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A perfectly ordinary story about perfectly ordinary people. Wouldn't you think it might be a bit boring? But no, it's not at all. It's fascinating, and I'll keep this one on the shelf for re-reading later on. from the back of the book:Quartet in Autumn is the first of Barbara Pym's later novels and is considered by many to be her masterpiece. It was written during a time when the author had lost hope of ever being published again, and is drawn from Pym's own confrontation with mortality, but is leavened by her dry wit. When the two women retire, this act threatens the lives of all four. Started on Erin Mae's front doors today. It's too long since they had any varnish applied, and June's cloudbursts did them no favours whatsoever.

All good learning experience – can't remember the last time I applied varnish to anything.

So I tried to do what it said on the tin.

I like varnish.

None of this primer, undercoat, topcoat, oops I did it wrong, start again, business. Just rub it down, clean it off, on with the varnish.

Big Duck is far enough alond I wanted to get insurance.

I got a quote from BoatUS that was reasonable, but they needed a survey. So I set one up with one of their listed agencies. Gotta say, I really like this guy, Bob Turner. He was actually on a family outing and took time to give Big Duck the once over. I guess we were both surprised at his positive findings for such an old girl. So here we are, on the road to the marina near his relatives place at the lake. APW, Inc. Those changes are resulting in this record-low number. Picking on landlords is such an easy game, but the practice ignores the ultimate victim, the tenant. With basically no ability to keep up with inflation, landlords have only two areas in which to cut back, staff and maintenance. In too many cases, Toronto buildings are in a state of disrepair. But who is to blame? Landlords run the only business I can think of where they can't raise prices for existing customers to cover their basic needs as costs increase. 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I placed some slices of smoked sausage under the skin for added moisture and flavor. As we've reported recently, fishermen are having a hard time catching this season's Bering Sea snow crab quota. But that's because of interference from sea ice, not a lack of crabs. That's according to the agency's annual Status of U. S. Fisheries report to Congress. Here's what NMFS had to say about snow crab:The important role stock assessments and sustainably managed fisheries play in the U. S. economy is demonstrated by the recent rebuilding of the Bering Sea snow crab fishery. Here's a National Marine Fisheries Service white paper that was posted briefly on the agency's website Monday and then removed. Deckboss spoke with Jim Balsiger, head of NMFS for Alaska, who explained the document was a rough draft that was posted inadvertently. Anyway, he said the gist of the paper is true: NMFS will subject its new Steller sea lion biological opinion to an "independent scientific review" via the Miami-based Center for Independent Experts. The BiOp calls for these fishing closures to protect food supplies for the endangered sea lions. The fishing industry, of course, sees lots of other potential culprits in the decline of Steller sea lions, such as voracious killer whales and environmental shifts. Dinner, Entertainment, Prizes, Best Costume Contest. This place is chosen by another friend as she saw me and Sally went there the other time and she was tempted by the Samsui Ginger Chicken. E' sbarcato a Lipari, prendendo di fatto possesso della Diocesi eoliana, Monsignor Giovanni Accolla neo Arcivescovo di Messina, Lipari e Santa Lucia del Mela. Qui, Mons.

Accolla, che prima di fare il suo ingresso ha impartito la benedizione ai presenti, sta presiedendo la solenne celebrazione eucaristica, nei primi vespri della traslazione delle reliquie del Santo Patrono.

La sua visita nelle Eolie coincide, infatti, con i primi festeggiamenti dell’anno riservati a San Bartolomeo. Mons. "Candy," a new hand-lettering piece by Portland's own Mary Kate McDevitt. I couldn't agree more- candy is the best. In this preface, he states that this work "aims to provide a series of accessible introductions to key topics in the study of Ancient History. Chocolate Velvet Blazer: Boutique Europa. Blue Tie Top: Moda International.

Gray Slacks: New York & Co.

Brown Round Toe Pumps: Ann Taylor. I felt very classic "feminine professional" today. A typical man's professional wear consists of a button up shirt, dress slacks, and often a blazer and/or tie.

My feminine twist utilizes a flowy tie top instead of a button up and tie, as well as a fitted blazer with soft texture and delicate puff sleeve details.

Early on a sunny day, the cables of "my" bridge cast some lovely shadows. To see more Sunday Bridges, visit Louis la Vache, here. This novel can stand alone or be the beginning of a family series. It will appeal to readers of Zane Grey and Joanne Sundell. You're not presenting this, you're writing a business letter. Also, leave all the housekeeping stuff for the end. Just kidding about the title. So Emily and Jenny and I decided to do this Month of Posting experiment to motivate ourselves to post more. And it was my turn to post today before the day was done. A shameless gimmick, sorry. I got an extension on my end-of-July deadline for my August column, thinking I could easily finish it in my spare time at the convention and in the car while we travelled. Did you know it's very hard to find spare time or to concentrate when you're at a church convention? And it's also very hard to work on a laptop in a car when the sun is shining, because you can't see the screen.

So we are in a nicely air-conditioned Borders store, hoping the fan recovers with rest like it did once before.

And I just finished my column and sent it off.

Yes, you. Someone has to be punished for the weather. Hello friends! Shemaine here today kicking off another fabulous Unity Thursday and another wonderful day of new releases! Let's start with this We have new Angie Girl releases today!! Here's just a peek. created by Robyn Weatherspoon created by Angie Blom and a HUGE BIG FUN. and. A fabulous celebration of Friendship with a Co-release with Gina K Stamps. Advance Wars Orange Star Lander paper model from Ninjatoes. As I was doing my work yesterday I realised that our home is very old fashioned. Our kitchen is the centre of our home, it's a place where we all sit and talk, when friends drop by they are entertained in the kitchen or outside on the verandah, when Hanno and I stop for tea every morning we usually sit outside on the verandah. We have a large area around the house for chooks, vegetable and flower gardens, and we have our aquaponics garden and fish, a bush house, garden shed and a large shed where we store hay and where Hanno keeps his tools and repairs broken furniture or appliances. We live on an acre of land but our house takes up a very small portion of that space. New homes are different. Many new homes are on a small piece of land and the home is built right up to the boundry line, there is very little room for outside activities. There might be an "outdoor kitchen" and a small swimming pool but most of the living is done indoors. Well, no delivery just yet. The Sonix takes a visual change, more toward the Xeon look. It will maintain the VL suspension design which remains proprietory to Haro. Pesonally I like the new look of the Sonix, but the color doesn't do it for me. Yet, color doesn't make the bike fast, or better, or worse. So I could really care less for color. I am easily amused. John Travolta en couverture du magazine JOKER. Flamingo Hotel & Casino. By ‘Tex’ as told to Empress Tiptoe One time as I was traveling through New Mexico, I visited an old cowboy who used to be a friend of my great-grandfather. He must have been almost a hundred years old, and he had a nurse looking after him. One day, when the nurse had gone out shopping and I was trying to make conversation, I asked him about the trophies and ribbons that covered one wall of the living room. He told me he was an old rodeo champion, and they were the prizes he had won in his younger days. “I could sit a horse tighter than any man in the west,” he chuckled. “Nothin’ in the way, ya see. ” I didn't think he could possibly mean what I was thinking, so I asked, and this is the story he told me. Halawet El Jibn - Stuffed Sweet Cheese DessertHalawet El Jibn is a Lebanese dessert " made out of cheese dough stuffed with fresh cream. Add the cheese pieces to the mixture, add rose water.

Place one of them on a flat surface, spread the dough over it and cover with the other nylon sheet.