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Oh Boy! Here goes. after prompting from one of my T. D. I. P. T sisters I am going to attempt this blogging thing. Let me begin by telling you a bit about myself. I LOVE country primitives, antiquing and old houses with lots of character! I create folk art dolls and prim items for your home. The spindly column looks fragile, ethereal. The sculpture's dramatic setting adds to its allure. Surrounded by water and a wooded shoreline, it reaches for the sky, irresistibly drawing the eye.

It is an example of a tensegrity structure.

I'm going to start off by cross posting a guest blog I wrote for my friend Patrick Ledesma's Leading From the Classroom on Education Week. Last February, two very different narratives played out in Denver and Madison. In Madison, political vandals tried to take out one of the state's great civic institutions: public sector unions. Unions were radically reduced in their capacity to bring the wisdom of the practitioner voice to policy. They were loaded down with legal requirements designed to hobble them with an obsession with mere survival. They lost legal rights to speak for workers in any meaningful way. Any helpfull links. More Body work and painting places : working. These guys can make panels , invisable repairs. And Much More. Is a real metal workers paradise. From Sasquatch Chronicles: Tonight I speak to a hunter who says his friend was attacked in the woods by a monkey.

His friend was there when it happened and walks us through what happened.

The police officer was in his hunting blind when the top of it was ripped off. The witness was kicked and thrown several feet. As he started to get up he turned around and saw this half man half monkey type creature crouched down. He said the creature had a look of hate in his eyes like he had personally done something to it. As he backed up the creature lunged for him and grabbed him by his leg and started dragging him off, he was able to reach for his small caliber pistol and started shooting it in the shoulder.

Sex, seduction, murder, photo-realist art, violence, wild eroticism, dark atmosphere in the work of the french illustrator Jean Claude Claeys.

LINK Amazing and damned french illustrator. However, did you know that many consider her fourth novel Villette to be even better? The novel follows a young girl who travels to the fictional French town of Villette to teach at a school and finds herself wrapped up in adventure and romance. Sometimes, you just can't make this stuff up. The rest would provide endowed professorships and scholarships at the college. But the Wellmark deal, if approved, would make the U of I the only public university in the state - and one of few in the country - to give a major academic unit a corporate name. The Board of Regents would make the final decision on whether to rename the College of Public Health. The faculty of the college overwhelmingly approved a resolution Thursday that expresses appreciation for Wellmark's offer but says the faculty does not want the college named after Wellmark. I am wary of writing about health care systems in countries other than the US, since my failure to understand the intricacies of their contexts may lead to errors. On Thursday, Ms Hewitt will issue the first rulebook for NHS managers in an attempt to eliminate the financial deficits threatening to destabilise reform plans for hospitals and primary care services. It sounds like the medical staff will have reason to be enraged. I would say putting money before medicine is a good way to encapsulate the external threats to physicians' core values that certainly are not just an American problem. TONIGHT! JOSH ALAN FRIEDMAN returns to Los Angeles for a second and final evening of music and quality lit at Sideshow Books in West L. A. He'll be reading and signing his latest book, BLACK CRACKER, and playing a set of his famous atomic acoustic blues. View Larger Map. Buraya da yazdığım gibi perşembe günü ebem beni, yüksek tansiyon sebebiyle hastaneye sevk etti. Neden öyle yaptığını da dün akşam bebeği ziyarete gelen Hintli arkadaşımız çözdü. Queens Hospital, yeni doğan ve özel bakım isteyen bebekler için özel üniteye sahipmiş. Doktorlardan bile daha tecrübeli olduğuna kanaat getirdiğim Malezyalı ebem de muhtemelen sorunlu bir doğum yapacağımı ve belki bebeğin yoğun bakıma ihtiyacı olacağını düşünerek beni doğrudan Queens'e gönderdi. Ne diyeyim helal olsun, cidden işini bilen bir kadınmış. Neyse, perşembe günü ebeye gitmeden önce az bir miktar brown discharge olmuştu. Apparently the Bamster didn't hit a home run, throw a touchdown pass, slap a goal from in front of the crease or hit a three-pointer at the buzzer in the view of New York Post opinionator Goldberg. There's a story of an exhausted tenor at La Scala who, facing repeated cries of "Encore," responded that he couldn't go on. A man rose in the audience to say, "You'll keep singing until you get it right. " He says it much better than I could. In fact, I'll confess that after twenty minutes of teleprompter tag, I turned the thing off and went to bed. Einstein's Definition of Insanity. The incident occurred late Tuesday. Twelve shops, housing second hand clothes and other valuables belonging to the traders were affected and loses is now being counted. In fact you may want to watch it twice. The Rev. Rider warmed up the crowd with a lively tap-dance routine, only to be pushed aside by Gibson's fast-footed Irish dance. Soon they were battling it out, trying to impress the crowd. At the back of the room, journalist Joan Lewis recorded the event and later posted on YouTube. "All of a sudden the numbers started rising and rising," Lewis told The Associated Press. Whether you're into collecting tractors, cars, construction equipment, planes or military models, there is sure to be something for everyone. RyuI sure had a lot of fun when I was younger, running around yelling HADOUKEN!. These materials are strong, lightweight and has a significant aerodynamic advantage, but they are nearly impossible to recycle. Hence, at the end of their lifecycle, most of these blades end up as waste on landfills. The current scenario is grim. There is only one industrial enterprise that recycles end-of-life turbine blades, and that’s in Melbeck, in northern Germany. but the cake had actually been ordered by him asking her to the dance.

We took a long weekend to go down to Denver so she could go to the dance and activities.

They tolerated some photos outside of the hotel where we were staying. Such a cute friend. Flynt Lincoln and Darren Dawson lost to Lisa Maguire and Leona Maguire by four holes. Joe Brosseau and Bill Cunningham junior lost to Sally Watson and Rachel Jennings by nine holes. Otherwise they would die, for their impurity would defile My tabernacle that stands among them". It generally requires a sacrifice and a time of uncleanness. When they are ready, they must wash themselves and present themselves to the priest. A simple skin disease could defile the tabernacle that was holy to the Lord. Application:God takes uncleanness and sin extremely seriously. He is so holy that the smallest sin cannot enter into His presence. I was inspired by Mike's posting on the stock vs bond deal to do a little more research on my own. The USCCB, the Archdiocese of Washington DC and the Maryland Catholic Conference continue to push for no enforcement of Federal laws when persons are arrested for a crime. Here is a result of their misguided policies. Meanwhile, as Prince William’s policy dictates, Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have already been informed of his illegal presence in the U. S. the images of HORST, be it Cy Twombly's palazzo in Rome, Gloria Vanderbilt in New York , Pauline de Rothschild's flat in London, her triumphant French Mouton, the London rooms of Princess Radizwill, all have irrevocably effected-and gratefully so- my eye. What is a beautiful room, timeless design? Rooms that are inhabited, this is how Horst photographed his rooms -in most cases- for Vogue, owners living within the beautiful room-with its timeless design. Inspiring. In an Italian Villa an Opera bel canto Maestro Horst P Horst Liberetto by Valentine LawfordSynopsis Donna Marella Agnelli calls on a chorus of artisans from the region to restore her villa, along with a sextet of international experts. . to the delight of all. I can't vote for Romney because of my conscience. Ah! Conscience! We can't violate our conscience. I can't peer into your conscience, OK? I can't unpack it's sanctification or its lack thereof. by Dan Phillips There's a world of difference between practicality, and pragmatism. PracticalityOne of my least-favorite classes in seminary gave me an excellent mental image which I may have shared before. The prof asked us preachers to envision a really extraordinary individual in our audience. He said we should make him unmissable — huge, orange-skinned, green suit, hat with a flower in it. He sits in the front row, squarely in front of us. He only knows three words in English. He repeats them over and over again. The words?"Tell me how. " I happen to think that, taken in the right measure, this was an excellent piece of counsel. It could be over-pressed, with the result that pastors would never preach on passages or Biblical themes they judge "not practical," such as the doctrine of God, election, atonement, and on and on.

While you surrounded by some absolutely incredible art.

Detailed, whimsical paintings by Mary L. Parkes. Tip-toe up close to see surprise after surprise. Well, here we are. Night before transfer. Then, we can go put our cupcakes in my oven and hold hands and skip merrily to the car. Kidding about the skipping, of course. That may or may not happen. पेस्ट करण्यासाठी अंड्याचा सफेद भाग घ्या आणि त्यामध्ये ५ चमचे दही आणि एक चमचा मुलतानी माती टाका. या पेस्टला तुमच्या केसांवर लावा आणि काही वेळाने सुकल्या नंतर हलक्या शैम्पुने धुवून टाका. यामुळे निर्जीव केसांवर चमक येईल आणि ते कोमल होतील. त्याच सोबत हे एक नैसर्गिक हेअर स्ट्रेटनर पण आहे.

एक कप मायोनीज घ्या आणि त्याला तेव्हा पर्यंत गरम करा जो पर्यंत तो तेल नाही होत.

I've added a new feature to Bedrock of Bust. "Tips from the Tailing Pile" As I dredge up something worth sharing, I'll add it to the tailings pile. On the first of Jan. My parents spent the night, we went to the Christmas Eve service at our church and then we woke up at a reasonable hour the next morning to open presents. I hope you had as wonderful of a day! Vicki created a great Christmas scrapbooking layout using our digital stamps. I got into the spirit of Halloween and made this tulle wreath weeks ago. I'm sort of a slacker lately, since I'm just now getting around to posting it. The Happy Halloween sign is from Dollar Tree. I had this on my front door, but woke up to it blown away one morning. The wind is fierce where I live! Soooo, it got moved inside. I wish I would have moved my pumpkins inside too, they got taken weeks ago by some hooligans and smashed on the street when we were out of town. Why do kids feel the need to annihilate and destroy things? I'm still perturbed about it, can you tell?. The Khapti has sparked up our lives with memories flooding us everyday. Today as Dad stepped out to go to Chembur, I sheepishly requested him to get a mixed sweet box. Dad smiled and asked, what was on my mind? Further to arouse some guilt he said, "You have been indulging since Diwali". Unperturbed I said I want a खावाल्याचं पेटलं That made Dad smile, I use Koli dailect only for effect, he knows it.

He returned with a box of the mixed sweetmeats form Jhama.

I was so thrilled because you can expect my Dad to return empty handed saying the shop was closed! Mainly due to the health concerns I have. However I think he understood this was for the blog and not for me and so he obliged. You will be wondering what is so great about this box, its the memories associated with it. When we visited Thal our treats were Khapti, NaraLi Pak, Badampak er Shengdanepak, Pithachi Bore, Kejyarcha Kairi Lonche etc.

I left early this morning to run to my favorite Italian grocery store to stock up on things I needed.

I bought some balsamic vinegar and some red wine. When I am using it to make salad dressings, I buy Colavita. It's a good quality at a good price. I buy olive oil by the gallon. I had to supplement my homegrown basil with theirs to make pesto. We eat a lot of basil in season. Created by EMF, the Forum of e-Excellence, the Seal is the public recognition for winners that they’ve translated an innovative idea into a valuable and bankable product/service that has an excellent track record in the market. r. o. .