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Good morning! I hate monday mornings! blah! I always need just one more day of weekend time to get things done and get in some rest time. I need another vaca!! Today is my day to contribute to the Some Odd Girl Blog. I have used Kody with Flowers. Love Kody and he is so adorable holding those flowers. Copics were used to color him and the paper is from the Devoted by Carta Bella line. Thanks for looking today, Tracy Pin It. I enjoy looking through the resources that Learner. This is the first time I've noticed a course on film.

In-depth treatments present film as a powerful economic force, potent twentieth-century art form, and viable career option.

I'm going to find time to view these.

That moment when Robert Pattinson featured in my wedding video. Sue started tatting in January and she has already shown us her poster board filled with the things she has made. Her first entry for the challenge were these candy canes by Anita H. from the online tatting class, which I somehow missed.

Then she tried the Beaded Snowflake from Tatted Snowflakes by Vida Sunderman.

Agasunset has decided which way to go with her Red Queen Necklace Swarovski crystals to give it a finishing touch. Paula has been a very busy tatter trying to get some practice in and learn a few more techniques before Shuttlebirds Tatting Days Workshop next month. The celtic snails were taught at the January guild meeting. A number of patent filing strategies are available in Europe. Utility model applications are another form of intellectual property protection that can be pursued in certain countries. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and some approaches may be more appropriate in certain circumstances based on cost and other concerns.

Recent developments may also have an impact on which filing strategy makes the most sense.

Kratz and Optimus Patents Ltd. LeBron James is in hot water after remarks me made to a reporter. via. Greif Out at KRON. I knew he recently had back surgery and was suffering with, according to a station source, "significant pain. " I don't believe there's any more to this story other than a medical issue. This is a tin DVD tin that has a notepad on one side and a pocket on the other side. In additon to more examples there is also step by step directions on how to make one. Supplies from CTMH-Bella paper pack, hollyhock ribbon, cocoa marker, corner rounder, prisma glitterother-dvd tin, staples. Grandmommy's Roasted Butternut SquashI learned this technique from my grandma, and it's a family favorite. Again with the knife, or with a heavy-duty peeler, peel the squash and remove the seeds. Lightly spray or coat each piece with olive oil. "What are you doing here?" Paul asked the armed stranger who had materialized outside his workplace.

"Just keeping you safe," replied the interloper, who had invaded the property without invitation or explanation.

The visitor was clad in what Paul described as a SWAT-style dark blue jumpsuit, mirrored sunglasses, and a baseball cap. He had arrived in a white SUV equipped with running lights and displaying police markings advertising that it belonged to the Department of Homeland Security.

Well, I did buy a new car recently.

And, yes I shopped locally and also in the metroplex. I wound up buying in the big city but the pitch in Sherman at the Buick dealer looked like this:. Though the q-theory has been popularly used to link investment and capital market variables. Yesterday, I showed you a fairly over-the-topversion of NYC subway advertising. This guy could slap one of these posters up in no time flat. And for more of Our World, go here. " There are other "justifications" - For those on the right, including former president Nicolas Sarkozy, the burkini is a “provocation,” a symbol of radical Islam in a country still reeling from the terrorist attacks in Paris last fall and in Nice in July. For those on the left, such as Prime Minister Manuel Valls, the burkini is a means of “enslavement,” the subjugation of women to a patriarchal religion. The initial prohibition against the state — or any of its representatives — showing religious preference eventually became a prohibition against private citizens showing any religious preference in public. Here's one counterpoint: The women who wear burkinis, she said, cannot be called oppressed. And here's an image posted by an Italian imam who suggested that these women will not be asked to remove their beach clothing: Embedded images via The Independent. Battered Up: Having deposed Boehner, the uber-conservatives seem likely to next turn to removing Mitch McConnell from his Senate leadership. New Thinking. topoftexasgazette. or maybe just a good day to shoot a few pictures of another version of my Tuesday pillow design. Whether it's Tuesday or Friday or any other day of the week, all those colors make me smile. But it doesn't give you all the fun. exe. DeleteDelete file or directoryOutObjectWrite Objects in output instead of just Directory/File NamesFind-ChildItem Cmdlet Installation Instructions:Extract Find-ChildItem. It was a little over a year ago that I was sitting in Patty's front lawn on Merlin's back, on our first-ever western trail ride.

Up until this point I stuck to what I knew, which was riding in English style with English tack on and English horse.

I had a year of lessons with Riding Right Farm, and three months on Merlin in their arena.

I knew this horse as a walk, trot, and canter animal.

I knew subtle things about him. I knew how to get him to go from a trot to a walk to a full stop using only my plentiful ass cheeks. I knew English riding and was cocky enough to think I could understand Western. I mean, wasn't Western riding easier? Less finesse? Less effort? I would be a sack of potatoes on a horse right? Just along for the ride in a couch called a western saddle that required no effort on my part. That's what I thought.

I was an ass.

Footer, We've got to stop meeting like this! Ms Footer: But Stacey, I want to know everything about you. Stacey: But My Dear Ms. Footer, People are talking! Ms Footer: Darling, I know! Isn't it exciting! Stacey: No! No- I declare it is not. You must know how discreet I am about my clients and the work I do for them, glorious though it may be. And I am shy Ms. .

Nothing lasts forever in this world, Where one season changes into another.

Murasaki The Tale of Genji,photograph by Richard Avedon Life Support for Japan Auction at Elizabeth Avedon here. think you are seeing double? i love both versions of the greek key bedroom. wonder who inspired who.


Here it is. And the stars of the show are:Chicken Matzo BallNew England Clam Chowder Happy Friday!! Yours Truly, Miss Bloggette . Today I was supposed to reveal my botanicals project. but after reading about Shelter Box. this seemed so much more important. More of the Tea Time Simply Scrappin' Kit. I really Love how these pages turned out. I love to paint and make a mess!Who's a cute little Hawkeye?She looks like she's been naughty!Aaron and I have been talking for a long time about getting a nicer camera. We decided a few weeks ago that that should be our Christmas gift for each other. Aaron has always loved to take pictures and ever since I have started working at the photography studio, I am beginning to understand and enjoy it even more. We were going to wait until after Christmas to purchase a camera, but thought we'd get it early so we'd have it FOR Christmas to capture snapshots of the kids and other family members. Cloudy with sun in the background trying to burn through.

Rain may be in the future but weather is settled at the moment.

Still some south swell in the water and waves to be ridden.

Channel: Waves off the inner Groin bar that are about thigh high +.

Mostly lefts with a few rights across at Seadrift. Patch: Thigh to waist high waves on the outside past and at the rock. I presented the snowflake quilt to the mother of the bride this morning and she is very excited and said it is an heirloom. That sure made me feel good. I printed their wedding invitation, adding my information as the label. A 'Chinese Red' Vincent Rapide, the only one I've seen which isn't a Touring model. Original color? Who cares. .