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Designed by sculptor Michael Gentilucci, each is handcrafted in America of solid cast-stone. Durable for long lasting outdoor use. Today my friend, Lisette, came over and joined me in some creative play. She was busy playing and learning her distress inks, while I just wanted to get some stamps inked and colored. I have a pretty good selection and # difference in my Copics, but I just can't seem to get the light shades. I always seem to lay the color on quite heavy. So I played with Copics and my Prisma colorpencils. I won't tell you about my horrible "snow white" Tilda experience. Too soft or too firm there wasn’t much you could do without gutting the forks and replacing many of the internals. Burly Brand took notice of that factory oversight and created a simple to install and set up preload adjuster. The adjusters sit tight against the triple tree to avoid handlebar interference and are available in clear or black anodized finish. Check out the Burly web site or contact your local dealer to get a set. “Many fishermen are finding it extremely difficult to make a living during the limited fishing season this year. This year, the fishing season for California Chinook salmon fishermen was again significantly restricted to allow for enough Sacramento River fall-run Chinook salmon to reach the spawning grounds.

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Felix Hayes’s Rochester, energetic, bass-voiced, unravelling in a surprising dressing gown, might well have been locked up were he not male and rich.

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Craig Edwards, captivating as Rochester’s dog, bounds around, thumping a cord as his tail, suddenly flopping down full-length: barking. Time and again, a description is translated into colour, movement and feeling. It is in the same room that a shy Charlotte Brontë hid behind the curtains to avoid seeing guests. Other esteemed visitors over the years included Harriet Beecher Stowe, the American abolitionist and author of Uncle Tom’s Cabin, and the art critic John Ruskin, not to mention Gaskell’s editor, a certain Charles Dickens. The bon mot at this pharma sales chat site caught my eye:Personality disorders virtually always involve others as an intrinsic part of the condition. In the field of business, such individuals are given sanction to act out various conflicts in an entirely insight-free way. Addendum: for a related post on this issue, see "Snakes in Suits" at this link. R.

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Citations in proper APA Style. A little bit of sunshine for you this morning, or should I say afternoon for some of you!I have one more project to share that I made with Vintage Street Market's two kits she sent me.

Here I used the paper from the Party Games kit to cover a box, then wrapped the lace ribbon around the bottom of the box.

I cut a long strip of tissue paper, then trimmed little cuts all along the edge to make fringe, and lastly wrapped it around in the center of the box, scrunched it up and adhered. I kind of like the funky looking bow it makes!On the Just For You tiny tag, I cut a piece of the white lace ribbon, wrapped it around and sprayed it with Lemon Zest Glimmer Mist to make it a yellow flower, a great way to customize your ribbon to your project. So I removed it and kind of like how the tag looks! I added some little splotches of white paint too. Mixing the tape in with the vintage items makes it the vintage look a little more fun and not so serious. I used the tissue paper to line the top of the gift card holder. A modern residence is in oakville, ontario check the site here!. We hope you are blessed as we celebrate the true meaning of Easter: Christ is Risen!. As always, we will start out by offering these in factory sealed cases, the contents being untouched by our hands. Next up is a brand new series, called the Auto-Drag. have fun! To play along, just make a project using the provided sketch and upload it to your blog or online gallery. Then leave a link to your project using the linky widget at the bottom of this post. Please use a direct link to your Mojo post and not just your blog. Verve stamps are NOT required to participate, and you can enter as many times as you want. But their days as a visitor attraction may be numbered. Increasingly they are being secreted away by curators, hidden away from the public without consultation. It is clear from the draft that staff are increasingly sensitive about exhibits of ancient bodies and skeletons. Already the museum has dramatically altered what is on display. It used to present its celebrated collection of Egyptian mummies in open sarcophagi, but now keeps the lids semi-closed because, curators say, that is more respectful. Visitors are only permitted to see photographs of unwrapped mummies and they have to positively opt in to this by switching on the light. When the hell did THAT happen? Thank goodness I canceled the Christmas knitting, or I'd have lost my mind by now. Now that Thanksgiving is over, and there are no other holiday projects going on, it's time to start fooling around with the Christmas baking. It's been a lot. less, since I had the Goober. But this year I'm going to try to send out cookies again, like in years past. Did someone say Treat? I love these little pillow boxes from Jillibean Soup. I decided to make a few treat boxes for valentine's day or even Easter treat boxes if you wanted to.

I also used Pop dots on my stars and a few diecuts just to give the album thickness As you can see I used quite a few MME word stickers on my days as well, adding words such as JOY, Wonder, Peace etc.

i love those for every day reminders. It's been a few years since my husband and I were able to enjoy Christmas with family. I usually work shift work and Christmas day was always a day I was stuck working or we had other issues not allowing us to be available. I am more than positive this will be a great Christmas, so i can add those under my favorite holiday memories. It's such a foolish question. " We also got free tickets to the game against the Toronto Blue Jays. I thought it sounded pretty cool, and I was excited about being a "top walker", so we went. We took the girls and had a great time. I am especially grateful to Aunt Maureen, and the generous people at Farmer's Insurance that helped us out immensely, as well as to my amazing blog readers, many of whom I do not even know in real life, who generously donated on our behalf. My plaque says "Thank You for Walking to Save Premature Babies.

" No need to thank me, really.

Thanks Cari Francis. Chinese model, Xiaoyi Dai had languished at her first US agency for years without much notice or support. Hopefully, she will gain further exposure and work under the guidance of Elite Models. The success of a new model in this industry depends equally on the agency's support, her work ethics and a good deal of luck. Some models don't get the representation they deserved while others get homesick very quickly and leave New York after only a few months of casting calls. The photos are simply spectacular. The styling is totally avant-garde, and the hair and makeup are superb. F. F GM sniper customAs a GM lover, I will not miss the chance to collect RGM or GM figurines. This is one that I like a lot. This MS is uniquely equipped with a distinctive long range rifle. The military green colour scheme of this MS enables the MS to camouflage well in jungle. Simply felted pieces this year in the master. On the garland, wreath, birds, figures. Add candles and a few touches of blue. Refuge The patterns in here are brown striped, blue florals, brown checks, cream/brown stripe, blue quilts, etc. The ceiling is painted blue with heavy cream walls, and cream wool patterned carpet. All mixed together willy nilly. The blue house painting is mine. The photography darling daughters'. These are a bit jiggly, probably because my mom taped them off the TV, illegally, but they get the point across. Hopefully she doesn't have to go to jail. You made my Mom's job way easier! Please don't throw her in jail for posting these here. I need her around to cut my hair.

I am really not keeping up with things these days and missed this entirely.

But let me that I agree with Msgr. Cardinal Dolan is wrong and Cardinal Wuerl should be ashamed of himself. The gay crowd is celebrating this one. Patrick's Day Parade next year. Just as quickly, the angry column was yanked by his superiors from the official website of the Archdiocese of Washington, DC. So I hope you have had a good week. - Love All Planners Dodo Filofax inserts - Stationery Starlet Day on two pages inserts. We can not guarantee people will read your posts, but we know there is a higher chance of people reading your posts and returning to read other posts if you make them interesting with pictures and good hints and tips. summer is a very good time to be alive. Apple Apples have a rounded shape with a depression at the top where the stem is attached. Some apples are almost perfectly round, while others are more rounded at the top and narrower at the bottom. Apple fruits are firm and the skin is shiny and smooth. The flesh is white or ivory. Health Benefits of Apple Bone Protection French researchers found that a flavanoid called phloridzin that is found only in apples may protect post-menopausal women from osteoporosis and may also increase bone density. Boron, another ingredient in apples, also strengthens bones. Asthma Help One recent study shows that children with asthma who drank apple juice on a daily basis suffered from less wheezing than children who drank apple juice only once per month. Since I photograph almost every card I create there was a LOT to look through, but it also meant lots of ideas to choose from. Upload your creation HERE. Sadly, his house burned a couple of years ago, so the search for documentation continues. Hope this is true and real. It was very different last week. .