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Majestic and Powerful AMERICA Pray that FREEDOM will continue to reign! I just love America!! I am so blessed.

This is what I have experienced. Joy and a deep peace. We all know stuff can never make us happy or content in our hearts. Ohio Bigfoot Hunter, Tim Stover, does a little island recon in his sasquatch area. Do bigfoot swim to islands? It might be the perfect place to hide. Check out what he found:. We posted the large uncropped version HERE, it's now in HQ. source. The rate was consistent with past studies reviewing the risk of errors when a doctor writes a prescription and hands it to the patient, the researchers said. The U. Great job, Carl! More coverage will follow on Sunday. some day. hopefully? Labels: bbe speech team, belgrade-brooten-elrosa speech. Government action generally splits the difference between “useless” and “harmful. ” Although it began as a perfectly useless and demented idea, the federal campaign to build a fence on the southern border has graduated from mere uselessness into a genuinely harmful undertaking.

For many years, many Americans living along the border with Mexico have found their properties wrecked and polluted by caravans of desperate people who are shepherded northward by cynical flesh-peddlers called Coyotes.

That perception is a reasonable one, even though it hasn't been clearly validated by statistical studies.

And as troublesome as it is to manage the current influx, it is not an unusually large one in historic terms.

Nor are the cultural differences separating the mainstream US population from Mexican and other Latino immigrants as vast as we're sometimes told. To me it seems clear that the key distinction between today's immigration challenge, and that of roughly a century ago, is the existence of the welfare state and the influence of a large and well-funded counter-assimilationist lobby. The U. S. Coast Guard has suspended its search for a crewman reported overboard from the fishing vessel Flying Ocean. Here is a Coast Guard press release. We note that the release erroneously says the boat's crew was crab fishing. In fact, the Flying Ocean was participating in a pot cod fishery, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game confirms. Whenever I am in need for some home inspiration, I always go back to Sweden. I feel like our new home finally has my favorite qualities of Swedish design- minimalism, a mixture of vintage and modern, open space, pops of color, and lots of light. I still dream of having a home in the Swedish countryside someday- or a little home in Gothenburg or Stockholm like any of the ones above. At the end of this month, Chris will sign up Ethan, Charlie and Lincoln for tackle football. Except Lincoln. At first he really wanted to play football with the big boys when he got into second grade, and then suddenly he didn’t for no particular reason. On one hand, I felt bad thinking that he shouldn’t have to play if he doesn’t want to, but on the other hand knowing him well enough that if he gave it a chance, he would just love it after the first day of practice. I was torn. Of course. While a new figure is always a bit hard to get used to, I’m showing my love for my baby bump by sporting my “LOVE” graphic tee today. Bedazzled collars are all the rage and I’m definitely one of the adoring fans.

Unfortunately, these delicate details require delicate washing and handling and somehow I managed to throw this top in the laundry cycle with the rest of my normal machine wash items… Thankfully it managed to survive and after a few repositioning of studs, my blouse is once again in tact.

Viime kesä oli viileä ja pilvinen väritatarta ajatellen ja vaikka sainkin värisatoa lehdistä ihan hyvin, niin kukinta alkoi myöhään ja vaikka olin ottanut kukkivat versot sisälle ennen halloja, niin en saanut niistä paljoakaan siemeniä, nekin mitä sain olivat tavanomaista pienempiä. Epäilen, että kukat eivät olleet tarpeeksi auki ja pölyttyneitä vielä siinä vaiheessa kun otin ne sisälle. Jos taimia jostain syystä itää kuitenkin enemmän sitten maalis-huhtikuulla niin voin myydä ylimääräiset taimet torilla keväällä.

Harmillista, että kukaan isompi firma ei ole ottanut väritattaren siemeniä valikoimiinsa Suomessa.

School and Library Market release by Weston Woods. An ALA Notable DVD! The real Trixie returns to the studio with her Daddy to narrate their next adventure. Lovingly animated by Karen Villarreal. Featuring a bonus interview and music video. Available on DVD and audio here. Before I decided to retire in Mexico, the leading candidate for my new home was going to be Greece. Or London. Or Paris. But, my favorite was Greece. Nostalgia is a harsh mistress. Joys always outweigh disappointments when we think about our pasts. Wayne just checked in with me to make certain all is well. He was concerned because I have not posted during the past two days. I have been busy with my volunteer work with the Salvation Army. My term as chair of the local Advisory Board expires in April. I promised the local officers that I would stay through the end of my term. Eller jakten etter snøklokkene kanskje er en mer passende tittel. Kunne jo ikke la være å påskynde våren i år heller. Den siste ukens go’vær har gjort snøen mer porøs og enklere å skuffe vekk. Med andre ord, nå har jeg måket frem plassen for de hvite ‘dråpene’ igjen. We had so much fun this weekend watching Chad participate in his first triathlon. I am so proud of him. Getting ready for the swim. Finishing up the bike ride. DONE!!I thought I was going to up-load the video, but. IT’S SURPRISING that so little recognition is given to the seafaring achievements of the ancestors of present-day Mormons. We know a lot about the voyages of the ancient Phoenicians, Polynesians, Vikings, Chinese, and so on, but very few of us know anything about the equally praiseworthy adventures of the people whose offspring eventually founded the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints right here in America. For example, did you know that the first people in America came by submarine? Eight submarines, to be exact. This is something that these modest people keep under their hats. It is verified only in the Book of Mormon, which devout Mormons hold to be the word of God. And although the word submarine is never explicitly mentioned in the official account of the extraordinary journey of the early immigrants from the Middle East to America, it wouldn’t be far from the truth to describe the boats they used as submarines. You can read it for yourself in the Book of Mormon, where it’s presented as the story of the Brother of Jared, who, with his family, was present at the Tower of Babel. He received word that they were to journey, with animals of all kinds, to a new promised land.

Not sure where we'll meet.

Maybe inside, maybe outside. From The Telegraph: One in five top ten songs in the UK have alcohol-related lyrics, a study has revealed, fueling concerns that music is promoting an unsafe image for young people. Researchers found that the number of chart hits containing references to alcohol has doubled in a decade - a figure rising partly due to US-imported songs. As well as on those adults amongst us who also still listen to pop music and subliminally take in all those harmful messages. On this evidence, perhaps the state should start paying chart stars to sing more about brushing their teeth with a bottle of Jack, eh? Or maybe - just maybe - humans aren't as stupid and easily malleable as our self-installed betters insist that we all are. There were a number of postings from a few who stated that they were faithful to the Church's teachings and that I was not able to prove my point. can. “We should not make people guilty about driving big or fast or powerful cars but we should let them know that they can be part of the solution by changing the technology in their cars,” he said. “For example my Hummers are now biofuel and hydrogen and one of them is being converted to electric right now. We don’t have to make people feel guilty. ”“If you want to sit in your Jacuzzi all day long do it, but have solar panels. We need to make people feel part of the solution and make the environment movement more hip, snappy, modern and sexy,” he added. Good Morning Utah! Day one of Grow Convention is about to begin! I am headed over to the Salt Palace in just a few minutes but wanted to post a few teasers for you! These displays are incrediable! Take a good look, the attention to detail is amazing as always, Stampin Up! style. I will be back with more pics later from opening ceremonies this morning. Enjoy! xoxo. 'Birthday Party' papercraft set from Kirini Beverage Co. Alex, Jamie and Opa watching Octonauts. Happy second birthday to my beautiful grand-nephew, Johnathan! I'm really savouring the last cool nights and warm days before summer turns up the heat.

There is a lot to be done here.

I'm finishing off my last book but there is also my daily housework so I generally settle into writing after that is done. I hope your home life is bubbling along nicely. No not me, the birds I saw during an excellent morning’s birding - Ring Ouzel, Meadow Pipits, Golden Plovers and lots of Wheatears, all of them bound for the Pennine Hills not far away. Everything started fairly subdued out on the moss where I hoped for a few migrating Lesser Redpoll following a number of sightings along the coast. I have been topping up the niger feeders hoping they will attract a few redpoll in as they did last Spring, but none yet this year. The recently bereaved Barn Owl was around early but apart from that plus the sounds of Buzzards waking up and ‘peckers pecking, the air was quiet. After catching just three birds, new Chiffchaff, Chaffinch and Goldfinch, I decided to head for the coast. Hopefully there would be newly arrived Wheatears and other things after the hold-up of the last week or two. Here's what Williams had to say regarding the novella:I must have discovered Poul Anderson when I first began haunting used book stores and buying my own books. All I remember is that his fantasy hit me like a sledge hammer, particularly the grit and realism. I also was knocked out—and the best example is Three Hearts and Three Lions—by his idea of taking one of these magical, fairy-tale worlds and trying to figure out how it actually WORKED. This has carried over into my own work, and is one of the reason that I often think of myself as being a “hard fantasy” writer. Because of Anderson’s influence, I try to make even the craziest stuff feel as though it could really happen in a universe with rules. I’m sure that at some subconscious level Anderson’s versatility also convinced me never to get pinned down as a writer, not to keep retreating to familiar territory but to follow an idea wherever it led without concern for genre boundaries. Far too early but one can but wonder if the breaking news of an explosion and fire in the Westfield Mall in Henderson might be a terrorist act given the advice a couple of days ago here that Al-Shebad, an Islamic terrorist group in Somalia had released a video advising its supporters to attack Westfield Malls around the world. But it can't be because a certain late lamented person person opined just a few years ago that NZL was blessed from being in an incredibly benign strategic environment. Update. the Police now report the fire was not suspicious. Try the version of Lebanese Couscous Recipe which also known as Moghrabia. The Lebanese couscous is larger than Moroccan couscous, the starchy pellets are about the size of small peas. .