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Pruning is very important in dragon fruit cultivation. Besides, it provides good framework and balance for plant canopy, it allows good ventilation for plants. I have observed that farmers practise the wrong way to prune dragon fruits making it attack by insects badly. The top pic shows how farmers pruned dragon fruits the wrong way. Below is the correct way how to prune dragon fruit. With most parts, correct clamping prevents any relative motion between the parts. However, with a headset there is movement of the parts. This movement occurs when you hit a bump or apply the front brake. Golden king crab, says Hilsinger, are Alaska’s most unique crab fishery. Surveys to evaluate the Aleutian crab resource have been very limited due to the location of the fishery and the expense of such research. Crabbers have long felt that the catch could be higher and still sustainable. Carlton said the foundation, which is self funded, met with members of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game during the recent Fish Expo in Seattle and hopes to work with ADF&G and the National Marine Fisheries Services to find out more about golden king crab in the Aleutians. Among the fisheries scientists working with the foundation are Bob Foy of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center in Kodiak, and marine fisheries scientist Chris Siddon of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The fishery, in which five vessels currently participate, is open from Aug. The rain is pattering against the window pane, and with the kind permission of Norwegian photographer Elisabeth Aarhus, I thought I'd share some glimpses of a very lovely looking photo shoot. You can have a look at her website here and blog here. Have a lovely day!. It is the season in which one can truly savor the beauty of a tomato. Ripened by the hot sun, nothing tastes quite like summer than this. I also love the ease of putting something so scrumptious together. just tomato, basil, mozzarella, olive oil and balsamic and salt and pepper. Happy Labor Day to you!. An infant, who as restrained in a car seat, survived the crash. Funeral services for both are scheduled for tomorrow. A GoFundMe page has been set up if you would like to help with final expenses.

Good morning Augusta.

This morning it is clear. Tonight it will be partly cloudy. Lilas has a collection of motifs, or rather a series of trials for making a new pendant. She wanted a geometric design, but in the first one the rings overlapped. In the second trial she varied the ring size to fix the problem, but she still wasn't satisfied and added picots to the outside. The picots were improved with the addition of beads. Then more and more beads were added to make several lovely pendants. Sue has another round done on the African Sky Doily. Diane was pleased with her doily except for one very important, but missing, ring. courtesy of on. Yesterday the character poster and production special were released. Jessica surprised with her first film performance, sometimes as a gentle goddess and sometimes as a sexy lady who used a leather whip on William. However Jessica said that this S and M scene had no difficulty at all. Instead William suffered as he was topless when he was hit. His muscles kept shaking. ". A missing Marathon man’s body has been recovered from the water near Pigeon Key this morning. At about the same time as she called the Sheriff’s Office to report finding the note, someone called from the bridge to report finding a pair of shoes and a loaded revolver on the bridge. m. the Sheriff’s Office received a call from someone on the bridge who’d spotted a body floating near Pigeon Key between the old and new Seven Mile Bridges. Today we are previewing a new stamp and coordinating die set called Better Together, a lovely floral set that works well colored, or just stamped on cardstock and patterned paper like I did on this first one! The background here is made with the new Leaf & Sprig Frames, which you can use individually, but I kept them all together and just embossed the cardstock with all of them. The yellow frame was cut with the new Fill in the Blank dies, and the sentiment was stamped and embossed with red embossing powder. I stamped the sentiment in the center and embossed it with white embossing powder, then stamped the florals in the corners. Simple and quick and can be made in any color! People In Your Life card: STAMPS: Better Together INK: Hawaiian Shores PAPER: Hawaiian Shores, Tropical Teal pattern pack DIES: none OTHER: white embossing powder. carefully arranging four stories within the same volume of a three-storey building, the design seeks to provide a large sense of space byabundantly filling the interior with natural daylight. via. This makes sense at first glance, but stand back and maybe reread slowly for the deep and long-term impact of what this really tells us:Read This Slowly, Then Consider the ImplicationsOf course, the folks who elected the Messiah will embrace this. It will even be considered bold and courageous by the middle class of small families and home-owners. It is hard to question it. We use language a lot of ways. Sometimes use “figures of speech. ”I might say of a football player, “he’s an ox!”Or we speak abstractly—heady, “up there” stuff. Then again, we often use language very literally. However much we can appreciate the poetryand all that heady stuff, it’s the language of hard,physical facts we respect most. So it was for Hannah and Elkanah in our first reading. The priest Eli told them over and overthat God loved them and heard their prayers—But Hannah needed love she should touch and hold. I usually feature only photos here of the little lambs. I think most of my blog readers love to look at the newborn lambs. It's kind of that way with children too - people love to see photos of babies, toddlers and young children but as they grow up - readers aren't so interested. That's a problem that I see with our world - most people don't want to look at photos of old wrinkled people, teenagers with pimples, overweight women. you know - the list goes on and on. This is always a bit trying for me- once a sleigh, once a silver tray and another time I just tossed them in a drawer. I have had small successes with an old cupboard tucking them around and in the shelves and on the glass, until more cards cAme in and upset the arrangement, onecard slumping over the other and collapsing in a sad pile of snarled tinsel and dross. This looks to be and from the description on her blog- SWEDISH INTERIORS by ELEISH VAN BREEMS- here easily executed & isn't that perfect in this day and time of year. The Pentagon has done its analysis and says there are going to be all sorts of conflicts over resources, there are going to be huge refugee migrations, and there will be all sorts of social breakdowns. One of many weird & scary things about #climate change - as the present stopped warming - the PAST got colder - Hmmm. by Dan PhillipsHow Then Should We Choose?, edited by Douglas S. With this volume, Kregel presents a symposium of sorts on the vital issue of the will of God. Douglas Huffman edits the work, and brings a fair bit to the subject. In it, he defines terms, sets up the book, and lays out case studies with which each proponent must deal: people in dicey situations, needing to make decisions. In the body of the book, three views are presented. Grief is the price we pay for having loved. Anna's story truly feels like something written by Neil Gaiman!. Here's the blurb:They are the "Others," an ancient race of supernatural beings—magicians, shape-shifters, vampires, and healers—who live among us. For a millennium, these opponents have coexisted in an uneasy peace, enforced by defenders like the Night Watch, forces of the Light who guard against the Dark. But prophecy decrees that one supreme "Other" will arise to spark a cataclysmic war. Anton Gorodetsky, an untested mid-level Light magician with the Night Watch, discovers a cursed young woman—an Other of tremendous potential unallied with either side—who can shift the balance of power. I am wondering why you focus on the crossdreamer term. There has been discussion by a small number of folks who are pushing the fetish theory very hard, but they seem to be being told off. I just hate to see a term floated and embraced initially by folks who are not in the fetish theory camp lose it's intended meaning because of a few bad apples. Crossdreaming to my knowledge does not in any way mean that being transgender is a fetish, there just happen to be fetish theory folks operating in the crossdreaming space.

Crossdreaming was intended as a term for folk who have trans feelings but feel that medical intervention or other physical expression of their feelings was not appropriate for them.

It is not all just what gets you off, as the fetish theory folks say, it is about how you feel in a variety of ways. always someone trying to say the other guy is just a pervert, so everyone ends up with strange stilted discussions and scrolling through reams of fiction and captions to find the few things that match their experience or desires alone. The first sticker request was from Brad Luke. Brad gets it, he not only attached pics of his bike but one of them included a cutie rockin a nice pair of roach killers. Good work Brad & Thanks for checking out BCM & all that we do. The sticker requests have been really cool and I received some great pictures, I'll keep posting them. Thanks. Hey guys, Just making a small review as only two items have been released today: The Dead Man's Hand Poker Table and The Let It Ride Roulette Table. Personally, I find the price pretty high, but it doesn't surprise me considering there is no way EA would sell an "alternate style" of Premium Content for a cheaper price. For the overall theme of it all, the content DOES in fact match the theme of the other casino objects, especially the Blackjack Table. Personally, it would be odd to have one blackjack table with a simbot, and the others without ones. It just wouldn't make sense in the slightest. Testing This where a 'POST' would be. It could be a news item, like RIP Pete Seeger.

Or Guy Davis is the Coffee House in November.

There will be other pages like the old website to say who is on the board, link to bi-laws, the Festival, past festivals, coffee house archive, etc. John Fund has a good article on how Trump's handling of his tax returns is a major problem, for a variety of reasons. What Trump is doing tells us a lot about his character, his alleged business success, and his electability, for example. Read the whole article. It includes quotes of what Trump himself and some people close to him have said about the subject. There were twelve candidates, but two have already withdrawn. The first was Nizar Salim, an academic from Kurdistan who was up for the Oil Ministry. After that Ali Allawi, who is an author, academic, and former Trade, Defense, and Finance Minister also said he no longer wanted to have his name be considered for the Finance and Planning Ministry. "If, however, you are believing the Cabal and Roman Church lie that we should bow down to a white-Bearded Dude on a throne, like YHWH, well then have it your way. Because your phrase has a god outside you, with you. NNNNOOOOOOOOOO!!!!Unfortunately, although there is but one Divine, there are many levels of representation. YHWH or Jehovah is the closest to the Earth plane, the most rough, but the first most meet. .