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For more options, visit. Get Ashley's look. The Craft System is a series of quirky lamps with a few simple bases with a seemingly endless array of custom designs. The result is a collection of retro futuristic robot-like lamp. via. Kari has journaling notes on her blog. Kim B has a My Guy kit on her blog. Lindsay Jane has a Rustic paper pack on her blog. Angela has a Felt Stitched Alpha on her blog. Cyn has a Pizza Alpha on her blog. Heather has bright & beautiful Grungy Solids on her blog. As a team, the Jaguars earned an incredible eight quarterback sacks. Wow, is all I can say. Labels: BBE football, BBE Jaguars, bbe jaguars football, Belgrade-Brooten-Elrosa. SWAT operators carry out a raid in Desert Hot Springs, California. I apologize for the error. Her untimely death was indisputably the result of trauma she suffered in the line of duty.

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EES Delta Survey The aim of the EES Delta Survey is to investigate those tells in the Delta about which little is known - to record surface features, get an idea of the dating of any material and the site in general and carry out surveys. If a site has any significant features, these can then be investigated in more detail. All the information gathered is fed back into the on-line data held on the Society’s website: to inform colleagues and record the current state of sites, many of which are under threat from urban or agricultural expansion. html is the follow-up stage of more detailed study. . Your Pirate Name Is. Pegleg FirecrotchWhat's Your Pirate Name?. That's my friend Jimmy and we were the onlycustomers in this Trader Joe's in Sarasotaon a Saturday night last month.

Here in NYC, you'll never see one of these storeslooking like this—even if it's first thing in the morning or two minutes before closing time.

YouTube link. Actor-singer Sheb Wooley is considered to be the most likely voice actor for the scream, having appeared on a memo as a voice extra for the film. The Wilhelm scream has been featured in many films and television programs since. need to think of some way to celebrate! stay tuned. At least I planned to until the workman showed up to fix the deck and the front door. Inviting carpenters to work on the house is sort of like going the doctor. The longer I live in Mexico, the more I realize that some of my earliest impressions were simply mistaken. Take colors. If you had asked me how my neighbors use color, I would have responded that there is nothing pastel on the Mexican palette.

My impression was that homes were painted in bright, primary colors.

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The weather has been perfect.

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MooreYou Need A Budget YNAB - JesseThe Last Threshold - Neverwinter saga Book IV - R.


SalvatoreCharon's Claw - Neverwinter saga Book III - R. The SU-Only Challenge this week was the create a congratulations card. . Chelsea is one of them. A Dreamer Looks At AugustAnd now is the month for hiding away. The heat rises long before we do and places a wet hand on our doors and our windows, ensuring that we stay inside. The tea is iced now. The flowers are gold. This is the month to explore old ideas like an archaeologist, carefully dusting them off, holding them up to the light, deciding which ones are priceless, which ones can be tossed over our shoulders, back into July. It is now when it all falls away - the worrisome schedules, the tiresome work - and we simply drift like toy boats on a pond. A hot sun shines its spotlight upon our closed eyelids, creating vivid pictures only we can see, swirls of inchoate versions of our future selves dancing in the orange light.

We shall hold it in our hearts as the summer closes.

parking on the GA apron. Hello Ai friends and happy Friday! Since Thursday's challenge is paper piecing, I decided to make another card with some paper piecing. Such a fun stamp, one that would be great to give a co-worker. I layered some bright pink cardstock over the kraft, then chose some bright My Mind's Eye designer paper. I colored my image in with copic markers, and die cut it out with a circle die. I sewed around the edges of the card and I did some zig zag stitching on the panel. I paper pieced her dress with coordinating designer paper from the paper pad collection. I kept it simple and added only three magenta crystals for embellishments. Aren't I super hung?! I made a craigslist ad and got tons of response for guys to fuck me on film, including many guys who are camera men or have video editing skills.

Yay for guys! Interestingly enough my craigslist post was flagged for removal quickly after being posted.

I re-posted, and again it was taken down.

I can't figure why. I asked a friend and she told me that in Toronto there are some bitter people who are flagging all the girls posts. Seriously, take a walk through craigslist toronto's personals and you won't see much more than a sausage fest. Weird, huh. I was tagged by Marie Greene at The Perky Pomegranate. Thanks! Check out her cute blog!Here are the rules for this tag. First, link to the person who tagged you and post the rules on your blog. Next, share seven random and or weird facts about yourself. Then tag seven more people at the end of your post. Be sure to include links to their blogs. For the record, I still believe that deposing Saddam was justified and useful. He was a Hitler, and he was our enemy. Above all, I'm ashamed that I trusted President Bush and his circle to have a plan for the day after Baghdad fell. The situation in Iraq is improving, as I've seen with my own eyes.

Their response has been great.

Many continue to support us and some need to drop out, just like I must turn down an occasional free quilting request. I understand that they probably get hundreds of requests just like mine. Papertake Weekly 'Seeing Spots' ChallengeWow I can't believe it is nearly a week since I last posted on my blog, I have totally lost my mojo at the moment!! I'm having a big sort out of my crafting stash and selling lots on ebay, it's amazing the things you find lurking in drawers and under the bed. The Papertake challenge this week is to have circles or spots on your project, I have used one of the fab new Toodles + Binks stamps and Cosmo Cricket papers for my bookmark. Just off to have tea, yummy beef stew and dumplings tonight!SuppliesStamps: Toodles + Binks - AdamTools: Pro Markers, Glossy Accents, Ribbon + Brads from stashDP: Cosmo Cricket. This three-year old daughter of Northern Afleet raced well at this six furlong distance at a higher level on the inner track at the Big A over the winter. This may be Saratoga in the summertime, but no one in this field could touch the since-unbeaten Softly Spoken, to whom Turner Falls ran second in March. Hoping for enough pace from the likes of Sophisticated Lass, Bikini, and Partners Star to set up a late run. Good luck with that early pick four - four maiden races, three for juveniles and the other at a mile and a half, ha ha. This is a wonderfully fresh tasting soup and not at all heavy or greasy.

You don't have to cut them up.

I put them in whole. Simmer the chickens until the meat is falling off the bones. Remove them and let them cool and then pick as much chicken off the carcass as you want to use in the soup. Discard the other vegetables and the spices. I am glad someone with more writing eloquence spoke up and said what needed to be said. They sit in judgement of the bankers and politicians and supposed "cabalists" yet as this post pointed out, they are using the same tactics to keep us currency holders down. One has to wonder the reason for the delays. They have done a good job of trying to get everything right but now its our turn.