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Pop. This year the U. N. I have noticed that many people find my blog when looking for monitor repair ideas. So here is another one of my ideas for monitor repair. I have in the past fixed laptops by retrofitting them with LED's. The problem with this monitor is that the power supply for the vacuum tube back lighting dies. The first step is to totally disassemble the monitor into little pieces, then carefully remove the gold colored trays that hold the vacuum tubes. Then carefully remove the tubes themselves without breaking them, like that can be done. This is Christopher Chope, Conservative MP for Christchurch. He is the one responsible for the proposed bill to exclude all health care professionals from the protections of the working time directive. He's also known as "Chopper" Chope, for his ruthless cutting of council spending whilst a councillor. Fuck me, my entire suite didn't cost that much to buy. He's also campaigned to reintroduce National service, and the death penalty. See here for a fuller roundup of what sort of an MP he is. O Gauge diorama built in super-fast time.

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I must be due a tea-break. Working in spurts between paint spraying jobs, progress has been swift and a number of fine details and scenics have benn added today. Daily. via Cryptozoologynews. “In the movie she’s supposed to be a bad dancer, but Kristen took charge and let Rob know who is boss…they were supportive partners and quick learners,” the choreographer tells us. Our friends over at Paper Makeup Stamps and Party Time Tuesdays are hosting a blog hop in honor of Jen Scull. You can read a little more about it here. Today there is a blog hop with fun prizes, and we have sponsored so that we can help out in any way we can.

My Mom is a two time breast cancer survivor, and I know how hard this all is.

We are sending all of our love and hugs to Jen! Go check out the hop and Jen's set, too! Thank you so much for visiting! Have an amazing day,. Neil Hartzell Ms. Cost: There is no cost to attend. More:. I have always worked for schools that are open year-round, so the week between Christmas and New Year is the longest break I get, and it goes way too fast! This year I have plans to get some work done and do some major relaxing! Sleeping in! Sleeping in is one of my favorite things in the world, I love waking up and knowing that I can lay there for as long as I want. spending time with family and friends. Shopping could be my middle name, and Christmas gift cards have a way of burning a hole in my pocket. My sister and I are planning a great big wonderful shopping trip for at least one day, so I'm sure I'll be able to do some damage! Working. I'm planning some quality time with my laptop at Starbucks to force myself to get that work done. A few fun projects. I love to sew, and I've been so busy making CHristmas gifts that I've had to push my own projects to the side, but now that my gifts are done there are a few things that I'm dying to make for myself. There wasn’t a creature stirring on our drive last night…no turkeys, no deer. It was a boring drive until we came across these “bikers” my brother hardly ever wears shorts…but he does wear them when he and his wife are out biking. Not many skeeters so wearing shorts works for a few more nights. Far Guy and I saw a mosquito…it was extra large. Far Guy never wears shorts…too much hair on his legs and the bugs drive him nuts.

I have no photo of the Robin that visited our yard briefly, I was filling the birdbath when it flew through.

By the time I got my camera it was long gone. It is not officially a first sighting unless I get a photo. Far Guy saw a female Bluebird at one of our nesting boxes. Hopefully she decided the box was nest worthy. McLaren is more than a carmaker. They've created a temple for the world's best engineers, designers, and problem solvers. via. How fun is that?Below you can see the image that I used for the snow man-I cut him from the Happy Holidays stamp set and then colored his hat with a grey maker. I will be showing you a technique of wet stamping- Ustream Channel. The funeral was Saturday and it went smoothly. The firebrands of the family seem to have mellowed with age. DAYS before it happens. " This has saved me at such gatherings before. To see more macros, visit Lisa's Chaos. This term often obscures more than it helps, but think of it as a plan for reworking the entire logic of government to simply act as an enabler to market activities, with perhaps some coordinated charity to individuals most in need. This contrasts with the Category B grouping, which we associate with the New Deal and the Great Society. This is a continuum rather than a hard line, of course, but readers will note that Social Security and Medicare are more in Category B category rather than Category A. My man Franklin Delano Roosevelt may not have known about JavaScript and agile programming, but he knew a few things about the public provisioning of social insurance, and he realized the second category, while conceptually more work for the government, can eliminate a lot of unnecessary administrative problems. faebee. ELLSEED'S DEBUT SINGLE. If you have been following my blog for a while, you know that over the past couple years I have been working on a book called Crafting A Colorful Home: A Room-by-Room Guide to Personalizing Your Space with Color. I have been anticipating seeing it and crossing my fingers it looks good. I know that this may sound odd but seeing the words, images and ideas I toiled over for a very long time actually in book format is a bit unsettling. Yes - I had an editor and a copy editor and a publishing board - but still - what if everyone hates it? You'd think I would be used to this - but I'm not and I suppose even authors with one hundred books in print still have these doubts. This book is different than any of my other knitting and stitching books. It is about building a home around color, art, creativity, a lot of paint, yarn, thread, fabric, collections, animals, and family. Good morning, guys. I added a raft of new pictures of Mikhail Youzhny to his page on the brflines site. Hope you enjoy the update. I am feeling so much better. Okay, I suck big time. But I'll improve. Within the day, I'll know if I made multi-fold or go bankrupt. My Uncle Paul used to belong to a social club that occassionally held multi course dinners. One of these dinners was covered by a local newspaper and included his recipe for Bread Pudding. My uncle was quite proud of his Polish heritage and sometimes called himself Pavel, so the recipe was printed as "Pavel's Bread Pudding. " I have had a clipping of the newspaper for years and always intended to make it for my mom, my aunt, and my sister. It is a very rich and decadent dessert, so it had to be the right occasion. Finally this summer, I decided to make it for my aunt's hot tub party, even though the occasion did not at all call for a rich and decadent dessert! We really enjoyed this dessert, especially the sauce, and it would be a perfect dessert for the holidays. Happy Friday friends! We are all hunkered down in our home. the snow is flying outside and our temps are freezing. This weather forces you to slow down so I thought I would pop in and share some cards I have been working on lately. I love dog cards. no secret there. Especially Terriers. "You have to go fabric shopping," said Shelley the niece-in-law, who was here the first term the school was open. She told Paul, not in quite so many words, that he'll have to put a leash on me if I follow her suggestion. Dorcas Nissley, who was here last year and now lives in Oregon, said it too. And I heard it from different ladies after I got here. The director's elegant wife, Renita, offered to take some of us. That fabric was calling my name. There were six of us. Renita and her daughter, Theresa and her daughter and the family's nanny, Charity, and me. This is what I've been working on this weekend instead of important stuff. I know I saw this on someone else's blog, but now that I'm looking, I can't find it. s. i quilt. Un week end tranquilllllle. ❤Bonne semaine. Nephew Zach & my favorite Colt Python. Each month Shelli, the CEO and co-founder of Stampin' Up! has a creative challenge. Here is my submission for her "Celebrate" challenge. It was a fun morning at the bus stop this past Monday. The smiles were big for both the kids and the parents. One of its groups is rec. For those unfamiliar with his work, David Frum currently enjoys a recurring role as the wacky-but-cagey unshaven Both Siderist Conservative hobo on MSNBC, a role he has played with greater frequency ever since MSNBC decided to switch its business model to "Drive away as many Liberal viewers as possible". Before that, Mr. Bush and writer of several books including "The Right Man: An Inside Account of the Bush White House", which Amazon blurbs in part as follows:. I will assume he means fundamentalists. I don’t count fundamentalists as reliable scholars. Any more than I count astrologers as reliable astronomers. - This weather guy on CNN is really good, and their coverage is pretty amazing overall.

He's really worried and is doing his best to convey the seriousness of the storm, said to be as big as Texas! Human beings can be a real funny lot, at least some of them.

Tell them lies and they take them as gospel.

Tell them that they face certain death and they ignore it.

Here's a woman riding it out in a two-story house saying: “It ain’t going to be nothing, but wind and rain,. True, I could have used another word, but I stand by that one and here's why. I think that we've had a more than thorough discussion of Dutrow's history of suspensions, both leading up to the Derby, and, partly in the context of the Eight Belles breakdown, between races too. He also cheerfully admitted to violating suspensions routinely in an interview before the Derby. I think he's a cheater, and it will take a few years of a clean record before I consider the possibility that he's reformed, as he said.

Of course, I'd rather that a guy like Michael Matz was Big Brown's trainer.

But at this point, Dutrow's horse, Big Brown, is on the precipice of a historic achievement. Lots of families have family reunions and once a year our family on my Mom's side gathers at a nearby Great Uncle and Aunt's House. Food is overflowing, new faces appear each year, some faces grow older each year, but as time goes by we take time to remember those that are no longer with us. This year as we gathered I couldn't help but remember Grandma. She always cooked enough to feed the entire crew.

we would unload her car from front to back.

She had a funny side as well.

The summer months are typically the most violent of the year, and August tends to be the most challenging. I am heartened the killings have been kept in check. .