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Aysh has re-joined the challenge and shows us a floral picture that was her last project. She had to lay her tatting aside for a while and started this new project just to find out that she's going to need to run out and buy more thread. The next try looks like it's a keeper done in variegated Anchor pearl cotton. You do not have to be a FDBA member to attend. m.

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More Information.

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Many people who support the criminalization of private gun ownership are the very same people who support the decriminalization of hard drugs.

The case for decriminalizing hard drugs goes something like this: The "war on drugs" is an abject failure. Not only a failure, but counterproductive. Criminalizing drugs created a black market for drugs. Pundits will try to spin this story into any and every direction. They'll say Romney's new economic message gave him a boost. Some might even say that it was McCain's inability to get out the Independent and Democratic voters that made all the difference. Still, the answer may lie deep in the psyche of the Michigan Voter. After all, Mitt Romney's first name is quite unique isn't it? Just like Michigan's lower peninsula. Stream of Consciousness Images from the minds of Michigan VotersConveniently, Romney didn't need to spend any money on a name change. Tilda + Co Flowers ChallengeThis is my DT card for the Tilda + Co challenge blog. I have stamped and coloured the Tilda and used the Cuttlebug to emboss the blue panel. If you love magnolia stamps pop over to the blog and check out the challenges. Good Morning! Happy Monday to all of you! This summer is in FULL SWING here in Texas. and I have had a BOAT LOAD of graduation parties, weddings, etc to attend. I have been making cards right and left.

but I finally remembered with this one.

For further information on the Russian Oil Scam, please Read . .