don't want to sew. All the quilts make through this group go to the Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. I just can't get over the level of detail Betsy packs into her Petite Places series. The scene elements are all adhered to a Simply Chartreuse Scene It: Basic Backer die-cut. I painted some liquid glue onto the backer and sprinkled in some Terra Textures wood flakes to help hide the folded parts of the pop-up elements. After putting the scene together, I glued on a Clear Tag Dome/Ornament. As some of you might know, I have in previous years and now do again, eat the low-carb and sugar free way. Not just for weight loss, but also for general health. At times it also seems that cooking and baking is more involved because you have to mix this, that and the other to get the taste, mouth feel or synergy of what is usually just ONE ingredient, like flour or sugar. But I love to cook, I love to bake and I love to experiment. And if you are like me more about the quality of what you're eating, rather than the quantity, I think it's worth every minute spent on it. .